When is the New iPhone Coming Out?

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When is the New iPhone Coming Out?

Eager to find out when is the new iPhone coming out? While Apple―as always―has refrained from making any official announcement about the next-generation iPhone release, the buzz is that the much-awaited device is just a couple of days away from us.

If rumors are to be believed, the new iPhone will be unveiled at Apple’s September 10 media event, and will be up for grabs later this month.

Over the last few years, the Apple iPhone has come up as one of the most famous brands in the world, which explains why people have their eyes set on the next iteration release date, long before the company actually announces the same. A mere look at the first-month sales figures of every model released till date speaks volumes on how eager people are to own this device, and that too, at the earliest. Things are not much different this time around, with thousands of individuals trying their best to get some inside scoop on when the new iPhone is coming out, and we, mind you, are no exception.

When is the New iPhone Coming?

Looking at the Apple products’ timeline will make you notice that the company follows a particular trend when it comes to product releases. In case of the iPhone, there is roughly a yearlong break between two iterations. The same is of strategic importance as it is long enough to allow the product to settle down and short enough to make way for the next-generation model at the right time. So, even if the end user gets bored with it, the next-generation device will make sure that his loyalty doesn’t shift.

Going by this yearlong-break logic, the next iPhone should be coming out within a couple of days as the last iPhone, i.e., the iPhone 5, was unveiled roughly around a year ago on September 12, 2012. That, however, is not the only reason why the rumor mill is abuzz with next-generation iPhone rumors. The rumors about this device have primarily been fueled by the company’s September 10 media event, all the leaked pictures of the alleged device flooding the cyberspace, insider’s scoop, and even the blacking out of employee holidays by some service providers.

Apple has already begun sending press invites for it 10 September event, which will be held at the Apple Campus in Cupertino. The invite, featuring bright multicolored dots, reads “This should brighten everyone’s day.” Again, based purely on what we have seen in the past, if Apple does unveil the next iPhone on September 10, then the same should be up for grabs by the third week of September. Interestingly, the chances of this being true have been boosted by service providers like AT&T and T-Mobile declaring employee holiday blackouts during this period.

All the rumors about the iPhone 5S have also been fueled time and again by numerous leaked pictures and inside sources. While it’s difficult to evaluate the credibility of these pictures and sources, one cannot deny the fact that there is some logic to the sequence of events that all these rumors suggest. At the same time, Apple will also have its eyes on Samsung’s Unpacked 2013 event, wherein it is expected to announce the Galaxy Note 3 and a smartwatch.

What to Expect From the New iPhone?

If rumors are to be believed, Apple is all set to unveil not one, but two phones at its upcoming event on September 10: the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. The much-touted Apple iPhone 6, on the other hand, is expected to be released in 2014. If rumors afloat are to be believed, the new iPhone will have an upgraded processor, iOS 7, a fingerprint sensor, an 8-megapixel camera with dual LED flash, and a bigger battery. Similarly, the chances of a 128GB iPhone 5S cannot be ruled out. In fact, Apple is also expected to think beyond the traditional white and black colors this time around.

While iPhone 5S will be the successor of the current iPhone, iPhone 5C will be Apple’s attempt to woo budget users. It’s highly unlikely that a company of Apple’s stature will bring out a ‘new’ device with old software. However, if Apple is to introduce it with the budget tag, it will have to cut down on the specifications front. So, iPhone 5C may not have the full-fledged version of iO7 like iPhone 5S, or storage capacity at par with the latter. Some sources even suggest that the 5C variant will have a plastic case as opposed to aluminum cases in recent models.

Some people prefer to keep their cards close to their chest. Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, seems to be one of them. Last year, at the D10 conference, Cook went to the extent of saying that the company was “… going to double down on secrecy on products.” With nothing coming from the horse’s mouth as of now, we are left with no option but to rely on rumors, and if rumors are to go by, the new iPhone is just a couple of days away.

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