A2DP Bluetooth Headset

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A2DP Bluetooth Headset

Bluetooth headsets are becoming more popular every month, and manufacturers are now providing as many features as possible. Streaming live music online is the latest fad in this industry, and here are some headsets that are capable of this.

A2DP stands for Advanced Audio Distribution Profile, and this is a technology that is used for streaming music between two devices that are synced over a Bluetooth connection. The most common use of A2DP is in Bluetooth headsets that are synced with mobile phones. The Internet connection on the phone allows the streaming of music, and these audio files are then transmitted to the mono or the stereo headset, thus allowing the user to listen to streamed music on the headset with ease.

All the mobile operating systems that are in use today support A2DP streaming, and this has added to the popularity of Bluetooth headsets. Now one can receive and talk on calls on it, and even listen to live music and control it with some advanced headsets that offer music controls. Initially, technology speculators were a bit skeptical about the advantages of A2DP on mono headsets, but the wide use and popularity of this feature has convinced them that people owning mono headsets would like this feature as well.

Best Bluetooth Headsets with A2DP

Jabra was one of the first headset brands to provide this feature, and still make the most popular headsets that are sold in the market today. People who buy headsets solely for listening to music will find Bluetooth stereo headsets with music controls very useful, whereas people who use their headsets more for phone conversations will prefer the light-weight mono headsets. Either of these types will come equipped with A2DP technology now, so streaming music and listening to it without the need for separate earphones is a thing of the past now.

Mono Headsets with A2DP

Mono headsets are those which are planted over only one ear. While they are great for people who talk on the phone a lot. Due to their lightweight nature and comfortable portability, they are slightly less accustomed for people who like to listen to music. Music lovers prefer headsets that cover both ears, but this does not mean that mono headsets cannot be used for A2DP streaming as well.

Headset Bluetooth Version Description Price
Jabra Stone Bluetooth 2.1 Offers a comfortable over-the-ear design that is coupled with some sleek designing and useful portability. While it fits only the right ear, this limitation must not stop one from purchasing this top of the line headset with A2DP streaming. The Jabra Extreme is another worthwhile candidate in this series. $45 – $125
Samsung WEP870 Bluetooth 2.0 You get a set of earphones along with this mono headset, so it can be used as a stereo headset as well. The sound quality is immense, and you also get a small OLED display for better functionality. All in all, an economical choice that is extremely versatile as well. $39 – $59
BlueAnt Q1 Bluetooth 2.1 The sound quality offered is magnificent, and you also get excellent voice controls for a variety of tasks. Music streaming is seamless, and the additional music controls make this a great choice for someone looking for a Bluetooth headset that offers great features. $25 – $99
Aliph Jawbone Prime Bluetooth 2.1 The additional features of wind-canceling technology and noise-canceling technology make this headset very useful. The design is very stylish as well, and it fits very comfortably over any ear. While the singular volume control button limits functionality a bit, it does look extremely stylish. $49 – $129
Plantronics Discovery 975 Bluetooth 2.0 This is one of the few headsets that offers a battery indicator, and its wind resistance and noise resistance is pretty good too. You get a multi-functional button that saves space, but can get a bit confusing at times. In spite of its strained button, the headset is very stylish and sleek. $69 – $129

Stereo Headsets with A2DP

Stereo headsets are those which cover both ears, so they are ideally suited for people who listen to music a lot. Other aspects like noise-canceling technology and music equalizers also come into play here, since music lovers want the best possible audio output. Here are some popular stereo headsets that allow A2DP streaming as well.

Headset Bluetooth Version Description Price
BlueAnt X5 Bluetooth 2.0 This is a complete mobile communications accessory that offers versatile features for users. The headset can be connected to a range of Bluetooth enabled devices, and A2DP streaming works like a charm. $35
Motorola HT820 Bluetooth 2.1 Offering reliable battery life and advanced ergonomics, this headset from Motorola is ideal for music lovers. Background noise is rendered negligible, and you can also get a 3.5mm accessory cable along with this when the battery runs out. $79
Plantronics Voyager 855 Bluetooth 2.1 You get easy to use music and call controls with this headset, and the unique AudioIQ noise reduction technology works wonders for music lovers. The headset is also very durable and works perfectly in any weather condition. $75
Altec Lansing BackBeat 903 Bluetooth 2.0 For people who talk on the phone, this headset provides a useful OpenMic button. For music lovers this headset provides a bass-boost feature and the optimal AudioIQ technology as well, thus making it ideal for any type of user. $65
IOGEAR GBMH211W6 Bluetooth 2.0 Offering a wireless range up to 33 feet, this stereo headset is everything that a stereo headset should be. Music controls work seamlessly, the noise canceling technology works faultlessly, and all this can be bought at a very reasonable price. $30

With the help of these top Bluetooth headsets you can carry out A2DP streaming from a variety of sources like Pandora Radio, Stereo Mood etc. As long as you have an Internet connection on your mobile phone and the phone is synced with the headset, listening to streamed music will be the simplest task for you.

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