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40 Cool Username Ideas for KIK Messenger

40 Cool Username Ideas for KIK Messenger
Maddeningly fastest, coolest and simplest, KiK Messenger perfectly goes with the spirit of the moment. Every person who hankers to be a part of this plugged-in mini world of KiK needs to have a cool username to build his/her network of friends. So, if your exciting ride has got stuck somewhere, this Techspirited article will oil your wheels by giving you some cool username ideas for KiK messenger.
Sai Kardile
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
KiK Messenger broke out on the instant messaging scene in 2009 with the efforts of a group of students from the University of Waterloo, who wanted to give some twist to the technologies used on smartphones.
KiK is an exciting online chat station that enables its users to send instant messages, search and send Youtube videos, find and share images, customize, create, and send memes, and create art work through Sketch, etc, feeling dizzy already?

One of the striking things about KiK messenger is its simple and uncluttered interface, it does effectively what it is meant to do - connect you with your friends, and even strangers from all over the world and that too for free. KiK messenger works on operating systems of iOS, Android, Windows phone, Symbian, and Black Berry, this chatting sensation can be availed by all users known to the online-kind.

Downloading this messenger like others, is plain easy, it happens pronto. The only thing you will need to do is to choose a username that screams awesomeness and you will have gained your inclusion into this exciting world of KiK. Just remember two things while creating your username- number one- avoid using your full name as it is just bland and very unexciting. You will want to add some pizazz or an element of mystery to your username, and since your username is out there for everyone to see, you may not want to disclose your full name for security reasons. Secondly, don't overplay with special characters %, &, *,$, #, @, etc. It's not only a pain for the eyes but also pain for the messenger. This makes your search-ability chances on KiK very thin and lessens your chances of connecting with people. Remember these simple tips and enjoy some ass KiKin'.
Given below are some funny, creative, and unique KiK username ideas for guys and girls-
Username Ideas for KiK Messenger
Usernames for Guys
  • Babble.Boy
  • Roger-on-the-run
  • Mischief-drawn
  • Candyphobia
  • ShinningStallion
  • DeanDude
  • Studmuffin
  • Guffawing-guy
  • Technophile
  • Airjockey18
  • Pegasus227
  • HowlingHawk
  • WizardyWheezes
  • Commando-Chuckles
  • Hobgoblin007
  • Suave-Sorceror
  • PapaSmurf
  • Thunder_Grinder
  • BayBailiwick
  • ToxicRooster
Usernames for Girls
  • GirlyGears
  • Sillypie292
  • Tinytwinkles
  • Cherub_cherry
  • PetitePearls
  • Periwinkle-Pixie
  • Gorgeoriffic
  • Flying_Pebbles
  • WaftingWaffles
  • SnazzyNinja
  • HoneyDewDreams
  • Old-laceVintage
  • DivaDoodles
  • FizzyFuchsia
  • CoralCute
  • Melting_Marshmallow
  • Honeybeans107
  • JellyJasmine
  • Divinely.Delicious
  • Preening-Beauty
We hope these username ideas float your boat and you can always create your own by taking a cue or inspiration from the ones that are mentioned above. Get yourself one real cool name and enjoy the fluid experience on KiK. Cheers!