What to Do if Your iPod Won’t Turn On

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What to Do if Your iPod Won't Turn On

This Techspirited article provides you with some easy ways to fix your iPod when it won’t turn on. These simple tips will troubleshoot your iPod without having to dismantle it.

The First iPod

The first generation of iPod was launched by Apple in October 2001. It had a mechanical scrolling wheel and came with a capacity of either 5 GB or 10 GB.

Out of many multimedia players available in the market, Apple’s iPod is one of the best. It is known for its great sound quality and battery backup. However, you might have also heard someone complaining about the iPod suddenly dying out or refusing to turn on. Actually, for most of the time, it is very easy to fix such issues. Here is what you can do when your iPod won’t turn on:

Check Hold Switch – Power up your iPod

The hold switch is located at either the top or the bottom of an iPod. Please make sure that the hold switch is in the OFF position. If it is in the ON position, then you’ll see an orange patch. To turn off the hold mode, slide the switch to a position where you can no longer see that orange patch. In simple words, we are making sure that you are powering up your iPod. It obviously won’t turn ON if it is powered off. Now, press any button to check if it has switched on.

Is the Battery Charged?

I am not trying to make fun of you, but sometimes we are too stressed to think about the obvious things. Does your iPod’s battery have enough charge to power it up? If you are not sure about the charge level of the battery, then plug it into an Apple Power Adapter or a USB port. Let it charge for 25-30 minutes, and then try to turn it on.

Clean its Terminals

Check for dust and lint lodged into the USB cable, the charging terminal of your iPod and the Power Adapter. Sometimes, dirt, debris or foreign objects might affect the charging process. Try charging with another charger/cable if possible.

Reset Your iPod

No, there is no need to worry about data loss. ‘Resetting’ is Apple’s fancy term for a ‘Restart’. So, you won’t lose your stuff, when you reset your iPod. In many cases, an operating system crash is the main culprit behind your iPod’s inability to turn itself on. A reset should fix it in most of the cases.
Follow these instructions at Apple Support website to reset your iPod.

After a successful reset, your iPod will be back to normal functioning state. If it still doesn’t turn on, then a restore might be required. To be able to restore any iDevice, you first have to put it into recovery mode. The recovery mode is used for altering system files, and also for installing the latest iOS version on Apple devices. Follow the below-mentioned steps to put your iPod into recovery mode:

  1. Press and hold the Home button.
  2. While holding down the Home button, connect your iPod to the computer where you sync it regularly.
  3. You can release the Home button when you see the iTunes icon, and a USB cable on your iPod’s display.
  4. Go to iTunes, click on the name of your iPod, click on Summary, and then click on Restore. Your device will be upgraded to the latest version of iOS available at that time, and it will also be wiped clean. After the successful installation of the latest iOS version, you will be asked to restore your iPod using a previous backup (if you made any). Wait till the sync is complete.

The above tips would restore your iPod to normal working state, most of the time. If they don’t, then we advise you to visit your nearest Genius Bar/Apple Support Center.

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