Wii Dance Games

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Wii Dance Games

There are so many games for the Nintendo Wii, but which ones allow you to dance to your heart’s content? To learn some great rhythm Wii games, scroll below.

If only you could go to the coolest clubs and dance the night away, any time you felt like… wait a minute! With a Wii, you can. For jitterbugs, kids and closet dancers, unleash the Saturday night fever in your home, with a Wii dance game. Equipped with the latest and happening songs, different playing modes and fun features, rhythm and dance games have become a very popular video game genre. They allow for easy and fun exercising, aside from the standard Wii fitness games available.

Dance Games for the Wii Game Console

Here are some of the latest and best Wii dance games, so you can pick the right title to boogie with.

  • Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party 2: The ultimate title in a Wii dance games list. Have a dance party right at home with hopping club and trance mixes from the last four decades. An improvement on the first DDR Party title, this game supports 4 players in multi-player mode and a very sensitive and fun movement system, featuring the Wii Remote and the Nunchuk. Dance to be the best in the Battle mode and use special gimmicks and moves like Triple Stomp. This game has a dance mat included and your Mii avatars can be incorporated onto the DDR dance floor.
  • Dancing With The Stars: Dance as a celebrity or a professional, in the Wii version of the popular reality series. Thirty-six of the series official licensed songs (“She’s a Lady”, “Independent Women”) and 10 types of dances (Cha-Cha, Rumba) are present in this dance game. There are different levels of difficulty and the Wii Remote allows you to pull off special “flair” moves. A sequel “Dancing With The Stars: We Dance!” is also available with new songs, stars and dancers.
  • Just Dance 3: The latest entry in the very popular “Just Dance” Wii game series, Just Dance 3 offers new fun events for Wii dancing experts and an engaging dancing experience for newcomers. The dance track list features classic hits like “Video Killed the Radio Star” as well as new songs like “E.T”. You can have a dance quartet, where 4 players can boogie together or pair up and dance against other couples in the Hold My Hand mode.
  • ABBA: You Can Dance: Revisit the psychedelic dance scene of the 70s! Boogie to twenty-six ABBA classics like “Dancing Queen” or “Mamma Mia”, using your Wii. You can even sing along using the Karaoke mode and up to two extra players can join in. This Wii dance title is a must-have for die-hard ABBA fans and new listeners as well.
  • Michael Jackson: The Experience: Relive the popular dances and great music hits of the King of Pop, with this Wii dance game. With Michael Jackson avatar guiding you, follow the dance steps. In the Duo mode, dance as a pair, to songs like “This Girl is Mine”. And you can even dance with your own back-up dancers, in the Crew mode. Learn difficult and unique dance moves from videos and concerts in the Dance School. Lyrics are displayed on screen and up to4 players are allowed at a time.

Wii Dance Games for Kids

  • Happy Feet: Great songs, cute dancing penguins and a snowy landscape… fans of Mumble, the dancing penguin, will love this game’s title. Push the button on your Wii Remote in response to the dance arrows on the screen. Compete with friends in the multi-player mode. The original voice cast of the Happy Feet movie reprise their respective roles here. Take a break from dancing and play 2 other mini games, fishing and sledding.
  • Just Dance Kids: The “Just Dance” franchise has an exclusive kids version. Just Dance Kids has over 40 classic and popular song and dance combos, designed just for kids. From the “Chicken Dance” to “Mmmbop”, there are songs for kids of all ages. There are even tracks from popular artists like Justin Bieber. Up to 4 players are allowed in multi-player mode, and kid-friendly features allow for an easy and fun dancing experience. Who knows, you might find yourself boogieing along with the kids!
  • Dance Dance Revolution Disney Grooves: Disney and dancing go hand in hand. After all, all Disney songs, whether slow or fast, make you want to groove. So a dancing game, with eternal Disney classics like “Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah” and “Circle of Life”, and special dance pad controllers, is an epic Wii dance title for kids. Part of the Dance Dance Revolution franchise, this title has over 40 songs, up to 4 players allowed in multi-player mode and Disney icons like Mickey Mouse and Goofy to help your kids dance along.
  • High School Musical 3: Senior Year Dance: Of all the games in the world, this one is specially made for your tween and teen alike. Dance to songs from all three “High School Musical” films and as your favorite character, like Troy or Gabriella. Challenge your friends to a dance-off, and earn points to unlock songs, clothing and characters, by learning new dance moves. True fans will relish the trivia quizzes and jukebox mode, where you can just listen to the songs.

Dance games are very useful in keeping kids busy and active as opposed to shoot-em-up or racing video games. They are also a fun and interactive way to exercise. For shy disco bugs, who avoid public dance floors, plug in your Wii and choose from the range of Wii dance games available, to enjoy boogieing in private. With the multi-player option, you can dance away with friends, without even leaving the house. Dancing games are one type of video game genre, that gives a gamer, the “Whee” element in the Wii.

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