Windows 7 Sidebar Missing – What to Do?

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Windows 7 Sidebar Missing - What to Do?

How can you bring back the Windows 7 sidebar that has gone missing? Read to find out all about it.

One of the best things about Microsoft’s Windows operating system is its gorgeous GUI. I think one of the reasons why Windows succeeded, where other operating systems failed, is its user-friendly and stylish graphic interface. One of the recently introduced features in Windows Vista was the sidebar, which was hugely popular among many users. However, if you have upgraded to the latest version, you will notice the sidebar to have gone missing.

Well, let me first clear out the reason why that has happened. There never was a sidebar in Windows 7, for it to disappear. The OS brought in many sweeping changes and improvements, and among the many things that were removed, there was the sidebar feature too. Windows 7 bid adieu to a lot many features and programs including Windows photo gallery and Windows Mail. These changes were made because of the introduction of the new Aero Desktop feature.

However, the fact that the sidebar is missing doesn’t mean that you cannot use gadgets. They are still there and you can access them without the need of a sidebar. Only, they are no longer relegated to the sideline on a side bar. In fact, there are many new gadgets that you can take advantage of.

How to Use Gadgets Despite Missing Sidebar?

One of the reasons for the missing sidebar might be the interference with Aero desktop program. However, you will be pleased to know that while relinquishing the sidebar, Windows 7 allows for gadgets to be placed anywhere on the desktop. Earlier, in Windows Vista, they were confined exclusively to the side bar. Let us see how to use the gadgets in Windows 7.

All that you have to do is click on the start button and type ‘Gadgets’ in the search bar. Immediately, as you type it, a list of search results will appear. Click on the ‘Gadgets’ icon that gets displayed and a window will open, displaying all the available gadgets.

This includes some of the top gadgets like clock, a calendar, weather, CPU meter, and slide show gadget. All you must do is select the ones that you want and drag them right onto the desktop, using your mouse. You can place them anywhere you want on the desktop. Some of the gadgets might need customization. That is the simplest way of adding them to your Aero desktop.

However, if you are too nostalgic about the sidebar feature, there are many applications developed as substitutes. These are third-party applications which you can download and separately install on Windows, that can provide you with the sidebar functionality. Try it out, or change with the times and use the new gadget scheme.

Although, you find the sidebar to be missing, the gadgets feature is still there and as demonstrated above, you can use it. Use the gadgets and enhance the utility of your Windows desktop.

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