Best LED Monitors 2018

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Best LED Monitors 2018

LED and LCD monitors differ slightly in material technology and some features like energy consumption. To learn which are the best LED monitors for 2018 scroll below.

LED and LCD monitors differ slightly in material technology and some features like energy consumption. To learn which are the best LED monitors for 2018 scroll below. Hard disk space, processor and RAM are computer specifications that are often argued about, but the most expensive peripheral of a computer is its monitor.

A slim, sleek profile makes it a space saver on a desk. Minimal wiring and quick connectivity to multiple devices just add to its appeal. Let’s not forget picture quality and clarity. Today’s market is dominated by LED monitors. While there are infinite arguments as to which is better, LED monitors are prized for their low energy consumption, better screen brightness and light quality and very stylish and compact models.

Acer Predator X34

The Acer predator series is among the most popular ones in the world of gaming laptops and when it comes to LED monitors, it is no different. The curved display of this beast-like monitor is designed exclusively for gaming at 10k. The screen size is 34 inches and the best part is, it has built-in speakers. What’s more? The NVIDIA G-SYNC technology eliminates blurring of the picture. All these features make it the coolest pick for gaming wizards.
Price: USD 1,150

ASUS ROG Swift PG248Q eSports Gaming Monitor

If your purpose of looking for a new LED monitor is gaming and you want to opt for something more compact, this model from ASUS is simply the finest. It is powered with the NVIDIA G-SYNC technology which ensures that the lag gets eliminated when you play some of your favorite games. This mind-blowing device is compatible with the NVIDIA 3D Vision 2 kit and hence can be used for 3D gaming. It is a perfect monitor for watching movies too.
Price: USD 1000

BenQ XL2730Z

If you are looking for an LED monitor with elegance and class, this model of BenQ is simply a delight. A perfect monitor for gaming, movies and much more, using this state of art device is nothing but a treat to your eyes. It has a lightening fast response time, 20 levels of color vibrance settings and flicker free technology which enables smooth gaming. This monitor is just perfect for use at home as well as for work.
Price: USD 900

Dell UP3216Q

If you want a monitor for your office, you can never go wrong with Dell monitors and the UP3216 is simply perfect. It is one of the most preferred monitors by professionals working in graphic designing and animation. The high class technology of this masterpiece is extremely useful in viewing and analyzing the detailing of images. The latest 4K UHD (2160p) 3840 x 2160 ensures nothing but the best overall picture quality.
Price: USD 1799

HP W2082a

HP is another good brand to consider if you need a computer screen for professional purposes. The W2082a is a highly sophisticated device, well known for clear and sharp images. This 20 inch monitor is available in a resolution of 1600 x 900. The built-in speakers have excellent sound quality and provide a smart solution to save space in your workplace. HP is known for manufacturing high class devices at affordable prices.
Price: USD 120

All prices mentioned are approximate and depend on various factors like location and offers available. Even with the best of the best models, compatibility issues or manufacturing defects are possible. That’s why knowledge of warranty and store policies regarding replacements is important. Inquire as to whether the store will provide a refund in case of returning a device.

A 3 year warranty is necessary and make sure all parts of the monitor are covered by the warranty. Customer and technical support is also important. An LED monitor makes an amazing centerpiece for any home or office with its beautiful style and design.

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