Best Android Apps for 2018

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Best Android Apps for 2018

Here are some good Android apps that you can install on your device and make your smartphone even smarter!

Smartphones have made our lives easier and Android is ruling the smartphone OS race for a fair bit now. Developers are constantly working on new apps for things you would have never even thought you would need! The Internet today is flooded with apps for every single thing you can possibly think of, and plenty others which you would never have dreamed of. Here’s a quick look at the top Android apps available in the market today.

Smart Wallpaper

Bored of seeing the same wallpaper every day when you look at your phone, but too busy to download and switch to a new wallpaper? Well, Smart Wallpaper is an app you should consider downloading.

You just have to set your preferences and it will change the wallpaper for you, based on the weather, time of the day, each day of a week or month. What if you want a different wallpaper when connected to the office WiFi and a different one when connected to home WiFi? That can be done too!

All this sounds like a bit too much? Just select all your favorite wallpapers and this app will keep changing them in a random order for you. This app can definitely make your smartphone more interesting and add some spice to your life.


Netflix has widespread popularity and is a subscription service for watching television series and movies. You can download the app and start watching your favorite series and movies on your phone, if you have Netflix membership.

If you are not sure about the paid subscription, you can still download the app and opt for a free trial of 1 month and then decide. Netflix offers a wide range of the most popular TV series and movies. The new episodes of ongoing TV shows and series are added regularly on Netflix.

You can simply search the titles of your favorite movies whenever you feel like having a gala time. Some other alternatives for the Netflix app are Amazon Prime, YouTube TV and Hulu. However, Netflix shall be the perfect choice for movie and TV series lovers.


Are you a blogger? If yes, then this app is definitely a must-have. This app is simply a perfect tool for you to showcase your writing skills and gain some fan following. You can create multiple blogs and publish them. The new update will also let you switch between accounts if you have more than one.

Having the blogger app might sound a little offbeat in today’s era, where the social media is ruling the internet and people tend to express more on these platforms. However, you will realize that writing blogs can be fun too, only after you start writing them.

So what are you waiting for? Just choose something which you believe yourself to be an expert in, download the app and start writing. Tumblr and WordPress are worthy alternatives for the Blogger app.

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle is one hell of an app for voracious readers. You can read, browse through books, magazines or newspapers. There are over 4 million paid and free books to choose from. You can also shop for books and go through samples before you buy one.

It comes loaded with exciting features such as built-in dictionary, redirection to Google and Wikipedia for detailed information, automatic bookmarks and plenty more. You can also customize the font, brightness and the background color to read your book.

It also allows you to highlight important passages and add notes. This feature is extremely useful for students. The Kindle is definitely one of a kind and beats all its competitors in every aspect. However, some apps like Comics (largest comic book reader) are also worth consideration.


Want to always stay updated about things happening around you and across the world? The NYTimes is one of the most preferred publications by news readers and guess what? They have a mind-blowing app which you can download from your very own Play Store.

The app delivers quality news content to the readers and arranges the newsfeed in a well organized format. It allows the users to comment on the news articles published on the app. What’s more? The fonts, multimedia and images included have great quality.

The Washington Post, News 360 and VICE news are some of the competitors of the NYTimes. The apps of these publications may be far better than the NYTimes. However, when it comes to the quality of news content, nobody can beat NYTimes.


For a die-hard fan of Sports, this app is a must-have. theScore will give you real-time scores, news, statistics and videos of all the popular sports. It generates alerts for a particular season, which you are following. The “discover” section within the app provides a deeper insight and consists of stories which are creating a big news in the sports world.

The sporting events covered by this app are:

  • Auto Racing (NASCAR Sprint Cup, Formula 1)
  • Baseball (College World Series and MLB)
  • Basketball (NBA, NCAA)
  • Football (NFL, NCAA and CFL)
  • Golf (PGA, LPGA, Ryder Cup, European Tour, Tour)
  • Hockey (NHL, IIHF WJHC – World Junior Hockey Championship, NCAA Frozen Four)
  • Mixed Martial Arts (UFC and Bellator)
  • Soccer (Premier League, Champions League, FIFA World Cup, Serie A, La Liga, Bundesliga, MLS, FA Cup, League Cup, Europa League, Ligue 1, Coppa Italia, Copa Del Rey and Liga MX, UEFA)
  • Tennis (ATP, WTA)

ESPN, Yahoo Fantasy Sports are a few other trending sports apps.


Do you wig out when you hear the word “shopping”? Amazon is an app which can take care of all your desires. You can buy millions of products. It’s like the world is at your fingertips when you have the Amazon app. They always have mind-blowing offers exclusively for the app users, especially during festive seasons.

Amazon assures you with a great shopping experience. You can view the product from various angles, with an option to zoom. The Amazon app is easy to use and there are flexible options to make payments.

Avail certain exclusive deals with an Amazon Prime membership. With Amazon’s easy return policies, 24×7 customer support, and 100% purchase protection truly makes it a trustworthy shopping app.


Lonely and want to perk up a little bit? Tinder is purely a dating app which can guide you towards the one with whom you will gel up easily. Tinder provides suggestions based on your preferences. It provides suggestions of people whose preferences match to those of yours. You can like the suggested profiles or pass them on.

OkCupid, Bumble, Coffee Meets Bagel and Happn are similar apps which are worth being considered.


People eat to live, but if you live to eat, then Zomato is the app you ought to have on your phone. It will let you search for restaurants, cafes and Bars based on locations. It actually makes your life easy while choosing which cafe to go to by letting you browse through restaurant menus, photos, user reviews and ratings. In-app table booking lets you book a table at your favorite cafe.

You can explore for restaurant, cafes, pubs by locations, or search for cuisine or simply search for the name of a restaurant. The App provides the theme based curated lists which will let you discover new places for the best pizzas or perfect romantic spots. You can even create your own collections and share them with your followers and friends.


Mint is a unique app that keeps a track of your finances and manage them smartly. Mint keeps a track of bank accounts, credit cards, bills and investments under one roof. This app gives you a great insight about your credits and debits, so that you are always sure about your financial position.

The best part about this app is that it is safe, easy to use and accurate. It gives you reminders about pending bills, manages the money and saves a lot of time. It can also be used to keep a track of credit scores. Presently, Mint is available in the USA and Canada only.

Social Networking Apps

Social networking is definitely the most happening platform for people all over the world. It is also true that today there is a lot of stuff which goes viral on social networking sites before it even hits the television. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn are among the most revolutionary social networking platforms in today’s era. Each of these platforms has the most well designed apps for smartphones and not including them in our list would only be an injustice to them.

Messaging Apps

Messaging Apps are among the world’s most commonly used apps. Among these, WhatsApp leads the stack. The features of this simple looking app have multiplied and have evolved with time. Skype, Snapchat and Facebook messenger are also among the finest apps for messaging. These apps have left an everlasting footprint in the Android world and it would be unfair if they don’t make it to the list of best Android apps.

The apps mentioned above are a few among the hundreds of best Android apps that exist till date. They are not in any particular order. Moreover, this article has not been written with an intention of promoting or discouraging any of the brands mentioned above. We hope this article was informative and has helped you a bit to choose some apps which will suit your needs. With new apps coming in regularly, the list is bound to change with time.

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