12 Best Games to Play like Diablo

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12 Best Games to Play like Diablo

Diablo is an action, role-playing game developed by Blizzard Entertainment. With the launch of Diablo III, it has brought the game to the PS4 and Xbox One platforms. If you simply love this game, then you need to check out this list provided by Techspirited, of other similar games like Diablo.

Diablo was influenced by the game Telengard, released in 1982.

Do you love battle? Do you enjoy brainteasing strategy games? Then you have definitely heard of Diablo. Age of Empires may have started the trend of role-playing games, but Diablo reinvented it.

Set in the fictional kingdom of Khanduras, the player fights a lone battle against Diablo, the Lord of Terror that rests underneath the catacombs of Tristram. Filled with monsters and the undead, the player journeys through the dungeons underneath the Cathedral to fight Diablo himself, in this epic battle that changed the future forever. Though he succeeds by trapping Diablo in a soulstone and implanting it in his head, evil never rests. The game spawned 2 more sequels, namely, Diablo II, that continues the story of our hero, and Diablo III, which gives a satisfying conclusion to this epic saga.

For those of you who are looking to play the same type, but different games, we give you our pick of the games similar to Diablo.

Path of Exile
Publisher: Grinding Gear Games
Platforms: Microsoft Windows

The game takes place on the continent of Wraeclast, a haven for criminals and unwanted individuals from the nearby island of Oriath. The player has to survive its inhabitants and the surrounding wilderness, to unveil the secrets of the Eternal Empire. The player can choose from six classes of race. You can upgrade your skills through magic artifacts known as Support Gems. The good news is that, the game is still in its beta version, and can be downloaded for free.

Publisher: Runic Games, Perfect World, Encore, Inc., JoWOOD Entertainment
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, MacOS X, Xbox 360, Linux

This is a typical dungeon-crawler game, where a player explores the dungeons and caverns of nearby Torchlight. If you think the same, you are sadly mistaken. With its visually appealing graphics and storytelling, its gives the player an enriching experience of exploring the underground terrain and battling monsters. Similar to Fate, you can have a pet that looks out for you. The only problem is that this game doesn’t support a multi-player mode.

Titan Quest
Publisher: Iron Lore Studios
Platforms: Microsoft Windows

Here are some Greek warriors and monsters. Before somebody screams Age of Mythology, let me say it’s hard to complain about a game that looks this good. You battle various monsters from mythology, that block your path, as you gain allies and experience to face-off against a Titan who has more to lose than you do.

Publisher: Ascaron
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Linux

Sacred is set in the magical continent of Ancaria. To begin with, the player chooses a character from six races. With quests and different scenarios to explore, the player can never get bored of this Diablo look-alike. This one you surely should not miss.

Publisher: Supergiant Games
Platforms: Microsoft Windows

You will explore the floating world of Caelondia as you try to unveil the mystery of the events that took place before you lost your memory. With enough quests to satisfy hack’n’slash fans, this game is definitely one worth looking out for.

Publisher: WildStudios, WildTangent
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Xbox 360, iOS, Google Chrome

Fate is modeled similar to Diablo, in which a player battles various monsters and goes through additional quests in the dungeon. The player can choose a pet as his companion, which aids him during battle. Another unique aspect is that, if the player dies, he meets the Grim Reaper/Fate, which gives him 3 choices in which his life will be resurrected. Enjoy this fantastic game, supported by great visuals and gameplay.

Throne of Darkness
Publisher: Click Entertainment
Platforms: Microsoft Windows

This game is set in Medieval Japan, where a dark warlord decides to crown himself the Lord of Japan. You control a group of samurai under their lord, who counterattacks using a myriad of weapons and tactical combat to destroy monsters. Think Diablo meets Naruto. If you love ninjas and samurai, this game is the one for you. Dattebayo!!!

Publisher: Westwood Studios
Platforms: Microsoft Windows

An action RPG, in which the player travels to another dimension, as he battles to save the universe from otherworldly beings. The player gets to choose from three races: warrior, conjurer, and wizard. Race against time, as you complete quests to gain additional experience and power-up to face the evil forces.

Publisher: Hothead Games
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Mac OS X

An action-comedy RPG, DeathSpank never fails to impress viewers, with its attractive gameplay and sense of humor. The player gets to continue the journey with a companion, as they journey the land with adventures in their tow. Check out this game, along with its sequels DeathSpank: Thong of Virtues and The Baconing.

Dungeon Siege Series
Publisher: Gas Powered Games
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X

This game is unique, in the sense that, our solo hero adventurer can be joined by other NPCs as he continues his journey. Players can switch between these characters for a unique gameplay. Help protect the Kingdom of Eng from goblins, Undead, and the mysterious Droog.

Neverwinter Nights Series
Publisher: BioWare
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux

If role-playing games are your forte, then don’t back down from this one. A deadly plague has descended on the city of Neverwinter, and you and your party hold the key to this rescue. As you battle deranged cultists and other creatures, the line between friends and allies becomes thin. Join in this action-packed game, as you play to win, and the fate of Neverwinter lies in your hands.

Grim Dawn
Publisher: Crate Entertainment
Platforms: Microsoft Windows

A war between otherworldly beings, called the Aetherials and Chthonians, has consumed the planet. Aetherials seek to use human bodies as a resource, while Chthonians seek to destroy the human race before it ever happens. As the protagonist, you find a way to survive the grim landscape while battling different monsters. You can download the alpha version from the website for free. Check it out, if you are a Diablo fan.
Just as one chocolate milkshake is never enough for true chocaholics, this list must not be enough to whet your appetite for a true game fan. If you have any other favorites, do share them with everyone here, through the comments section below.

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