Wii Exercise Games

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Wii Exercise Games

Exercising need not be as boring as ever. The new wii exercise games give you an opportunity to add a bit of excitement, novelty, and challenges to your fitness regime. These games not only help you in losing the extra pounds but also teach you dance and some adventure.

All work and no play makes Jack dull and boring. And why won’t it, when work provides no motivation to go out and have fun! Back in the days when virtual gaming was only limited to video gaming, outdoor sports still had their charm. Of course it hasn’t lost its charm now, but, in this fast paced world time is quite a luxury. But there is a solution to that. Getting the much required adrenaline rush is possible with an extensive range of wii exercise games could be your new way of exercising. These are well structured games that not only create an actual gaming experience but also result in a great workout. With the new Wii Fit launched by Nintendo, exercising has become a whole new level of fun!

EA Sports Active 2

EA Sports Active 2 comes after EA Sports Active. This sequel offers 75 games as compared to 35 offered by the predecessor. This one offers a plethora of activities such as biking, riding, basketball drills and shooting goals with soccer balls. The wireless transmitters make this game more real than its previous version. This game can be played with a partner as well. Those looking out for an alternative to the regular gyming, EA Sports Active brings a heavy workout close to home! So, just strap the sensors on your body and let the games begin!

Zumba Fitness

Majesco Entertainment brings Zumba, a dance form to the range of wii fitness games. This is a virtual Zumba class which can be switched on and off as per your convenience. The on-screen dancer teaches you dance moves to the beat of peppy Latin music. Imitating those steps is what this game is all about. The multiplayer games is a great way to dance with your friends at home, if you aren’t allowed to party! The moves are choreographed in a way that they work around toning your muscles and turning that lose flab into sexy abs!

The Biggest Loser Challenge

Similar to its previous version on the biggest loser challenge, you are invited on scenarios such as a boxing ring, gym, calisthenics, cardio workout stations, and so on. You can select a regular exercise schedule of 2 – 6 days going up to 8 weeks. The system has preloaded exercises that you can pick from. If you want to walk that extra mile, you can ask the system to make a personalized workout schedule for you. This version has additional games such as Slipstream, Boom or Bust, Light Cycles, Sprint and Slide, and Punch Clock. The better you perform the exercise off screen, the better your on-screen character performs the exercise. The health and lifestyle option helps you to review recipes and get tips from trainers about your progress. It also calculates your score. For health freaks this is a better option as compared to EA Sports Active 2.

Punch Out

Punching the air or otherwise known as shadow boxing is not very effective, is what many think. But do it to a beat with your feet in sync and you’ll find a new definition of fun for yourself! Punch Out is a brilliant wii game and similar to the NES version. With fighters that move like Ninjas, imitating the combat moves is not funny anymore! Countering, dodging, ducking with ultra fast reflexes is more than a workout. This game in turn teaches basic defense moves and is quite a stress buster after a bad day at work or school!

Active Life Explorer

Count yourself in the Indiana Jones fan club? Then out of all the other wii fitness games this one is totally meant for you. This second version, allows you and up to three players to take up different challenges. Packed with 24 games, just plug-in the Active Life plastic mat and you’ll be trying to escape dungeons and fight mummies for treasures unknown to the rudimentary world. With combinations like running, jumping and using your feet to get out of traps and free fall, it’s quite an exercise at the end of this adventure series.

Wii Fit Plus

When it’s about fitness we definitely cannot miss the much raved about Wii Fit Plus. This totally new version gives the user a completely new perception on basic cardio exercises. It calculates your BMI, encourages you to set a goal and achieve it in two months. Jogging, running, balancing games, aerobic games, yoga and muscle toning exercises on a regular basis is all you need to get back into shape and that is exactly what this game offers. With several games to hold your interest and which care about your fitness, these game is totally worth the price!

Walk It Out

Walking is the simplest form of exercise. With Walk It Out, you walk, walk, walk and walk till you reach a destination such as a beach, forest, park, buildings and so on. In these virtual scenario you keep walking to explore and unlock more of such virtual worlds such as a walk underneath a star lit sky, pastures, moonlit moors, hotels and unending beautiful places. You can attach the Wii Balance Board or a Dance Dance Revolution dance pad with the remote and groove into some peppy tracks to make this walk even more fun! With the dance songs, your goal is to step to the beat to unlock more of these virtual worlds. I rate this to be the top wii virtual console game!!

Just Dance 2

Once again a sequel, this game is more like a dance aerobics class at a gym. But if you do have the time to spare at the gym, Just Dance 2 is a great way to let your inhibitions lose. The real choreographed dance moves on popular beats with motion tracking, add agility and grace to your body. With an additional feature of fitness mode, you can set goals of how many calories you’d like to burn every session. Nintendo does give its users quite an array of fitness games.

There are also wii games for adults without balance board. Sound effects and multiplayer functions of these games make the gaming experience thrilling. These exercise games give excuses a run for their money! Hope this review has given you a fair knowledge about the games. If yes, kick off your shoes and plug in for hours of unlimited fun with your family and friends. After all, it is fun to have fun!

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