How to Use a Keyboard with an iPad

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How to Use a Keyboard with an iPad

Bought a Bluetooth keyboard? Here’s explaining how to use a keyboard with an iPad, so that you find it extremely easy to set new records of typing maximum words per minute!

Come on, admit it. You tried, but failed miserably. You couldn’t deal with the iPad’s glass typing surface, and ended up getting an external wireless keyboard to type long documents and programs that need a lot of text entry. If you’re even a tad like me, chances are, you’d try hard, but wouldn’t really get all the fuss about typing on a touchscreen. The truth is, unless we hear a ‘tick’ every time we type something, it doesn’t seem like we’re typing.

At the worst, you simply can’t type on the iPad, and can’t do without a wireless keyboard to sync with the device, and enjoy trouble-free typing. Tell you the truth, you aren’t the only one who experiences difficulties in setting up a wireless keyboard to use with the iPad. In this write-up, let’s figure out how to attach a keyboard to the iPad, by following some simple and easy steps. The best keyboard option for your iPad is definitely Apple’s $69 treatise, also called the trademark Apple wireless keyboard. Here we go.

Attaching the Apple Wireless Keyboard

But obviously, the Apple wireless Keyboard isn’t the plug-and-play-kinds. The Bluetooth needs to be paired, and for that to happen, you need to follow the steps given below:

  • To start with, go to Settings.
  • Hit on General to select Bluetooth.
  • When you select the General tab, you’ll see the option for Bluetooth, which you need to click on.
  • This will give you an option of Toggling Bluetooth On. Click on that.
  • Pick up your Apple wireless Keyboard, and turn it on.
  • Make sure your keyboard is Not connected. If it’s not, click on Connect on the iPad.
  • If this works, your devices will pair, and you will receive a prompt that asks you to enter a captcha, in the form of letters and numbers onscreen. You need to type those as shown.
  • Lastly, keep your keyboard in close vicinity to the iPad, and there you go! Your wireless keyboard is easily connected, so that you can start typing then and there.

Attaching the iPad Keyboard Dock

If the Apple Wireless Keyboard failed to amuse you, here’s a terrific alternative for your iPad’s keyboard, called the iPad Keyboard Dock, which is as if a full-sized keyboard sits atop a charging dock. Well, it simultaneously powers your iPad all the while you’re typing. You just need to plug the power cord into the wall, seat the iPad onto the dock, and start typing. If you can’t view text from a comfortable angle, you can bring into use the Dock, and start typing while your iPad is charging.

In order to use the Dock with your iPad, here are the simple instructions:

  • To start with, Connect the Dock to your iPad with the help of the USB cable included with the iPad, so that you get to charge its battery.
  • Next, connect the Dock to any electrical outlet with the help of the iPad Power Adapter.
  • Adjust the dock in the most comfortable position that lets you view your iPad at the perfect angle, and start composing emails and typing documents, or even watch movies and videos through it.

The two most successful keyboards for the iPad let you do easy typing with minimal flaws, and provide a responsible feel to you, fitting on even the most crowded of desks. If finding it hard to type on the touchscreen describes you, fetch a wireless keyboard right now, and with the help of the above two methods, start setting new typing records!

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