When is the New MacBook Pro Coming Out?

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When is the New MacBook Pro Coming Out?

Since the year has begun, most Apple loyalists can be heard murmuring, ‘When is the new MacBook Pro coming out?’ Well, is a new one even coming out this year? Let’s find out.

Before we even turn towards the when part, let’s first resolve the if doubt. I mean, before we get down to asking when is the new MacBook Pro coming out, shouldn’t we first try and find out the answer to is apple coming out with a new MacBook pro 2011? Well, we are a greedy bunch, aren’t we? I mean not just Apple aficionados or techno geeks – I mean humanity as a whole.

Just look at the way we are always expecting better stuff than what we have and hankering for newer possibilities, be it in micro terms of appliances, gadgets, personal situations, relationships, etc., to macro environmental situations like political developments, economic phenomenon and what not! Why, we have not even left good old space alone, what with all those man-made satellites and other stuff orbiting the planetary paths and creating traffic there too!

Whoa! I guess I got a little too carried away – starting with MacBook Pro and straying right into outer space is quite a leap, even if it is just a leap of thought! Anyway, coming back to planet Earth’s plane of geek-dom, let’s see how strong the possibilities of an upgraded MacBook Pro’s launch looks to be this year.

With strong rumors of the possibilities of the iPhone 5 getting released sometime soon this year, followed close on the heels by rumors of iPad2, a new iPhone version and iPhone OS 4.0 getting released this year, the air is charged with ions of expectation regarding the release of a new, upgraded version of the earlier MacBook Pro sometime soon this year. In fact, extremely reliable media sources have also confirmed a list of Apple products that are lined up for release this year and a new MacBook Pro is very much a part of that list! So, when is the new MacBook Pro coming out? Let’s find out!

When Will the New MacBook Pro Come Out (2011)?

By what most press releases and media sources have said so far, you wouldn’t have to wait till the last quarter or the very end of this year before you get your hands on a new, better and upgraded MacBook Pro model. Yes, while some sources claim that the release date for the brand new MacBook Pro model would fall somewhere in April 2011, a few sources appear a couple of tones more optimistic, predicting the release date to be just about a couple to three weeks away from now! Judging by the possibilities of the release of the newer versions of various other Apple products this year (as mentioned above), it only makes sense that we get to see a new MacBook Pro in the stores this year!

Now that your anticipations have been fairly fueled, you must be wondering what the MacBook Pro would have to offer over and above the existing MacBook Pro 2010 models. What should you expect from the latest Macbook Pro? Well, to begin with, the presumably upcoming model promises more hard disk space, almost as much as 640 GB! An extra 8 hours battery life is expected, adding yet another feather in the cap of MacBook Pro battery life. An additional 3 to 4 GB RAM is touted to be another of its upgrades, besides a better display of 15 and 17 inches. The processor would probably be the Intel “i” range, possibly i5 or i7.

Hence, as you can see from the above write-up, although no specific release date has been officially announced yet, a ‘sometime soon this year’ should, for the time being, put all questions regarding release date of the new MacBook Pro to rest. Till then, bask in the anticipations!

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