Best Cydia Themes for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad to End Your Search

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Best Cydia Themes

If you intend to give your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad that killer look, best Cydia themes is something you need to look out for. Here’s a compilation of some of the best themes for the new Apple iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, which will make the task of choosing a lot easier for you.

To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” – Sir Winston Churchill

The fact that Apple iPhone has been one of the most amazing gadgets of this century hasn’t stopped people from trying to make it even better…. perfect to be precise. Several new applications have been developed in a bid to counter the limitations of Apple iOS, which happens to be the default operating system for the iPhone, iPod touch and the iPad. Among the various replacement software on offer, one of the most popular name happens to be Cydia.

Cydia allows the user to download a wide variety of applications and themes for the iPhone, iPod touch and the iPad. While Cydia apps can make the gadget more efficient, themes can give it that killer look. However, if you are to use Cydia apps or themes, you need to jailbreak your Apple device – a practice that not many are comfortable with. Though the practice is no more considered illegal in the United States, it can still cost you the manufacturer’s warrant, and hence the ‘think before you act approach’.

How to Install Cydia Themes?

In order to install themes, you need to install the WinterBoard app – which facilitates customization, on your device. One of the best apps ever, the WinterBoard allows users to customize the look of their iPhone and iPod touch (or the iPad for that matter) by adding a range of features – including themes, sound, buttons, background, status bar etc., to them. You can install WinterBoard by going to Cydia sources, and choosing it from the list of applications Cydia has to offer.

Once you have the Cydia replacement software on your device, you get to choose from a list of custom themes – such as Themes (Apps), Themes (Keyboard), etc. You simply have to click on the ‘install’ tab, and the theme will be downloaded onto your device. The next step in the installation process is to launch the WinterBoard app, and activate the theme that you desire, by going to the list of downloaded themes and clicking on it. As the WinterBoard app is used to activate themes on Cydia, these themes are also referred to as the ‘WinterBoard themes’.

Best Themes Ever for the iPhone and iPod touch

With thousands of themes to choose from, it becomes very difficult to come up with a few themes which would appeal everybody. Hordes of people use these themes to customize their iPod touch, iPhone and the iPad. Interestingly though, the best Cydia themes for iPod touch and iPhone are more or less the same as both the devices are similar when it comes to technical specifications – operating system and resolution to be precise. Given below is a list of top ten themes, which can give your iPhone 4 and iPod touch that much desired look.

  1. Glasklart HD theme
  2. Blue iPhone 4 theme
  3. Blue iOS 4 HD theme
  4. Elite Pro HD theme
  5. XHD theme
  6. Obsidian HD theme
  7. EnVy HD theme
  8. iNitsua Z NeoStyle HD theme
  9. iNitsua Z Twilight HD theme
  10. Mac OS X HD theme

Best Cydia Themes for the iPad

While the themes for iPhone and iPod touch are more or less the same, these are not compatible to the iPad as it has a higher resolution display. That isn’t quite an issue as the developers have tweaked some of the best themes available and made them compatible to the iPad. Over the course of time, some developers have released exceptionally good themes for Apple iPad, and the top ten among these are enlisted below.

  1. AppleWeb Lockscreen iPad theme
  2. HoneyPad Pro iPad theme
  3. Breeze iPad theme
  4. Midnight Player iPad theme
  5. eXplos1on iPad theme
  6. MystiqueHaz3-HD iPad theme
  7. A I R iPad theme
  8. Boxor HD iPad theme
  9. AppleCore HD iPad theme
  10. iFlat HD iPad theme

Now that jailbreaking is no more considered to be an illegal practice, resorting to Cydia has become all the more convenient. The only question that is left unanswered, is whether you are willing to sacrifice the manufacturer’s warranty in lieu of this replacement software. Once you have your priority set, you can go ahead and download these themes from some of the best Cydia sources out there.

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