Untraceable Email

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Untraceable Email

Accessing websites that provide untraceable email service is a hassle free way to send anonymous messages to a recipient. To know more about free untraceable email accounts read on…

Want to give a piece of advice to your ‘annoying’ boss on how to talk properly with the employees? Directly going to his cabin and warning him about his inappropriate behavior is not a good option, as you may lose your job. Instead, you need to find a way, wherein you can convey your message non verbally without revealing your identity. When it comes to anonymous communication, creating an untraceable email is the best alternative.

How to Create an Untraceable Email

Sending an untraceable email is not as difficult as it seems. It is a myth that one has to be a computer geek to achieve it. Following are the steps that need to be implemented to hide the email source:

Conceal your Personal Information

This is an obvious way of making your email untraceable. There are a number of email service providers that allow you to create your own email address. When creating an email account, you are asked to fill your personal data like name, location and country. Your email will be easily traced if you enter correct information. So, the first step towards making the email untraceable is to enter misleading data that does not reveal your identity. If this doesn’t fit into your principles, look for an email provider service that permits email account creation without mentioning any personal details.

Mask IP Address

Simply filling incorrect personal information or accessing an email provider service that allows sign up without providing personal data, isn’t enough to make the email untraceable. Every computer connected to the Internet has its own IP address. It is basically a number assigned to every computer that has access to the Internet. The IP address is a number that helps to identify the computer from where the email is sent.

As we all know, the email header that also goes along with your email has information about the sender and the receiver. The email header also contains the IP address of your computer. So those of you wondering about how to send untraceable emails need to understand that it is very important to hide the IP address. In other words, not allowing the recipient to gain access to the IP address will ensure that your emails remains anonymous.

How to Hide Your IP Address

This is a popular, easy and an effective way to make emails untraceable. As aforementioned, concealing the IP address is necessary to make it impossible to trace the email. This can be done by downloading software tools that have been designed to hide the IP address. Once the software package is installed, you can surf the Web and send emails without exposing your online identity to other internet users. With these software tools, a fake IP address is displayed as well as your actual workstation location is also concealed.

Instead, a random location appears, making your email untraceable. So, anonymous web surfing and emailing is no longer difficult if you have installed these software tools on your computer. Just download the software and you would be in a position to deceive the email recipient. There are a number of websites that provide the facility of downloading these software tools. Some websites charge people to download the software while others may allow you to install it for free.

Forge the Email Header

Tampering with the email header can also be helpful to protect the source of the email. The email header contains complete information about the location of email source. However, if you are successful in forging the email header, it can become a tedious task for the sender to identify you.

Make Untraceable Email Accounts

How to make an untraceable email address? Well, there are a number of websites that can help you in this regard. These websites allow you to create free untraceable email accounts. In other words, they give you a dummy address to hide your identity. If you are looking for an anonymous domain email and a proxy server, then you can always rely on websites like anonymizer.com, that provide this facility at an affordable price and at times they do not even charge a penny. Not only do they give you an anonymous email address but also ensure that your IP address is also hidden. Some websites give their customers the flexibility to create approximately 20 proxy email addresses. All you need to do is register yourself with these websites and follow their instructions to send untraceable emails.

On the whole, not allowing the IP address to appear on the email header is the key to keep the recipient guessing about the email source. Although you don’t have to be a computer whizkid to send untraceable emails, you need to know that a lot of email scams use this method to prevent people from knowing their identity.

Hence, if you are sending out untraceable emails, it better be for a good reason. Previously computer experts were the only ones who could send anonymous email messages but with the introduction of these websites and ‘easy to download’ software tools, people with basic computer knowledge too can easily conceal their online identity when using the internet.

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