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How to Expand the Range of a Wireless Router

Omkar Phatak Jan 26, 2019
Physical obstructions like walls and signal damping, can limit the range of a router. Here are some ways in which you can expand the range.
Wireless networking has made an unplugged Internet experience possible. The electronic device, that has made this possible, is the wireless router. These devices are easy to install and set up. However, most homes, that are equipped with a wireless Internet access facility, face range problems.
A router is the central point, around which a wireless network is built. It is a specialized networking device, that integrates multiple networks, besides providing wireless Internet access. Check out reviews extensively, before opting for one, that is suitable for your requirements.
The best router will be the one that offers high data transfer speeds and excellent security features, besides offering an extended range. Make a detailed range comparison before choosing one. If you have already bought one and have recently realized that its range is inadequate for your purpose, then you need not despair.

What Determines the Range?

A router is a radio transceiver that provides Internet access through transmission of signals over the air. What decides the range, is its transmitting power. It is decided by how powerful a transmitter is installed in the device.
The transmitting power and the number of antennas decide the range. The more powerful the signal, longer will it be transmitted, before it damps out.
It is also determined by the frequency of transmission, that is used by a router. A dual-band one, with two transmission frequencies, will ensure faster communication. Opt for the 802.11n wireless networking standard, which offers the longest range and the highest transmission speeds currently.

Ways of Expanding the Range

There are many ways of expanding wireless network range, beyond its existing limits. Here are some of the most simplest ways.

Change Position

One reason for your range problem is physical obstruction due to walls. Position your router in such a position, that it is least obstructed by physical barriers like walls. This will certainly improve the range.

Change Transmission Power Settings

Your router has transmission power settings that let you control its range. Increasing this transmission power will easily extend the range substantially. Refer manual for more details.

Use a Repeater

Another way of expanding the range is by using a repeater device. These devices are like relays. They receive the signal transmitted by a router and retransmit it with higher power. This extends the range of your network, beyond its inherent limits.

Use a Range Extender

Another device that you could use, to extend the range, is a wireless range extender. They are devices that need to be attached to your router. They amplify the signal strength of the device, to extend the range. They are also known as range boosters or signal boosters.

Install a More powerful Antenna

There are wireless booster antennas available in the market, that can expand the range of any wireless network. Just replace the existing router antenna, with a more powerful one. This is the simplest way of boosting the signal strength.
Implementation of any of these solutions can guarantee a range extension. It is all a matter of enhancing the transmission power of the router. Check out the range offered, before you purchase it. See to it that it is adequate for your home or office coverage area. This will eliminate the need for extra components, to enhance the range later.