What Specifications Should you Look for in a Netbook

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What Specifications Should you Look for in a Netbook

When you want to buy a notebook, you should know the answer to what specifications should you look for in a netbook. Once you know the answer to this question, it will indeed be an easy task to decide on a netbook.

Till the recent times, when one had to buy a personal computer, there were not too many parameters, that were considered. Then came the laptops and people wanted to know how to choose the best laptops. However, the latest buzz are the netbooks and people want to know what spec should you look for in a netbook. With the fast changing technological specifications, it is indeed important to know the answer, so that not only does the person lay his hands on the right netbook, but also gets the value for the money he spends and not repent about the purchase.

Tips on Choosing a Netbook

Once you have made the decision that the netbook is the right computer for your needs, you will start looking for answer to the question, what to look for in a netbook computer. With the computer market undergoing change everyday, it is natural for a layman to be confused about the specifics. However, it is important to note that there are certain specifics, that remain constant, although the size of the system may change. Let’s take a look at things to look for in a netbook.


It is best to opt for a netbook, which has the latest processor. It is the processor, which determines how fast will the system respond to your commands. If the processor is slower, then naturally the netbook will be slow. Opting for the latest processor ensures that you can run multiple software at the same time and not be worried about how the system will work and whether it will slow down. Conducting a survey of the latest processor will ensure you make the right choice.


The next specification one must look at is the RAM. It is with the RAM that data transfer happens on the computer. Higher the capacity of the RAM, faster will the processing take place. These days netbooks with 1 GB, 2 GB RAM are also available. Anything lesser should not be considered. Depending on your need you will decide the right RAM for your netbook.

Hard Drive

The hard drive size is increasing with every new release of netbook. A person who likes to store a lot of data on the system will want to opt for hard drive with the maximum storage capacity. With larger storage capacity one will not have to be bothered about the system running out of storage capacity. Although, it is best to opt for a netbook with highest storage capacity, it also means the cost of the netbook will increase. Hence, it is best to consider the needs one has before you decide on the right hard drive.

Display Size

The feature that separates a netbook from a laptop is the display size. Netbooks are available anywhere between 7 inches to 10 inches. Sometimes a laptop with 12 inches display is also considered a netbook. It is best to have a test operation before the right size is decided. The display size that one talks off the diagonal size of the screen. Taking the decision about the screen size without having actually looked at the piece may not be the right thing to do. Therefore, it is best to visit a local store to have a look at the piece itself.


There is one feature where the netbook actually scores over a laptop. It is the battery life. Battery life of netbooks is much better as compared to laptops. The battery life of the netbook will vary depending on the manufacturer of the netbook along with the display technology used. Some manufacturers are known to manufacturer netbooks with longer battery life.

Wireless Connectivity

Most of us use wireless connectivity these days to remain in touch with the outside world and/or for work reasons. Some of you may want a netbook with bluetooth connectivity, so that staying connected is rather easier.


Since the size of the netbook is small, it is natural that a full keyboard cannot be integrated into it. Also the size of the different keys will also be smaller as compared to the regular keyboard. Some people find the keys of netbook very small, therefore very inconvenient to work with. When you want to buy a netbook, this is one aspect that you will want to consider.

Along with the specifications mentioned, you may want to consider the number of USB ports available on the system as well. Availability of specific graphics card may also be considered as well. I hope with this write-up, you know which are the specifications, that you need to pay attention to, while buying a netbook. Here I wish you luck in your search!

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