Best Subwoofer for the Money

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Best Subwoofer for the Money

A good subwoofer for your home / car is one that qualifies as the best on a checklist that includes performance, endurance and overall satisfaction. Learn about which sound system best suits your requirements.

Why walk into a movie theater and spend so much on tickets, when you can have that ultimate movie experience at home? Why pay so much to make it for a party, when you can bring the party home using your awesome set of subwoofers? It can produce the best sound when touring for concerts, or if you plan to set it up in your car or even if you’d like this in your very home – a subwoofer is just the thing for someone who lives off bass as their prime sound booster.

Ever notice how terrible audio sounds when treble is more amplified than bass? It is a such a downer when some music systems are built for imperfection, rather than the opposite. Compromising on quality is a big no-no. The best subwoofer in the market will leave you drooling when you hear a brand’s take on bass, built-in with technology that surpasses the ordinary.

Best Subwoofer Under $500 for Your Home

The best subwoofer that money can buy will not disappoint. If there’s one thing I love, is brutal, unforgiving, larger than life bass. Who wouldn’t love that kind of monstrosity? So for those who want the best in audio experience can check out these suggestions.

Yamaha YST-SW315 Digital Pro Series

The sound that this Yamaha subwoofer gives off is divided into its solid black structure into four portals that give off sound in four different directions much like that of a home theater system, and is powered by what is known as QD bass. It comes equipped with a power saving option which when kept idle and not playing from a source, can be set to function. It has a volume switch that is convenient for audio manipulation as well. It may not be a powerful set of woofers or considered the best but it is definitely deemed as a great buy for its audio quality; the choice is yours.

Mirage Omni-S8

This piece of technology has a unique feature called the ribbed elliptical surround, which cancels out the effects of reverberation and noise. Customers find this reasonably priced for something that can be equally matched for subwoofers priced at much higher ranges. It ticks off on everything that a good subwoofer should have in terms of quality, reasonable price, easy setup and user-friendliness, which is hard to come by in models. It comes complete with a down firing driver, which Yamaha has as well, with a high pass filter, a 400 watt amplifier and a phase knob.

Aperion Intimus S-10

Unlike the previous speaker built-in at 8 inches, this one takes it two steps ahead, being 10 inches in size with a 200 watt amplifier, with the power to intimidate. Its bulky size weighs in at about 52 pounds, and is definitely an investment to hold on to if you were to choose this gargantuan beauty for your source of entertainment.

Definitive Technology ProSub 800

This guy is eight inches high, and runs on a frequency of 20Hz-150-Hz with a 300 watt amplifier intact. It was created to give one the feeling of a good surround system effect when hooked up to an audio source, and is one of those modernized looking subwoofers that look tame; don’t let its not-so intense exterior fool you. It also utilizes an eight inch infrasonic radiator.

Klipsch Synergy Series Sub-12

For those looking to get knocked unconscious can take advantage of what Klipsch has to offer, which qualifies as one the best woofers thus far among others. It comes equipped with a 12 inch down firing drive, a frequency running on 40-120Hz, with 650 watts of mouth gaping power. It was built for sound, keeping audio quality and bass boosts in mind; you be the judge. Why not have this bad boy hooked up to your car audio system, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Best Subwoofer Under $200 for Cars

Subwoofers can also be placed snuggly within a car’s niches, where you can set these up in the back of your car behind the seats, or in the trunk. These subwoofers are great for those who like to cruise down a street listening to their favorite music tracks within the comfortable confines of their car, or for those long road trips that require a good set of speakers. Even if you have a mini TV set up in your car (or the kind that is wedged into the back of seat headrests), the sound quality will be welcomed for such an interior.

JL Audio 10W3v3

The sheer power of this subwoofer can actually make you go deaf with its Hulk-esque sound quality. Literally. People who want to get a hold of these mean subwoofers have to bear in mind that these speakers are no ordinary set. The music played through these offers an experience that is surreal, being the best there is in the market for those who want these up and functioning in their cars. The bass is clean and the quality is unmatchable by any brand in the market. It’s perfection hasn’t gone unnoticed of course by those who’ve tried and tested its specs. The subwoofer requires that customers buy an amplifier to power the speaker, being component subs that require this enhancement. The sound ranges from 25Hz-200Hz, with a power capability of 1000 watts (although it is advised to stick to 500 watts for long-term safety and endurance).

Kicker – Comp 12″ Single-Voice-Coil 4-Ohm Subwoofer

This car speaker has been making waves among those who know of its kind. It can take on 300 watts of power, belting out audio quality that is quick in adjusting to the extremes and lows of a track, while amping all the right spots. It comes with a ribbed polyfoam that is made to endure lasting performance, with a 360° back bracing that cancels out on distorting elements. It is built to please, where customers will find that this is not only easy to install but quite convenient a size to fit into any kind of car space. When scouring the market, be sure to also look up its meaner twin – the Kicker – CompVR 12″ Dual-Voice-Coil 2-Ohm Subwoofer.

Alpine SWR-1023D

As reasonably priced as these are, they are still in the lead when it comes to the best there is in the market. The bass is incredible and will leave anyone breathless when it comes to an experience that Alpine most certainly delivers every single time. It snags onto every bass line and hidden sound production, giving it the kind of quality that is impressive for its low cost. The range of frequency an Alpine produces falls between 26Hz-200Hz, with a power of 600 watts as part of its RMS continuous power, that stretches up to 1800 watts on support power and even solo (for long-term durable efficiency, keep the woofers’ power running at 600 watts).

Other powerful subwoofers worth checking into include:

Fierce Audio – XED 12″ Dual Ported Subwoofer Enclosure

Kicker – CompVR 10″ Dual-Voice-Coil 2-Ohm Subwoofer
Polk Audio – 8″ Single-Voice-Coil 2-Ohm Subwoofer with Enclosure
Rockford Fosgate P3D210
Clarion – WQ Series 12″ Dual-Voice-Coil 4-Ohm Subwoofer
Kicker – CompVR Series 8″ Dual-Voice-Coil 2-Ohm Subwoofer
Infinity – Kappa 10″ Single-Voice-Coil 4-Ohm Subwoofer

A top-notch subwoofer is the kind that can guarantee a performance that calls for an encore every single time. It’s the next best thing to a concert or movie theater experience, and when all that power is packed into your home or car, there really is no room for complaints.

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