Mafia Wars Strategy Guide

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Mafia Wars Strategy Guide

Following the correct mafia wars strategy can make a huge difference in the way you advance within the game. If making more money and moving on to levels as fast as you can has become more of a life and death situation for you, then the following article will be the perfect mafia wars strategy guide for you.

I was bombarded with mafia wars request on my social networking account sent by friends, family and people who were friends of friends. Mafia wars is a browser game that is played on MySpace, Facebook, Tagged, etc. This game was created by Zynga and has become really popular on the social networking sites. It became so popular, that Zynga created an iPhone version of the game.

People go to great extents just to earn more money, move up levels and get world domination (almost, of course!). One needs to follow certain rules, to move on from New York City and Little Italy, to Moscow. So what is that one main important strategy to run your mob? It is just completion of jobs, that will earn you experience, money and create an empire for yourself. You can even recruit members into your mob family on Facebook and MySpace. Hire members by using reward points and fighting other gangs. This earns you experience, rewards and more members into your mafia.

Best Mafia Wars Strategy

Strategy 1

When you begin to play this game, you need to choose a character type you would like to portray. There are three character types: Mogul, Mania and Fearless. These characters have one major perk, one specialized top slot in mafia and one special bonus ability. These characters are an important part of the game as they decide which class you play and what benefits you have over others. Let us see the perks and slots related to each of these characters:

  • Mogul: These characters focus on money. They get money every 54 minutes instead of every 60 minutes from properties and also earn a 5% bonus from any business or properties in Cuba and Moscow. When they are promoted to Bagman in a mafia owned by someone else, they earn 2 times more money on jobs.
  • Maniac: These characters tend to earn faster energy every recharge time and gain more energy every 3 minutes instead of five. The Button Man is the top mafia slot of this character with a special ability to be someone else’s Button Man and a chance to win any fight, the character initiates regardless of the stats.
  • Fearless: The fearless class does not have to fear death. Their health bar gets recharged every three minutes instead of five. The major slot is Wheelman and its special ability includes doing jobs as wheelman in someone else’s crew that will cost the character zero energy.

So, picking the maniac class is better for the lower levels as extra energy never goes out of style. Though, the special ability will not mean much in the higher levels, but it will help you level up quicker. When it comes to fearless class, the health factor is the major advantage. Anyone can promote you to Wheelman in a couple of days, and it won’t cost you any energy. And the health regeneration ability will take you higher. So, think about these pros and cons and choose wisely.

Strategy 2

You need to increase your family size and this is one of the hardest part. You need to be extremely experienced and have a strong support base from the family to be able to get all the major benefits while playing. You need to get players to join your family, since your success depends on the size of your family. The stronger your family, the more backup you will have, when getting into fights with other mafia families. You can try the following tips to get people to join your family:

  • You can seek websites that are visited by players and ask them to join your family.
  • You can try mafia wars forums to search and recruit members for your family.
  • Lastly, you can persuade your friends to ask their friends to join your family.

Strategy 3

The Godfather reward points are one of the major boons that you can use wisely to move forward in the game. You should not waste these points on trivial matters like money, getting more members, or restoring health. You can get money by doing jobs, adding members by following strategy # 2 and restoring health by a visit to the hospital.

You need to adopt a wise strategy and use your godfather reward points on getting ahead in the game. You can use it for getting skill points as they remain permanent throughout the game and help in long-term domination. Restoration of energy when you already have high energy capacity. Never use these points to restore energy when you are on low max energy points. You can use them for crates that have some rare and powerful objects that can be earned only through redeeming these points.

Strategy 4

The best way to keep your family safe is by maintaining a steady flow of money and portraying your image really strong. You can do this by having high-end cars and mafia war weapons in your family. For this, you need a steady flow of money for buying and maintaining these expensive weapons. You need to start doing jobs that will help you earn $15,000 and enough family members to take you through the next level. You can then purchase properties and abandoned lands. You can add family grooms to earn more money. Then you can invest all the money in a bar. Soon, you will see your money multiply each and every day growing into millions.

So, this was a guide that will help you earn big money, experience and family. You can even try some game cheats as they too, will be useful in leveling up. However, Zynga tends to quickly cover up the loop holes, so the cheats working today may be useless tomorrow. I hope these tips help you go ahead in your game and fulfill your dream of world domination.

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