Which is Better? Pokemon Black or White

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Which is Better? Pokemon Black or White

The latest addition to the Pokemon series by Game Freak, Pokemon Black and White editions are perhaps the biggest. With 156 new Pokemon, getting ’em all is now tougher than ever. We explore what the game has to deliver than its predecessors and separate the Black and White versions from each other.

Out of the new 156 Pokémon, there are 3 that you won’t get by normal means. Apart from them, the rest are all strewn across the new landscape that is the district of Unova. Those who have played the older versions will find that the game has very little to offer in terms of difference from the older versions. You still have to choose your starter Pokémon, run around battling trainers, collecting badges and fighting off all the wicked evil-doers who like to wear the same uniforms. But to the hardcore Pokémaniacs, there are several ‘subtle’ differences that will definitely change the way the game is played as far as multiplayer modes are concerned.

Another factor is that all the Pokémon are new, so you’ll have to start all over again. All older Pokémon do come on the game after you finish the game, not before. You won’t be seeing the regular Pidgeys flying around stealing your cake. But, before you know, the game kind of grows on you. This time around, the storyline actually makes sense and the villains are not really, well, villainous (that’s what they tell you, anyway). They only want the liberation of all Pokémon from humans (something all Pokémon trainers might want to kill them for) and they are way tougher and smarter this time. There are no dumb Team Rocket henchmen trying to steal your Pokéballs, Team Plasma will make your gameplay all the more tougher.

Apart from the regular differences, all fans will want the answer to what’s different between the Black and White versions. The answer depends on the level of adoration for two factors you have in the game. They are subtle in their way, but make a huge difference if you’re preferential to a particular aspect of Pokémon gameplay.

What Separates Black from White

There are some major similarities like the 3 starter Pokémon and Victini, the exclusive Pokémon. Apart from them, there are several Pokémon that are different in both versions:

Pokémon White
Pokémon Name Evolved Forms Type
Petilil Lilligant Grass
Solosis Duosion » Reuniclus Psychic
Rufflet Braviary Normal Flying
Thundurus Electric Flying
Zekrom Dragon Electric

Pokémon Black
Pokémon Name Evolved Forms Type
Cottonee Whimsicott Grass
Gothita Gothorita » Gothitelle Psychic
Vullaby Mandibuzz Dark Flying
Tornadus Flying
Reshiram Dragon Fire
  • The main difference being the legendary Pokémon, all others follow the same character types. Closer observation reveals that Pokémon on either side are pretty different in terms of weight, defenses, attacks and character traits.
  • Apart from these Pokémon, you get different Pokémon on your Pokédex after the National Dex.
  • Also, there are the walking and surfing Pokémon that you’ll find in the White forest, which is exclusive to the White version. These Pokémon include older Pokémon like Rhyhorn, Nidoran (both genders), Oddish, Abra and many more. In Black, you may buy these, or finish the game and use the PokéTransfer (the Relocator).
  • Another difference is the battle style and difficulty in both versions. White has more triple battles than rotation battles, while Black has more rotation battles than triple battles.
  • The 8th Gym Leader you face will be different in both the two versions – it will be Iris in White and Drayden in Black in the Opelucid City Gym.
  • Perhaps the biggest difference in the two versions is the inclusion of two huge areas – The White Forest for Pokémon White and the Black City for Pokémon Black. The White Forest allows you to find rare items and rare and non-evolved Pokémon. In the Black City, you’ll have to buy what items you need and frequently battle rare and fully evolved Pokémon.

In conclusion, the ‘subtle’ differences that define both versions are loud enough to be heard for hardcore Pokémon addicts. If you love Pokémon battles, you’ll love Black. If you love exploration and the thrill of capturing wild Pokémon, White is the version for you. Whichever version you pick, you’ll find comfort in the fact that both include Vanillite, the ice-style ice-cream Pokémon! It always makes me hungry (Thank God it doesn’t rap…).

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