Bejeweled Blitz Tips

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Bejeweled Blitz Tips

Bejeweled Blitz is an addictive online game that will leave you wanting for more. Whether or not you’ve started playing the game, the tips mentioned in the article will help you in getting more points quicker than your friends…

Secrets to Know

  • Shift + Click – this turns the gems into a “Power Gem”.
  • Ctrl + Click – this turns the gems into a “Score Multiplier Gem”.
  • Alt + Click – this turns the gems into a “Hyper Gem”.
  • 1…7 + Click – this turns that gem into a gem of the respective color.

We all know about the Bejeweled Blitz game which can be played on Facebook, MySpace, and other official PopCap sites. Every week, there are drawings held which are pretty much based on your and your friends’ high scores. With these scores, you can earn cool stuff such as a free “Deluxe” version of any PopCap games, Plushies, or Netbook. For these cool freebees, who wouldn’t want to use some of these tricks and get ahead of everyone? I knew you’d be interested. Keep reading then.

Coins and Boosts

This is the newest addition and can help in improving your overall game. Coins are easy to earn as they come with the yellow gems in the game. You can easily collect them during the “Last Hurrah” while the game is on, so don’t rush to get them first. Plus, these coins can be used to buy boosts, “powerups” which last for next 3 games. These powers are…

  • Mystery Gem – helps give you a random special gem from the beginning of the game.
  • Detonators – they are like “Last Hurrah”, but can be triggered at any time in your game to clear out an entire belt of special gems.
  • Reshufflers – will give you a chance to clear up the board if you get stuck somewhere.
  • Five More Seconds – gives you five more seconds.
  • Multiplier Kickstarts – gives you a multiplier gem from the beginning of the game, so your score can increase more quickly.
  • Moonstone – gives you one-game advantage with 3 (row and column) star gems.

Strategies to Apply

As the game is only a minute long game (or short, whatever you may call it), it’s pretty descent to play. It’s a great variation from the original Bejeweled version. But there are certain tricks that you should keep in mind while playing the game.

  • First and foremost, download the free trial version and get 50,000 coins without making any purchase. Just log in to your Facebook account and redeem the coins.
  • Start playing the game before you are prompted the “Go” signal. You’ll get a 2 or 3 second head start before the voice says “Go”.
  • While the explosions are going on due to the hypercubes and other gems, keep playing the game. The screen will become dark, but keep matching the gems even when the explosions are on.
  • As you move the gems while other gems are falling in their place, you will earn a speed demon multiplier.
  • Another way to score a whopping score is to destroy a total 10 gems at a time. This way, you’ll score a “Point Multiplier” because of the cascading gems.
  • As you started playing before the “Go” prompt, keep playing even when the game is over. With the last few seconds remaining in the game, you can easily score few more points in the last move.
  • Play with the sound turned off. At times, the sound effects and voices can distract you while playing. You can easily focus on the game when the sound is off.
  • To create “Hypercubes”, “Flame” and “Star Gems”, go for 4 or 5 gems at a time. This will create larger explosions, give more points and more chances for extra “Multiplier Gems”.
  • The first move in the game should concentrate on making a power gem. Take both power gems, bring them together within the initial 5-10 seconds to score big.
  • One of the important tips while playing the game is to make combinations on one side of the board. Quickly look on the other side of the board to remove any blocks from occurring.
  • Try grouping colors/gems together instead of going for single 3 gem combinations.

Bottom line – play as swiftly as you can and give the game the best you can. Finally, the only other cheat I can give you now is that play on a laptop or PC that’s fast enough, with good memory, and powerful Internet connection. Close all other browsing windows and programs while playing the game. And if you have a bad game going on, just keep playing. This will give you all the practice you need to get better next time.

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