How to Track a Cell Phone Location Without Them Knowing

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How to Track a Cell Phone Location Without Them Knowing

If you are curious about tracking a cell phone location using web services, this article is just what you need to read.

Being able to track someone’s movement on a map seems like stuff straight out of a James Bond movie. Today GPS cell phone tracking has actually made it possible in real life. Thanks to the advancements in telecom and wireless networking services, today there are free services which can let you track the movements of any of your friends and family on a satellite map. Most people don’t like to be followed or tracked in this fashion.

Tracking a phone without the user knowing about it is illegal. However, when you have children to look after, who hate being accompanied everywhere, tracking their cell phone is a safe and non-invasive way of keeping track of their whereabouts. You may even have an elderly family member prone to amnesia, whose movements need to be tracked for his or her own good.

Whatever may be the reason, we assume that you are tracking a person’s cell phone for safety purposes. If a person tries to track a cell phone for stalking purpose, let it be known that it’s a punishable offense.

How to Track a Cell Phone Location?

Although there are many free cell phone tracking software programs available online, not all are reliable. we will introduce you to two software programs that can let you track cell phones for free.

A Trick

Google Maps

Using Google maps is indeed, the easiest way of tracking someone through the cellphone that they are using. You will have to secretly turn ON the “Share my location” option from settings of their phone. Then, you will have to go to Google maps and share their location with yourself. Your phone will get a popup asking if you want to share the location. Choose accept. Finally, it will ask you if you want to share your location with them. Choose an option which says “don’t share.”


  • Easy to use.
  • No cost is involved.


  • Turning ON the location consumes a lot of battery.
  • You won’t be able to track if the person being tracked turns OFF the location sharing.

Premium Tracking Apps


To start using Spyzie, you have to register an account with Spyzie. Then you will have to connect the device you want to track, to this account. The Spyzie app needs to be downloaded in the target device. That’s it, you are all set! Now you can track not only the location but also the text messages, call history, messenger apps, photos and much more. The best part is that this app will run in the background of the phone being tracked. So they won’t see any icon or notifications for it.


  • Jailbbreak or root not needed for the phone.
  • Exciting features are available at an affordable yearly subscription.


  • You need to know the password of the target phone, to be able to download the app.


To start using Copy9, go to the security section in settings. Then turn ON the feature to download apps from sources other than Play Store. Go to the official website of Copy9 and then download and install the app. Grant permission to track location and social networking apps. Now, you can track the location as well as activities of this phone from the Copy9 website or your smartphone.


  • Easy to install and use.
  • Maintains a record of the activities of the phone being tracked.


  • Slightly overpriced.
  • The phone needs to be rooted for certain features to work efficiently.

By bugging phones with any one of Spyzie, Copy9 or other such applications, you can trace a cell phone’s location and keep track of the movements of your family members, for safety purposes. There are many more web services on the Internet, that let you track your children’s movements online. However, you need to be sly enough to install them on your child’s phone to be able to track them without letting them know.

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