Best Optical Mouse Pads

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Best Optical Mouse Pads

These days most of us have shifted to optical mouse. In this write-up, we will read in detail about the best-suited mouse pads for such peripherals.

There are three different types of mouse which have been used over a period of time. The first to be introduced was the mechanical mouse which used rubber or metal ball on its underside. Then the optomechanical mouse was introduced whose working was similar to the mechanical one, but it used optical sensors.

Then came the optical mouse. Laser lights are used to detect the mouse’s movements. Although it is said that the optical mouse does not require a mouse pad, however, for better functioning of the device, it is recommended to use one. The mouse pad should especially be used over glossy and transparent surfaces, as the mouse finds it difficult to register motion.

Best Mouse Pads

X-Trac Pro HS Optical Mouse Pad

X-Trac Pads are the manufacturer of the X-Trac Pro HS optical mouse pads, but they are resold by Dex Systems. These are known for their hexagonal print and have a finely woven cloth surface. They also have random dot configuration which ensures that these peripherals works to their optimum level. The size of the mouse pad is 8.5″ X 11″ and has a resolution of 1200 dpi. As a matter of fact, most of the gamers have found it convenient to use these.

SteelSeries Qck Mini Mouse Pad

High quality cloth material is used in making this mouse pad. This material helps in giving precise and consistent glide to the device. It has a non-slip rubber base that ensures that the pads do not slide. It is only 9.8″ X 8.3″ in size, which is small in comparison to others.

3M Precise ™ Optical Mouse Pad

This has precise battery-saving surface which helps in extending the device’s battery life. The 3M wrist gel makes the experience of using this mouse pad, a comfortable one. On the downside, these may not be available in all provinces.

Everglide Optical Mouse Pad

It has a smoky plastic with frozen silver glitter interior. The size of the mouse pad is 11″ X 7.25″. It has smooth beveled edges on all sides. The actual surface of the pad is rough. There is no resistance experienced while using it. It lacks a wrist rest which would have made the experience of using the peripheral, a comfortable one.

X-Trac Pads Ripper XL

This is one of the largest in size, with a dimension of 14″ X 17.8″. It has a silky smooth cloth finish, which is extremely flexible and comfortable to use. It has super rubber grip which ensures that the pad does not glide over smooth surfaces.

Using an optical mouse pad will ensure that the mouse works at a higher speed. There will be more precision observed as well and the user will find it very convenient to use. At the same time, the table surface will not be damaged with its usage. Alternately, you can make mouse pad at home as well.

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