Best PS3 Bluetooth Keyboard

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Best PS3 Bluetooth Keyboard

This article will tell you about the best PS3 Bluetooth keyboard that can be found in the market today. These devices work on Bluetooth technology and they enable PS3 gamers to type out messages comfortably.

The Sony PlayStation 3 is undoubtedly one of the best video game consoles around, and one of its most attractive features is the ability to go online through the console and chat with your friends and family members from all around the globe. You can also access the PlayStation Network and play online games against random people from any location, and some games require one to communicate with other gamers who are on the same side.

Since the PS3 does not come with a dedicated hardware keyboard, one has to resort to the online keyboard in times of need to fulfill the purpose of chatting. While this is a satisfactory option for most people, there are those for whom this technique of typing is not suitable. The speed of typing in this instance is very slow and labored, as you have to transfer the cursor from one letter to another to type a simple sentence. Not only does this method take time, but it also frustrates one when they have to type long sentences.

If you regularly face this problem, then the best solution is to make use of the Bluetooth connectivity that the PS3 provides, and attach an external keyboard to the console. This will enable you to carry out your typing at a much faster speed, and it will also not add to the clutter of wires around your console since it works on Bluetooth technology. As a result you will be able to sit far away from the console as you wish and type with consummate ease.

What is the Best Bluetooth Keyboard for the PS3

There are plenty of great sources to get Bluetooth keyboards and other PS3 accessories from, and the most important thing for you to do is to read plenty of reviews before you make your purchase. There are no such keyboards that are available exclusively for the PS3 itself, so you will have to settle for a regular ones. This is not a bad thing by any means, since these keyboards are compatible with any Bluetooth enabled device. So here are the best choices for you.

Logitech PlayStation 3 Cordless MediaBoard Keyboard

This one is manufactured by Logitech, which is a recognized and respected brand name in the computer accessories industry. An added advantage of this keyboard is that it comes with the feature of vertical scrolling, so you do not even need a mouse for navigational purposes. You can also use this keyboard as long as you are within 30 feet of the console, and it functions on 2.4 GHz cordless technology which is very simple to set up.

With the help of this keyboard you will never have to rely on your controller and the long typing process on the screen when you wish to type out text with your PS3. Other Logitech keyboards that will work are the Logitech diNovo Edge and the Logitech Cordless Desktop EX 110.
Price: $99

Keysonic 540BT Bluetooth Keyboard

This device offers a very attractive looking design with a matte black finish, and the additional option of a touchpad for scrolling makes it a very useful Bluetooth keyboard to own. The tactile feedback of the keys is on par with the best in the industry thanks to the use of Soft-Touch Membrane technology. You can also easily switch the device off to save its battery, and it will work like a charm as long as it is within 10 meters of the console. This is a cheaper option than the Logitech wireless keyboard, but you do not get the option of vertical scrolling without a touchpad, which we feel is certainly worth the premium you will be required to pay.
Price: $79

Sony PlayStation 3 Wireless Keypad

Well Sony couldn’t just sit around idly and watch their gamers turn to other brands for Bluetooth keyboards, so they offered their own keypad as well. This keypad is certified and manufactured by Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) themselves, and it simply attaches itself to the DualShock 3 or SIXAXIS controller. The QWERTY keypad is designed for speedy typing only with your thumbs, and it also has a small touchpad which enables scrolling and navigation. The device weighs only 43.5 ounces so you will not notice the weight on your controller all that much. This keypad is perfect for people who need to type out messages while using the PS3 at an alarming regularity.
Price: $49

You must read more about them before you go ahead and buy any of them, but they are sure to make your life much simpler. Gamers who type out a lot of messages will know exactly how vital these keyboards are, so you must go and get yourself one as soon as possible.

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