Best Apps for iPod touch 4G

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Best Apps for iPod touch 4G

If you are looking to lay your hands on some of the best apps for your iPod touch 4G, then have a look at the options given here.

There are more than 500,000 applications for Apple iDevices, which means, one individual application for every person living in Pittsburgh! They’re paid, they’re free, they freak the hell out of you with their phenomenal gaming options, they get you hooked with the utility they offer, and I can tell you, you’ll want 24 extra hours a day in order to use them to the fullest. So before I let slip the best apps for iPod Touch 4th generation, let me just congratulate you for being a proud owner of the world’s best multimedia player. You’re lucky, and we make you luckier by helping you flood your gadget with the best apps that the world is basking in. There’s fun, there’s gaming, there’s entertainment, there’s innovation… ah! You’d just wish you had more fingers.

Free Apps

If you’re broke (you squandered all money in buying the iPod touch 4G!), I can understand how difficult it is to pay even a cent extra now! Well, for that purpose, we have a great compilation of some great iPod apps for you to bask in, absolutely free of cost.

  • Angry Birds: Raging birds on a spree to kill the pigs who stole their eggs.
  • Evernote: The best note-taking application for iDevices, so that you don’t forget anything.
  • Pandora Radio: An awesome online world radio right on your device.
  • Amazon Kindle: eReader application with more than 750,000 books, magazines, and editorials.
  • Urbanspoon: Foodie? Know all nearby restaurants and read reviews with the help of this app.
  • Shazam: A song recognition app, it gives you all details about the song you just heard but can’t recall the name of.
  • Pedometer: Tracks every step you take. Lose weight and stay healthy the smart way.
  • Adobe Photoshop Express: Add real Photoshop effects to your otherwise mundane pictures.
  • Google Places: Another app to know about hang-out places all over the world.
  • SoundHound: Instantly search for music with the help of this app.
  • DoodleJump: Don’t let the ‘doodler’ fall off the platform series.
  • eBay Mobile: Shopaholic? Shop till you drop with this fantastic eBay app that is free of cost.
  • Tap Tap Revenge 4: One of the best music discovery apps.
  • Find My iPhone: Use another iOS device to locate your device in case you misplaced it.
  • Netflix: Watch movies and TV shows by streaming them live via Netflix.
  • PhotoFunia: With over 150 different scenes to choose from, you can put your face on a poster, billboard, stamp, etc.
  • Twitter: Tweet away while on the go and also check out the things others are saying, with this app.
  • Facebook: With this app on your device, you can stay in touch with friends, update you status, upload images, etc.
  • Skype: Need to keep in touch with your contacts on Skype, just download this app free onto you device.
  • Huffington Post: Looking for the latest news and opinions around the globe? Then this informative, fun, and easy-to-read app is what you need.

Paid Apps

Pay hardly a dollar or so, and you can have an experience of a lifetime. The top-ranking apps for iPod Touch 4G presented here help you flaunt your darling gadget flooded with some killer applications that cost you extremely less, but give you a lot to enjoy.

  • Fast Contacts ($1.99): A fast app meant to manage your overflowing contact list.
  • Pro HDR ($1.99): With a single tap, create awesome full-resolution HDR images. You can also choose from various filters and frames to get that perfect output.
  • Jelly Car 3 ($1.99): This one is a driving platform puzzle game.
  • Words With Friends ($2.99): A multi-player scrabble game for those who love their words.
  • Fruit Ninja ($0.99): A juicy action game. And the best thing? You get to be a ninja! ‘Nuff said.
  • SplashID ($9.99): Secure password management for iPhone.
  • Need for Speed™ Hot Pursuit ($0.99): For all you NFS fans, download this game for the ultimate racing experience.
  • Army Knife ($1.99): Learn, in simple steps, how to use a 9-in-1 army knife.
  • Name Picker ($0.99): Writing a book? Became a parent? Pick the best names with the help of Name Picker.
  • Enigmo ($2.99): An award-winning water puzzle game.
  • World Wiki + Factbook ($0.99): Get detailed information on almost 250 countries and territories of the world, along with demographics, along with a zooming and scrolling feature using Google Maps.
  • DigiDrummer ($1.99): You can play the drums the digital way on your iPod touch.

Cydia Apps

Okay, now, there is a gamut of applications that are third-party apps, and can be played on a jailbroken Apple gadget. They’re called the Cydia apps, and are large in number. If the above two lists failed to satiate your hunger for the iPod touch apps, check these out.

  • Winterboard: Give your iPod touch a complete makeover with hundreds of Winderboard themes.
  • Open SSH: Use an SSH client on your computer, and do easy browsing of files on your iPod touch.
  • MxTube: The fastest YouTube video downloader around.
  • dTunes: An iTunes equivalent to download, listen to, and share music.
  • iTypeFastR: Type faster, without typos, with the help of this app.
  • FontSwap: Customize your iDevice with this app by switching to new beautiful fonts.
  • Intallous: Install almost every app from the App Store with the help of this app.
  • iFile: Mail, delete, edit, compress, cut, paste, and copy your files with the help of this file manager.
  • SBSettings: An easier way to manage your iDevice, and customize settings.
  • Activator: A common library for the launch and activation of iDevice apps.
  • CyDelete: The easiest way to delete unwanted Cydia apps.

Phew! Some lists they were, weren’t they? You have enough of iPod applications now, spare me. The above mentioned apps for your iPod touch promise to deliver an experience beyond par. Download them onto your new gadget, and start using them right now.

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