Best Keyboards for iPad

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Best Keyboards for iPad

What’s the best keyboard for iPad? Check the following review that targets all requirements of those users who’re in for some serious data input!

So, it really doesn’t matter which keyboard you’re using on your beautiful tablet, the Apple iPad, if you just want to update your Facebook and Twitter statuses. However, if you’re a freelance writer or a user who has bought the iPad solely for communication purposes, your tablet deserves the best iPad keyboard available in the market, doesn’t it? The best thing about the iPad is that unlike the iPhone and iPod touch, the iPad doesn’t require any modification in the settings, and connects to any Bluetooth keyboard easily.

That said, whether you are a tech-savvy who loves adorning their tech-shelf with new gadgets, or you are up for some serious writing, the best Bluetooth iPad keyboards assure you investment in the right place. Travel without hassles, write as many articles as you want, we’ve brought to you some amazing options for the best keyboard for iPad. Take a look.

Keyboards for iPad: A Review

Amongst the different types of keyboards available in the market, Bluetooth keyboards are a must have iPad accessory, for two reasons. First, if you still miss that laptop lying orphan in a secluded corner of your room, the iPad keyboard gives you reminiscences of using the same laptop, but with touchscreen features now! Secondly, whilst traveling, a keyboard helps you type things much easily than doing the same on a touchscreen. All things considered, here is a comprehensive review of three best keyboards for your iPad with all the special keyboard characters present in them. Check ’em out!

Apple Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

Needless to say, official keyboard to use with the iPad is the most reliable piece you can find. The Apple wireless Bluetooth keyboard is Apple’s official treat for those interested in buying a Bluetooth keyboard for their devices. The Bluetooth technology this device offers can be brought into use for connecting to any Apple or Mac product. It’s lightweight, slim, and extremely portable. When on the go, it doesn’t create any muddle on your desk, and is thus, one of the best options for an iPad keyboard with price just $69. Because it’s white, it looks extremely attractive!

Apple iPad Keyboard Dock

If you’re looking for no hullabaloo, the iPad Keyboard Dock can be a great pick for your iPad, for it doesn’t create fuss about being an additional accessory to your tablet. It’s lightweight, ultra thin, and comes with a dock for additional support. Send emails, make notes, or even write a novel… this keyboard does it all for you. Costing as less as $69, it is the finest iPad keyboard so far, and is extremely popular among iPad and mini-Mac users. Indeed a must-have accessory!

Freedom Pro Bluetooth Keyboard

One of the most portable iPad accessories, this keyboard folds in half for the sake of portability. If you’re looking for scissor action keys which are extremely easy for you to type anything and everything, Freedom Pro Bluetooth Keyboard is your pick for the iPad for just $90. You know why does this keyboard deserve to be on the list of best keyboards? It’s because it is a proud owner of LED wireless connection light and the ability to transmit signals for approximately 30 feet! Now that’s what we refer to as the best keyboard for your iPad.

If the above three options fail to amuse you, here are three more keyboard options for your darling tablet, that ease up your typing troubles. You can go for any of these too. Have a look:

  • Mini Slim RF Wireless Touchscreen Keypad – $22
  • iGo Stowaway Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboard – $149
  • Matias Bluetooth Folding Keyboard – $$99

It’s amazing to see the level of technology in our world today. The above discussed companion pieces for your amazing iPad prove to be the best gadgets complementing it. Many of us love touchscreens, but unless and until we hear that conventional ‘tapping’ sound of our keyboards, we cannot appease our ears! That’s where the keyboard perfectly accompanies your beautiful Apple tablet. Go for the best wireless keyboard ‘coz, after all, you own the best tablet PC in the world!

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