Farmville Tips

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Farmville Tips

Interested in reaping the maximum profits in minimum time on Farmville? Here are some tips that will help you make more money in this game. This article provides information on which plants would yield the best returns, and why you should help your neighbors.

As you all know, Facebook is a social networking website and Farmville is one of the most popular game on Facebook. It is a real-time farm simulation game devised by Zynga.

Farmville: The Popular Game on Facebook

Initially, you had to be a member of Facebook to play this game. However, now it is also available as an app on Android and iOS. While playing, you are supposed to manage a virtual farm by planting, growing and harvesting virtual crops and trees, and raising a livestock. The game was launched in June 2009 and it had over 82.4 million people as active users at its peak. However, its popularity has waned and as of 2013, it ranks 44th on the list of most played games on Facebook.

Farmville will first ask you to create your avatar, customize your farmer’s features and then you will be allowed to play. When you hover over an empty plot, you will be provided with the option of plowing. Plowing a plot costs 15 coins and earns you one experience point (XP). When you click on this plowed plot, you will be provided with a list of seeds to choose from. Once a crop is ready to harvest, you can click on it and your farmer will harvest it. You can invite your friends to become neighbors as they will provide more opportunities for coins and XP. Giving and receiving gifts can be enjoyed but which gifts you are able to send, will solely depend on the level of the game you are at. Your friends can help you build buildings such as a horse stable and larger chicken coops. If you are lucky enough, you might enjoy the reward of a Farmhand or an Arborist who will harvest all your livestock and trees in an instant and you are done farming for the day! This game is fun and once you start playing, you will know how addictive it is. Here are some tips and strategies for earning more coins and XP.

Farmville Strategies

  • Plant and harvest more crops so that you will earn more money and XP, which will allow you to purchase decorations, buildings, and a larger farm.
  • You can buy and use a tractor to plow; watch the fuel meter as fuel will decrease as you plow.
  • When you click on the middle of a 2×2 grid (plots), 4 plots of land will be plowed at a time and each tractor plow will add +4 XP points.
  • One of the secrets is that you can earn weekly profit only if the products are harvested maximum number of times each day.
  • You can sell cow’s and goat’s milk, horse hair, chicken eggs, duck feathers, rabbit angora, sheep wool, and pig truffles to earn coins.
  • It’s better if you have trees along the back edges of your farm so that they are easily accessible for harvesting and they don’t block the crops you need to get to.
  • You are supposed to watch your friends post lost animals so that you can adopt them. In this process, timing is important. You won’t be able to adopt the lost animal if you click too soon after it is posted or even if you wait too long (someone else will adopt it). It’s a challenge to adopt a lost animal and part of the fun too.
  • Each ribbon you earn comes with coins, experience points, and a surprise gift in your gift box. Remember, your gift box can hold only 30 gifts. If it is overloaded with free gifts (animals and trees), then it may not be able to hold the achievement surprises. Neighbors are the key to obtaining ribbons very quickly, so help your neighbors to get as many of them as possible.
  • If you do not harvest your crop within the time limit, your crops will wither and die. Remember, crops wither randomly and not in the order you plant them. Therefore, plant the crops after checking the harvesting time. For example, if it’s late night and you are heading to bed, then you should not choose strawberries, which take only 4 hours to harvest because, your crops will be wilted by the time you wake up in the morning, and you will not earn any profits from them.
  • You should visit your friends’ farms each day in order to help them, and indirectly, you will also be helping yourself. For example, if you fertilize their crops, you may receive extra fuel and will also obtain coins and XP. If your friends have a chicken coop, you can feed their chickens and you will be offered coins and XP, plus you may find a bonus egg to hatch for a prize. Moreover, it will encourage your friends to return the favor and so they will visit your farm. Fertilized crops and well fed cattle can earn extra XP.

If you are fond of making virtual money in this game, you should keep in mind what reaps the earliest and costs the least. Making your farm attractive is not going to help, you are expected to make it profitable.

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