New Features on the iPhone 4S with iOS 5

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New Features on the iPhone 4S with iOS 5

The new iPhone is here! If you’re thinking about getting one, check out the new features you’ll enjoy.

Whether you need the latest Apple has to offer or you’re just looking to upgrade an old phone, the iPhone 4S has just been released and it is Apple’s best phone yet. The new features and improved old features will have you playing with your phone for hours, and will bring your productivity to a new level. From a personal assistant to an improved camera to the iCloud, you have all sorts of new features to explore.


Siri is your virtual personal assistant that comes with your iPhone 4S. To activate Siri, just push and hold the home button until you hear the tone. Then, ask her your questions. You can ask her to find restaurants nearby, do a web search, read your new text messages, compose a text message, call someone on your contact list, add and edit appointments on your calendar, set a reminder, and much more. You can even ask her funny questions to see how she will respond. Try asking her what the best smartphone is. You might laugh at her answer! No matter what you ask her to do, Siri can help you get it done.

New and Improved Camera

The camera on the iPhone 4S is the best camera yet. There is a flash with this camera, so you can take pictures even in the dark. The 8-megapixel camera takes amazing photos, and will also shoot HD video. You can also crop, edit redeye, and enhance photos right from your photo stream. Finally, you no longer have to tap the screen to take a picture. You can just push the volume button, which makes it feel like a real camera.

iMessage and Twitter Integration

iMessage allows you to message other iOS 5 users for free from your iPhone. As text message prices skyrocket, this is a great feature. With this feature, you can also see when your messages have been delivered, read (if the recipient has read receipts enabled), and you can see when they are typing something back to you. This is a great improvement from text messaging. Of course, you can still send text messages to your contacts without iOS 5. Another great messaging feature on the iPhone 4S is Twitter integration. If you have the Twitter for iPhone app installed, you can now tweet pictures directly from the photo stream and get notifications of your tweets pushed right to your phone.

Formatting Text

When you select texts you are composing, you used to just be able to cut, copy, and paste. Now, you can also format the text with bold, underline, or italics. Just highlight the text like you would to cut or copy it, and push the right arrow. There, you will see a BIU icon. Select that icon, and you can choose if you want your text bold, italics, or underlined.

Notification Bar

Now, all of your notifications are in one place – the Notification Bar. Just swipe down from the clock and all of your notifications will appear before your eyes. See your weather, calendar, Facebook messages, tweets, reminders, text messages, emails, and much more all in one screen. From here, you can choose to view a message just by tapping the notification. Choose what goes in this notification bar from the Settings menu. Just tap Settings, Notifications, and adjust what shows up in the Notification Bar and what stays out of it.

All in all, the iPhone 4S with iOS 5 is a great improvement to the iPhone. It allows you to do pretty much everything you could ever ask a smartphone to do, and is extremely user-friendly.

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