What Does CC Mean?

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What Does CC Mean?

'CC' has a few meanings. Here, we will have a look at the 2 main instances when this abbreviation is used.

There is no such actual meaning of CC. In general, it serves as an abbreviation to any two words. And these two words can be common words or may relate to a specific jargon of any industry. Though CC has many full forms and meanings, it is usually related to two subjects. These two subjects are when sending emails and the engine capacity of a motorcycle.

In Emails

The conventional method used for making copies of written documents before the advent of computers was using carbon copies. This is how the name ‘carbon copy’ (CC) in emails came about. Those who have been using corporate email accounts for a while might be knowing what CC means. It is also sometimes referred to as ‘courtesy copy’.

A CC is a field which is present in the draft email, when you choose to send a new email to someone. It is situated below the ‘To’ field. The ‘To’ field is intended for inserting the email address of the primary recipient. The primary recipient is one from whom the sender expects a reply or feedback.

The CC field is for recipients who would receive a copy of the email, and from whom the sender does not expect a reply. It is just for letting the recipients mentioned in the CC know about the email being sent to the primary recipient. This method is rarely used in personal email communication, but is widely used in business communication.

Below the CC field comes the ‘BCC’ field. The full form of BCC is blind carbon copy. Now, this email field is for hiding the identity of the recipients.

If the sender does not want the primary and the CC recipients to know who all he is sending a copy of that particular email to, he would include the confidential email addresses to be hidden in the BCC field. However, most people prefer not to use this field, as it can give rise to several issues later.

In Automobiles

As far as the auto industry is concerned, CC, in technical terms, stands for cubic centimeters. Without going into too much technicality, it simply refers to the capacity of an engine and how big it is. More the CC of the automobile, bigger its engine would be, and more would be its power and the load carrying capacity.

If you have observed, the CC a bike has would be mentioned on its tank or frame. The CC capacity in motorbikes ranges from 50 to even more than 2,000. In cars, this is normally measured in liters. If the car has an engine of a 1,000 CC, we would say it has an engine of 1 liter.

CC can also be an acronym for call center, conference call, critical care, cheat code, cyber cafe, customer care, cost control, cost center, besides others.

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