Laptop Buying Guide for Students

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Laptop Buying Guide for Students

You are going to be a college student soon and want to buy a laptop for yourself. The laptop buying guide for students is what you should turn to, for pointers to buy the right laptop.

Computers have become a way of life, a necessity for most people, and definitely the need of the hour if you want to stay on top. Most students opt for a laptop, when they are about to enter college. The laptops are used for taking notes, surfing the internet, staying connected with friends and family as well to watch movies and play music. With so many activities that are performed, it is natural one would need help from laptop buying guide to pick up the right notebook for students.

Laptop Buying Guide

Whether it is the student, who is going to buy a laptop, or a businessman, who wants a laptop, there are some points, which need to be taken into consideration nevertheless. This is when the laptop buying guide for students, or for businessman comes in handy. By using the pointers mentioned in the guide, it becomes easier to find the right laptop. If you have to see the computers buying guide for students, you will see portability as one of the points mentioned there. This is where the notebooks for students come into the picture. With notebooks the portability problem is solved.


Take a look at the top ten best laptops for college students, the laptops for students are not the highly priced ones. More often than not, students have a limited budget and they would want to buy the best in limited amount of money they have. However, it does not mean the laptops are not good. There are decent range of laptops available around $500 or less. To get the best laptop in the budget, it is advisable to conduct a survey both online and in the stores.


An important point in the notebook buying guide for students is the size of the laptop. Most students carry their laptops with them all through the day. Therefore, if you opt for a bigger laptop, moving around will become a problem for you. Opting for a decent size screen is what is recommended. Laptops around 12 inch screen or even a little lesser work perfectly well for students.


The weight of the laptop will be dependent on the size of the laptop. It is best to check the weight of the laptop, so that you do not have an aching back or shoulders at the end of the day, because of trudging the laptop through the college.


When a student wants to buy a laptop, he may not necessarily need the latest processor in the market. The laptops with the latest processor are naturally going to be priced on the steeper side. Before you decide about the right processor, you will want to take the course you have opted for, into consideration. A literature major student will often use the word processor, hence, he may not be in need of a laptop with the latest processor. However, on the other hand, a computer science student may find it convenient to opt for a processor that is relatively recent, so that he can run different software on the laptop.

RAM Size

There is no doubt that the bigger the size of the RAM, the faster the processing time is. Again here the course that one opts for comes into consideration, along with the OS that one is going to use. The OS like XP work perfectly well on 1 GB RAM, while for OS like Vista, 2 GB RAM is recommended. If the usage of the laptop is limited to word processing, surfing the internet, playing music, staying connected, etc., then one does not really have to opt for a higher RAM. Like I have mentioned before, if one plans to use high-end software or make software or use laptop for animation, etc., then it is best to have a higher RAM size.

Hard Drive

If you are the kinds, who copies movies on to the laptop or downloads a lot of music, games, etc., then naturally bigger hard drive is going to be the best for you. Normally 160 GB hard drive is sufficient for a student, though there are laptops with 250 GB and 320 GB available as well. These are also getting cheaper with each passing day.

Battery Life

Most students are out of the house for better part of the day. There is no guarantee that they will find a socket, where they can charge their laptop. Hence, a laptop with better battery life is what is required for students, so that they are not stuck with battery problems and can use the laptop, all through the day.

Internet Access

More and more universities have made their campus Wi-Fi, due to which the students can stay connected to the internet all the time. With internet access, necessary data can be acquired at the earliest. Therefore, a laptop with inbuilt Wi-Fi port is recommended for students.

Last but not the least, it is recommended that you chalk down your needs before you start hunting for a laptop. Having your needs clearly in front of you will not only save you a lot of trouble, but it will also ensure you have the right laptop that your need. Last but not the least, remember that most students change their laptop once they are out of college. Hence you will want to decide for yourself the amount of money you will want to spend on the laptop.

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