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Best Free iPad Games

Best Free iPad Games

Squandered all money in buying the iPad? Latch into the following information that discusses the best free games, for those who aren't willing to pay a cent for entertainment!
Veethi Telang
Fritter away time, not dollars. We know you own the Apple iPad, but sadly, aren't willing to pay for game applications, isn't it? Well, our collection of the top ones, will help you download the best. So, now, while others think you're working on something extremely important on your tablet, don't let them know that you're killing the enemies with a laser gun!

List of Free iPad Games

Many of you might think these games, just because they're free of cost, are child's play. Well, here I'd like to correct you, the ones that we're going to discuss here aren't the ones you'll find in every other basic phone. What's more! These are such rich-scale applications, that they have also been awarded and acknowledged by Apple. You know what is the best thing about these applications? Most of them are universal, which means, not only can you play them on your iPad, but if you own the much-lusted iPhone and iPod Touch, these applications will work on them too! Kicking the coolness up a notch, arrives a list of the top 10 games you can enjoy on your tablet - free of cost.

Checkers Free HDOne of the best, Checkers is the old board game that you used to play, but now, its there on your tablet. With awesome features, and various difficulty levels, this has all it takes, to get you hooked.
Air Hockey GoldYou know, you'd love playing it on the iPad, for this game calls for a larger screen. Play it in the two-player mode, and if you savor air hockey, this is a must-have!
Angry BirdsHow could I not mention this game in a list of the best? Angry Birds is an award-winning application. The biggest challenge? Putting your tablet down, once you've started playing it!
Rush HourFor your magical tablet, this traffic jam puzzle is a must-have for the big screen. Get your cars out of a traffic jam and you win. Sounds simple? We'll see if it really is simple, when you start playing it.
Shanghai MahjongSo, you have a great memory and visionary power. Lets test you. Download this free game and start matching similar chips at the quickest. With endless customizable boards, this app is here to stay.
10 PIN Shuffle BowlingSavor Bowling? Don't fritter money anymore by going to the bowling alley every now and then, for you have this highly addictive app right on your tablet. It has a 3-D interface to make the gaming experience even more happening. Certainly, one of the best!
PokerI've loved poker since I was a kid. If same is the case with you, play as much poker as you can on your tablet now. It has beautiful graphics that make gaming extremely interesting and enjoyable. Download this one for free from the App Store.
Karate KidLoved the movie? Fancy Martial Arts? Take your pleasure to another level. Play Karate Kid and enjoy Martial Arts by earning experience points, hence becoming a master in the field.
ClickomaniaThis game is a total time-pass! Burst similar bubbles, and vacant the screen. That's all? You'll get more to see and enjoy when you actually play it. By far, the most popular one today.
Big Mountain SnowboardingIf you have an iPad, then having this app installed, will double the excitement. Go snowboarding on your 9.5 inch screen, and you'll know the reason of all that hype this tablet deserves!

Well, I summed up the 10 most downloaded free iPad games for you. Download them, play them, and enjoy.