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Wireless Router

Rita Putatunda Feb 1, 2019
A wireless router is a great way to access the Internet from practically anywhere, without having to deal with messy wires. This write-up will provide some information about it.
Even while reading this, you are most probably sitting in front of a computer that is confined to a particular part of your home (say your bedroom or living room). However, what if you want to use a laptop or computer to access the Internet, from anywhere in your home? That's where a wireless router comes into play.


A wireless router is basically a network device that lets you connect several computers to the Internet without the use of cables.
It works on the technology of wireless access points or WLAN. In essence, routers allow the freedom of several users to be able to access the Internet. Plus, they also free you from messy wires.


This networking device works using signals that have the same radio frequency range as the wireless network card installed in the PC. The significant feature of this exchange of signal is that, both the devices function on the same radio frequency range, thus allowing the transmission of data to-and-fro between them.
Being an intelligent device, it can determine whether a signal needs to be transmitted to a local computer on the intranet or to the Internet.
The signal strength depends on the manufacturer of the device and the Internet Service Provider (ISP). A wireless network has the added functionality of providing security with firewalls, keys, filters, etc.


To set it up, all you need to do is connect it to your Internet connection and install the drivers in your system. When you purchase this device you get the following: a user manual, driver installation disc, instructions, and setup guide. Simply follow the instructions given in them.


1. Portability: One can roam around and still stay connected to the Internet as long as he/she is within the signal range radius of the router.

2. Hassle-free: There is no need of wires and other physical media. Air is the transport medium.

3. Multiple Connections: It allows many users to connect simultaneously.
4. User-friendly: The installation and setup process is very easy.

5. VoIP: One can connect to the Internet, using any ordinary phone and make calls via the Internet connection.


1. Bandwidth Issue: A wireless network shared by many users of a particular area has a low bandwidth. This is felt the most while transferring multimedia applications or huge files.
2. Initial Setup: It is difficult to set up wireless networks since the installation of wires to the access points requires a lot of coordination and time. Maintenance and proper care is needed from time to time.
Before buying one, it would be best to check out the reviews about various brands available in the market. There are many reliable and well-known ones such as Belkin, Netgear, Linksys, ASUS, etc.