Best Cydia Apps for the iPad That are Seriously Irresistable

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Best Cydia Apps for iPad

Now that Evasi0n has launched its Untethered 6.1.2 jailbreak, it is time to check out a range of best Cydia apps for the iPad. The following apps will allow users to customize their jailbroken iOS devices the way they want. All the names mentioned should work fine on devices updated with iOS 6 and future versions.

If you’ve freshly jailbroken your iPad, you would probably want to load it up with some of the best jailbreak Cydia tweaks and apps. Cydia offers thousands of apps for the iPad which aren’t available on the App Store. These apps give the device a new look altogether and also makes it capable of doing some amazing things. The following apps are specifically designed keeping in mind the iPad’s screen resolution, so install them soon and come to terms with redefining flexibility in your iOS device.

The following applications should work fine on the iPad 2 and future versions.


BTC Mouse and Trackpad Cydia Tweak

This tweak is specifically helpful for those who need to type long e-mails. The typing interface of the iPad is pretty awesome but sometimes users do miss the good-old mouse when it comes browsing and copying or writing large amounts of data. Installing this tweak is another great way to have better control of the device; the user is free to do a lot of things and can easily connect to a Bluetooth mouse and trackpads which make the iPad more user-friendly.


iFile helps the user to handle his/her file storage more efficiently. Viewing and changing locations of various types of files such as movies, sound, text, PDF, Microsoft types, HTML and various compressed formats becomes easy. This app also comes with a wireless server feature so that all the data can be accessed through another device through Wi-Fi.


A must have app for the iPad, Activator allows users to set up different gestures with the press of a button. Users also have the option of downloading third-party Activator extensions to perform various activities. Activator has been on the Cydia market for a long time but its popularity has only exceeded with time.


For users who are too bored playing with the ‘slide to unlock’ feature, they can now happily unlock their iPad in different animations. The most preferred is called ‘slice to unlock’ in which the screen is sliced into 9 categories by the Home Screen. A number of animations are expected in the future.


For users who want to run apps specifically designed for iPhone on the iPad without encountering the fuzzy and pixelated graphics, RetinaPad is one app that can prove helpful. It works fine with any application with the 2x mode and displays crisp graphics without pixilation.



It feels awkward if a jailbroken iPad doesn’t have WinterBoard installed. This famous application is the probably the first choice of any user who wants to change the entire look of his/her jailbroken iPad. WinterBoard allows the user to download and install thousands of themes which help your iPad gain a much-needed makeover.


The EmojiPro Cydia tweak allows the user to add more than 300 hidden icons on the Emoji keyboard. Users can now insert these amazing symbols in notes and messages and make typing even more fun and interactive. This tweak is not compatible with other Cydia apps that require root permission to function.


For users who want to enjoy unlimited access to some outstanding movies and videos, UnlimVideos is the ideal choice. It provides almost 7000 movie titles, an amazing collection of videos to download and the option of viewing them without downloading. A good choice for movie lovers.


MewSeek is another useful app for searching, downloading and streaming live music at impressive speeds. To enable faster downloads, the application uses Wi-Fi or 3G connection. It also has the ability to place the downloaded songs in the internal music library without the help of iTunes or any external device.


For all those who love assigning different ringtones for different people, MusicBox can prove a wise choice. It is an extremely useful application and users can find almost any ringtone that they need. All they need to do is download that ringtone and assign it to the specific contact.


Temple Run 2

The first Temple Run was a phenomenal success crossing over 170 million downloads. Now, it is pretty obvious that its sequel should be a step ahead and should redefine the concept of mobile gaming. Well, the sequel sure did that. Temple Run 2 provides users with beautiful new graphics, impressive game-play, more powerups, achievements, and special powers for each character. This endless running game definitely succeeds in providing endless fun.


Probably the most downloaded game on the App Store, FIFA 2013 is presently the best FIFA game on the iOS. The game-play features 30 leagues, 500 teams and more than 11,000 players to choose from and also offers an Online Multiplayer Mode to compete with friends and other football fans from all-over the world.

Temple Run: Brave

From Imangi, the makers of the highly successful Temple Run and Disney comes a new name in the list of endless running games. Join Merida on an endless running adventure by sliding, running, jumping and shooting targets in the wilderness of Scotland.

Angry Birds Star Wars

Not mentioning Angry Birds would seen unfair, since its release it has been one of the most downloaded games on the iOS. Now join the Angry Birds in the legendary Star Wars Universe and help them win over the evil Pigtroopers by advancing through all the stages. Use Blasters, lightsabers and various Jedi powers to defeat the enemy and also improve the skills of the birds after every level.

Words with Friends

Install, play and learn why millions of people are addicted to Words with Friends. Hailed as the Multiplayer Game of the Year by many publications and critics, Words with Friends is played in a manner similar to Scrabble and is currently one of the most entertaining games on the iOS platform. It allows the user to play almost 20 games simultaneously and it also has a chat feature which allows opponents to exchange messages.



The best and most preferred Cydia app for enhancing the security of the iPad. iProtect locks up all contacts, dial logs, private photos, videos, important files, and applications. It also boasts an Anti-theft system with Simcard lock and locater.


Privacy refrains apps from collecting information about the device or its location. It can be turned ‘ON’ and ‘OFF’ from the Settings panel. When ON, it allows developers to collect data and if OFF, it blocks them from doing so. For people who are extremely private and wouldn’t like anyone keeping a track of their iPad activities, this app is especially designed for them.

Firewall iP

Another great security tool which allows the user to block outgoing connections. Firewall iP analyzes the installed applications and warns the user if a developer tries to establish a connection through the app. It also displays the developer’s name and it is the user who decides whether he/she wants to allow or deny the connection.

Privacy Mode

Privacy Mode is the ideal choice for people who prefer browsing the web without leaving a trace. Users can download this app and toggle ‘Private Browsing’ without any fret.



For millions who use Google Maps over the Apple ones and are frequent travelers, MapsOpener is a must have application as it helps the iPad to search location by opening different map links in Google Maps.


A great app for any iPad user, FullForce works best for apps which are not modified for the display format of the iPad. Remember, that there are certain apps which are compatible with FullForce and it manipulates them into thinking that they were designed for a larger display.


Known as the ultimate iOS cleaning app, iCleaner deletes cookies, cache files and browsing history to free up the excess space of the device. It also scans through all the installed apps and removes only the unnecessary files which are irrelevant to the user and can be safely deleted. Another great feature of iCleaner is that it can be launched from any application.


For people who have clouded up the iPad memory with apps that are not required, deleting such apps can be quite a task. Rather than taking the long road through Cydia, users can opt for CyDelete which removes useless apps with just a click. In simple words, CyDelete allows the user to uninstall Cydia packages directly from the Home Screen.

FullScreen for iPad

The FullScreen is simple but an extremely useful app. It allows the user to view web pages in a full-screen mode and provides customizable gestures including two and three finger swipes, double tab, three finger tab, etc. etc. There is plenty of exploration to do once the user has installed FullScreen.


FolderEnhancer gives you countless options of managing files in the iOS folders. Users can have folders within folders, have unlimited icons in a folder, folders can be created on the dock and the user can even change the appearance and behavior of the folders.

Springtomize 2

Sprintomize acts as the creative control-center for the iPad. It allows the user to customize the Springboard and even modify the tiniest features of the iPad. With Springtomize 2, the user can give the iPad a new face whenever he/she desires.

There are so many applications in the Cydia market, it is obvious that I have missed out on some. However, if you guys really think that there are some applications that really deserve a place on the iPad home screen, please name them and I will try to feature them soon.

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