What is csc.exe Error and How to Fix it? Aha! We Have an Easy Answer

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What is csc.exe Error and How to Fix it?

Among the many obscure error messages that the Windows operating system throws at the user, one is the csc.exe error. If you are faced with it, then don’t worry. In this Techspirited post, we will tell you what exactly does the csc.exe error mean and also how you can resolve it.


An application named the BitMeter when installed on Windows system generates the csc.exe. In order to fix this error, it is advised to uninstall BitMeter and to contact its developers for support if you wish to continue using it.

Whenever an error window pops up on our computers, our first assumption is that it is due to a virus or spyware attack. And why not? With the number of online threats multiplying each year, is it really a wonder that we have become a bit apprehensive and maybe even a little jumpy?

However, not all errors are a result of viral activity. Some are just plain system errors which might be resolved easily if one knows what they mean. It is important therefore, that we become a bit more tech-savvy and understand the difference between a real threat and one which is not.

In this Techspirited write-up, we shall examine one common error which is seen on many Windows operating systems, known as the csc.exe error. What is it and how to get rid of it, let’s find out.

What is the csc.exe Error

Windows 8.1 on laptop

The csc.exe file is an executable file (.exe), which is part of the Microsoft .NET framework. It is a legitimate Microsoft process and comes pre-installed on many Windows operating systems.

The csc.exe file works as the Visual C# Command Line Compiler for the Windows operating system. It helps programmers compile useful applications on their systems. Though it is useful, the csc.exe file isn’t vital for the Windows OS as it isn’t a core system file. Therefore, its absence usually leads to only low level issues which can be easily fixed.

The csc.exe file is located in a sub-folder of C:Windows folder. It isn’t listed in the Windows Start menu and doesn’t have a visible window. However, it may be visible in your systems current processes listed in the Task Manager.

Microsoft home page

The following is summary of the main details of this file.

Name of File: csc.exe
Developer: Microsoft Corporation
Description: Visual C# Command Line Compiler
Parent Program: Microsoft .NET framework
Path: %SYSTEMROOT%:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v3.5\
Applied To: Windows 8.1/8/7/Vista/XP and other previous Windows systems

Symptoms of a csc.exe Error?

Error pop up window

As mentioned earlier, the csc.exe isn’t a core system file of the Windows OS and therefore, its absence or inability to perform won’t prevent your system from functioning entirely. However, some useful applications may stop working, causing you inconvenience. If the csc.exe file in your Windows OS is missing or isn’t functioning, you will most likely notice one of the following symptoms.

1. When logging off or on shut down, you will get a message saying that the csc.exe was unable to start correctly.

2. On system start-up, a message appears saying that the csc.exe cannot run and will prompt you to run check disk to resolve the issue. However, even if you do run checkdisk, it will also fail.

3. A pop-up window keeps appearing, asking for permission to make changes to your system, saying that it is for csc.exe from Microsoft Corporation.

4. Many of your applications and programs suddenly stop working and give a message saying that the Microsoft .NET files are corrupted. Some messages may even mention the csc.exe and/or the ntdll file specifically.

5. At start up, you will receive an error message saying ‘Visual C# Command Line Compiler has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available’.

6. While browsing on Internet Explorer, a pop-up box keeps appearing saying ‘A website wants to open web content using this program on your computer’ and mentions that program being the csc.exe.

What Can Cause a csc.exe Error

The csc.exe error is usually caused by missing or corrupt csc.exe file in your system. The following are a few of the reasons that may be causing this error to show up in your system

1. An unexpected damage to the Visual C# Command Line Compiler and/or its supporting files, leading to the corruption of the csc.exe file.

2. Incorrect installation changes on Visual C# Command Line Compiler or Microsoft Visual Studio .NET during updates or system reconfiguration.

3. Sometimes, certain undesirable changes in the system files may manifest as the csc.exe error.

4. Inaccurate changes and modifications of the system settings by the user.

5. Accidental deletion of the csc.exe file from the system.

6. Damaged registry files in the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET installation package.

7. System infection by spyware or other online threats.

How to Fix a csc.exe Error

Windows Re-installation

Microsoft Windows 7 operating system

The csc.exe is a part of the Windows .NET framework which is pre-loaded in most Windows operating system. Therefore, the easiest way to solve the csc.exe error issue would be to re-install the Windows OS on your system. You should back up all your important files before you proceed with the re-installation. It is advisable that you visit the Microsoft website and download and install the latest version of Windows that is compatible with your system.

Replace csc.exe

In some cases, directly replacing the corrupt or missing csc.exe file in your system, may resolve the csc.exe error. For this, you need to download and install the .NET Framework SDK from the Microsoft website. The SDK installation has the C# compiler, which exists as a file named csc.exe. You need to replace the old csc.exe file with the new one in its default folder.

After that, you have to following these steps to re-register the csc.exe file.

a. Go to Start >> Run.

b. Type ‘cmd’ in the Run window and hit Enter.

c. Type ‘regsvr32csc.exe’, and hit Enter again.

d. Reboot your system.

Windows Registry Cleanup

Many a time, the csc.exe error indicates that the registry is corrupt. The csc.exe file is responsible for handling information of many of the programs and applications installed on your operating system. This information is stored in the registry, and therefore, any damage in it may get reflected in the form of csc.exe errors.

To resolve this issue, it is best to scan and fix your system’s Windows registry with a good and trusted registry cleaner software. Cleaning your system’s registry once a month also has the added benefit of speeding up your PC.

Virus Scan

Virus warning on computer screen

If the csc.exe file in your system is infected by a virus or spyware, it will malfunction, which may result in the csc.exe error. The best solution in this case is to install a trusted antivirus software, and run a full scan of your system.

Windows Update

Keeping your Windows system updated is another way to repair the corrupted files in your system, including the csc.exe. The following are the different methods for updating the different versions of Windows.

On Windows XP

Intel Atom and Windows XP logo

1. Click on Start and go to Control Panel.

2. In the new window that opens, double click on the Automatic Updates icon.

3. Enable automatic updates by clicking on Automatic (recommended). Select the time and date when you want the automatic updates to begin.

4. Click on Apply and then OK. Restart your computer. Your automatic updates should begin to download at the time and date that you have specified.

On Windows Vista and 7

Windows 7 website

1. From the desktop, click on Start and in the search box, type Update. Click on the Windows Update option that shows up to run it.

2. In the Windows update window that opens up, click on the Change Settings option present on the left side.

3. In the Important Updates section, select ‘Install updates automatically (recommended)’ option from the drop-down menu.

4. Under the Recommended updates section, put a check next to ‘Give recommended updates the same way I receive important updates’, and click OK

On Windows 8

Windows 8.1 OS

1. Hover your mouse pointer on the right edge of the screen. From the sliding window, click on the Windows Update utility. Click on Settings >> Change PC settings >> Update and recovery.

2. Click on ‘Choose how updates get installed’.

3. From Important updates, select ‘Install updates automatically (recommended)’.

4. Under the Recommended updates, select ‘Give recommended updates the same way I receive important updates.’

5. Lastly, from Microsoft Update, put a check on the ‘Give me updates for other Microsoft products when I update Windows’ check box, and click on Apply.

Thus, getting the csc.exe error on your computer, in most cases, simply means that the csc.exe file in your system is either missing or malfunctioning. Though it might not adversely affect your Windows operating system, it might cause some programs to stop working. However, using the steps highlighted above, you can easily resolve the csc.exe error and rid yourself of the inconvenience that it causes.

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