What to Consider When Buying a Mirror TV

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What to Consider When Buying a Mirror TV

Are you among those, who despise going for a bath, especially when a favorite sport/serial is being aired on television? Fret no more, for your prayers have been answered. Here is an innovative tool that will help you multitask even while you are in your bathroom.

Ask and you shall receive, seek and you will find solutions to all problems. A world of wonder comes alive in the form of technology, name it and you have someone working on it. Imagine walking into your room, with a mirror that reflects a flawless image, while, on the press of a button it comes alive with your favorite channel. Hey wait, it’s no more an object of fantasy but a realistic gadget born from technology. Mirror TVs were originally designed for luxury hotels and spas but with the increasing demand for it, mirror TVs have been made available to the general public. Have a look at some of the features of the mirror TV to know more about this object of envy.

Buying a Mirror TV

What is a Mirror TV

Concept •Mirror TV is a highly advanced gadget, used to adorn your wall or dressing table or highlight your office.
•Mirror TV is true to its name, it basically is a two-way polarized mirror which has an embedded LCD TV mounted at the back.
•The polarized mirror allows viewing of the TV when it is switched on, while otherwise it serves as a flawless mirror.
Features •It has integrated features like ATSC digital tuners, complete touch screen facility, web-enabled, tamper-proof mirror.
•Add to it, the TV can be mounted in bathrooms and (wait till you read this), even in the bathtub!
•Its fog-free glass enables you to view your favorite sport or serial even while soaking in your bathtub.
Utility •The mirror TV serves as a visual treat, enhancing the appeal of your room.
•The hidden TV technology works wonders when you want to add an element of surprise to your room.
•To up the element of intrigue, try the table TV, or go in for the cabinet variety for your kitchen.

Things to Consider When Buying a Mirror TV

Quality •Do not compromise on the quality of your electronic devices.
•Make a survey of all the models of mirror TVs before you finally decide on buying one.
•It is best to go in for a trusted or favorite brand, when you decide to purchase a mirror TV.
Size •Mirror TVs come in different sizes, go in for one that makes optimum use of the space you want to use it for.
•The size of your TV should be proportional to the size of the room you wish to use it in.
•Remember, it is a mirror as well as a TV and hence, choose the size wisely.
Color •The color of the mirror TV can be adapted to suit the decor of your room. Go in for the classic black for the kitchen cabinet.
•Silver mirror TV will add to the beauty of your bathroom.
•Go in for the pearl white mirror TV for the master bedroom.
Cost •Mirror TVs range anywhere between US $2000 to $10000, depending on the size of the mirror you choose.
•Waterproof mirror TVs may be a tad too expensive as compared to the regular ones.
•Additional features will definitely increase the cost of the TV.

Reasons to Buy a Mirror TV

  • You definitely should go in for a mirror TV, because it is slimmer and thankfully, lighter than other LCD and Plasma TVs.
  • Besides, it can be easily mounted on walls, like you do for a flat screen TV.
  • Its dual function and waterproof mirrors, work wonders especially in a damp environment.
  • For those of you who are technology freaks, this will satiate your quest for tech-savvy gadgets.
  • Besides, its HD TV experience, and absolute flat screen will ensure it keeps you mesmerized.
  • It can be easily used as your bedside dresser. Besides, you can even hang it above the fireplace to reflect your fine taste.
  • All these features apart, the mirror TV is absolutely free of maintenance.

Purchasing a new TV just to up the visual appeal of your home can eat out of your pocket. But it can definitely add to the intrigue quotient, and enable you to flaunt your aesthetic sense. Besides, in a world of fast-changing paces, who doesn’t like the idea of being tech savvy!

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