Best iPad Apps for 2018

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Best iPad Apps for 2018

For a review on which are the hottest iPad apps for this year, latch onto the following information that unveils the most sought after applications for your tablet.

The Apple iPad has swayed away tech-savvies with its killer features and awesome portability. Seriously, move over laptops! With such popularity of the iPad, the applications ought to be equally awe-inspiring. So, here’s presenting a list of the best iPad apps for you to download. Sit back, stretch your legs, and switch on your beautiful tablet. Welcome to the world of technology – your life seems good.

All the apps for iPad that are mentioned below, are thoroughly reviewed, and are a result of extensive research. Their popularity, and productivity speaks volumes for them, and hence, their ranking is high. Here we go!


No need to worry if you don’t own a Kindle device. With an iPad at your disposal, the kindle app will give you the feel of a kindle with all the necessary features for you to read and listen to innumerable books.


Listening to music has just been revolutionized with this amazing app. You can listen to the latest songs follow your friends, check out their playlists, and follow your favorite artist. You can also listen to news and podcasts.


This app provides the latest and best experience in browsing through news. Each swipe will throw a new and intriguing news snippet at you in a short and succinct way, so that you can know more in a minute than you could know in an hour.


This is a note- and snippet-managing service which allows you to not only to take short notes, but also pictures. It clearly makes note-taking fun. Once you add a note or a picture it is automatically uploaded on the server in an order that makes search and retrieval easy.


Hungry? Wanna know the nearest places to eat or perhaps find a cleaning service? There is nothing better than YELP to find the best options for you. Here, you can check the numerous crowd-sourced reviews about local businesses that might suit your needs in an instant.


The iLife package includes three awesome apps: Garage Band, iPhoto, and iMovie. The Garage band allows you to play and record music, while iPhoto and iMovie is used to edit photos and videos respectively.


The Epicurious app is a boon to all cooking enthusiasts, as it is packed with more than 300,000 recipes. The instructions are detailed and will fit the purpose so that you can adorn your dining table with new and delicious dishes every day. Provided you have the time for it.

Temple Run 2

The sequel of an already hit game gives you the opportunity to test the iPad’s amazing touch and agility. The game itself is reaching new highs pushing the envelope further with its graphics and interesting levels. So download now and start running.


The cornerstone to a healthy life is of course regular exercise. This app is for all the people who are searching for a trainer companion. FitnessClass can schedule a workout session for you on a 30 days paid pack, or in free sessions that will help you gradually mold into the shape you want.


It is a intuitive digital illustration app that allows you to create sketches, paintings, and illustrations. From its time of release, it has won multiple awards and once the right people get their hands on it, the possibilities are endless. The net is flooded with stories of beautiful illustrations created using this app.

Some More Apps To Choose From

  • Timepage
  • Astropad
  • Paper
  • Facebook
  • Flickr
  • Tumblr
  • Readdle Documents
  • Slack
  • Google Translate

These apps will surprise you with their potential for productivity and performance. They not only keep the entertainment level soaring high, but also keep your business up-to-date. So, whether you’ve bought the Apple iPad for enjoyment or work purposes, it is the iPad applications that soon become your identity, and make your life much, much easier, and enjoyable. Download them, and come back here to discuss, what it is that hooked you to your tablet!

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