Best iPad Apps 2012

For a review on which are the hottest iPad apps for this year, latch into the following information that unveils the most sought after applications for your tablet.
The Apple iPad has swayed away tech-savvies with its killer features and awesome portability. Seriously, move over laptops! With such zooming popularity of the iPad, applications ought to be equally awe-inspiring. So, here's presenting a list of the best iPad apps for you to fill up your iPad with. Sit back, stretch your legs, and switch on your beautiful tablet. Welcome to the world of technology - your life seems good.

New iPad Apps for 2012

All the apps for iPad that are mentioned below, are thoroughly reviewed, and are a result of extensive research. Their downloadability, popularity, and productivity speaks volumes for them, and hence, their ranking is high. Check them out, and glut your iPad. Here we go!
  • Draw Something: Fancy art? This app lets you play draw-and-guess with people from all over the world.
  • Temple Run: If there's anything that can beat the addiction of Angry Birds, it is this game. All you need to do is run, and set a high score. Watch out, it can lead to severe addiction.
  • Angry Birds Space: Of course, how can we forget this game that has been upgraded to an all new level of entertainment? Physics just got all the more difficult. Download this one on your iPad, and know how.
  • Dropbox: Sync all your documents across multiple devices with the help of this application that enables you to view files according to their type.
  • PCalc Lite: Calculations just got easier! With Pcalc Lite, you can calculate on a rich user interface with a number of new features that the basic iPad calculator doesn't have.
  • Zinio: Are you a knowledge seeker? Zinio is one of the best iPad apps, that helps you view titles such as BusinessWeek, Outside, and PC Magazine, and lets you select magazine issues to read in the form of PDF's and slide shows. Read the most popular write ups online with the help of this killer app that has brought the entire world onto your palm.
  • Twitterrific for Twitter: An all new version of Twitter application for your iDevice, Twitterrific displays tweets, retweets, DMs, etc. in an extremely user-friendly manner. Now, manage more than one account, and translate tweets, all with the help of this app.
  • Beatwave: For all the music aficionados out there, Beatwave is a one-of-its-kind app that enables users to build melodies simply by prodding a grid with the help of multiple instruments. Share whatever you created via email, and let the world know what you're capable of.
  • Sparrow: Now this is an app designed for Apple devotees who can't stay a second without emailing. Sparrow helps ease your communication with your family and friends with its new emailing system. Sort all your mails in a unified inbox. Download it, and you won't feel like going anywhere else.
  • Pixlr-o-matic: Can't live without clicking your photos? Add an edge to all your pictures with this fantastic application for photo-editing. Add light effects, borders, and hues with an array of options. Believe me when I say, this is the best photo-editing software I've ever used.
Some More to Choose From

If that's not it, for you, we've got yet another long app list for you to fill up your iPad, and make your life easier. These apps are extremely easy to use, and are free of cost. Take a look:
  • AppLinks
  • MultiFlow
  • Privacy
  • TabTool Kit
  • Pandora Radio
  • GrooveMaker
  • Netflix
  • EverNote
  • Apple's iWork Suite
  • eBay for iPad
  • MicroStrategy Business
  • IM+
These apps will surprise you with their productivity and performance. They not only keep the entertainment level soaring high, but also keep your business up-to-date. So, whether you've bought the Apple iPad for enjoyment or work purposes, it is the iPad applications that soon become your identity, and make your life much, much easier. Download them, and come back here to discuss, what is it that hooked you to your tablet!