Used Wii Console

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Used Wii Console

For people who really wish to own a Nintendo Wii, but are unwilling to buy a brand new one for close to $200, buying a used console is a suitable alternative. This article will help you find such deals.

If you wish to purchase a Nintendo Wii games console but do not wish to pay the official market price for it, there are places from where you can buy a used ones in perfectly good working condition. The most obvious place to search for such a deal is over the Internet, eBay in particular, where you will get some amazing deals if you search really hard.

The official market price for the Nintendo Wii is $199, and this is a fairly reasonable price for a video game console that offers a completely different and unique gaming experience. In fact, its closest rivals, the Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 are both priced higher than this. But the lower cost is not the only reason why the sales for the Nintendo Wii are considerably higher. It is the motion sensor enhanced gaming experience that it offers. In fact, Sony and Microsoft are also now offering such consoles, after looking at the tremendous success that Wii has enjoyed. These products were launched at the official E3 convention in June, 2010.

If the cost of $199 is too much for you for whatever reason, there are several other options for you to find a second-hand Wii console for sale as well.

Over the Internet

Since the time that the Wii was released in November 2007, more than 20 million consoles have been sold. It goes without saying that someone or the other is going to be selling their used devices at a discounted rate. In all likelihood, they will be selling their system over the Internet.

eBay is the site you should visit for this purpose, and you can either participate in an online auction, or buy it right away. Though there are some doubts about the genuineness of the console being bought over the Internet, the prices on offer there will leave you quite amazed. Prices can range from anything between $40 – $130, depending on the year of manufacture and the frequency with which it has been used. This is a considerable price difference from the console available in the market. Moreover, the demand for these is so high in the market that you cannot be sure if your retail seller will have enough pieces in his inventory. Amazon is another website along with eBay where you are sure to get some great deals and bargains.

Other Sources

Purchasing consumer electronic items over auction sites like eBay and Amazon is quite safe and secure nowadays, so it should not be a problem for you. But if you are apprehensive about it, there are other sources to get cheap consoles as well. The best thing to do would be to purchase it directly from a friend or someone you know. This will give you the option of negotiating the price with someone you are familiar with, thus enabling you to get a better deal.

If you happen to know a retailer who stays close by, you can approach him as well. Some people who wish to sell their Wii console approach the same retailer from whom they bought it in the first place, and this can open up more avenues for you. Approach them, and they will surely offer you some attractive deals as well.

You should know that it is not an entirely bad idea to purchase a second-hand Wii console. In all likelihood, the piece has no defects in it, and you will end up saving a lot of money instead of buying a brand new one. Moreover, you can get many of the accessories at a discounted rate as well.

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