Ubuntu System Requirements

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Ubuntu System Requirements

Planning to install the Ubuntu operating system? Well, you need to make sure your computer is capable of running this software program. Read on…

Ubuntu is one of the few operating systems that are available for free on the Web. This linux-based operating system is easy to install and most importantly, it is far better than its predecessors. Unlike previous versions of Linux that had a command line interface (CLI), Ubuntu comes with a new innovative graphical interface that makes computing easy and enjoyable. New version of Ubuntu, also referred to as Kubuntu has been introduced with some new advanced features.

Ubuntu System Requirements

An operating system, regarded as the brain of the computer, is a large program and hence, certain software and hardware requirements need to be satisfied for installation. A computer failing to fulfill these prerequisite requirements, simply cannot run the operating system. In such cases, the configuration of the computer needs upgradation.

The system requirements of this operating system have to be known before you begin the installation process. Now, there are two editions of Ubuntu operating system. One is for desktop and laptop computers, while the other is for server machines. It is obvious that the recommended system requirements will differ depending upon what type of computer it is installed on.

Desktop Edition

Those who are new to Ubuntu, always install the desktop or laptop edition. Your computer should have the following configuration in order to install this version of Ubuntu:

  • x86 motherboard and the processor speed is 1 GHz
  • RAM size is 512MB
  • Hard disk should have the capacity to store 5GB of data
  • Monitor resolution is 1024×768
  • Graphics card to use the visual effects

Server Edition

Ubuntu installed on a computer that acts as a server, does not need any graphical user interface. In fact, Ubuntu running on server side is operated by typing the commands. Following should be the system configuration:

  • x86 motherboard and the processor speed is 300 MHz
  • RAM size is 512MB
  • Hard disk should have the capacity to store 4GB of data
  • Graphics card and monitor resolution is 800×600 pixels

Minimum System Requirements

Upgrading the computer to minimum system requirements has its own disadvantages. Certain applications of Ubuntu cannot be installed, which frankly speaking is a loss for beginners:

  • x86 motherboard and the processor speed is 300 MHz
  • RAM size is 128MB
  • Hard disk should have the capacity to store 1.5GB of data
  • VGA card with a resolution of 640×480 pixels

A point to note here is that it is not necessary to have a x86 motherboard for Ubuntu installation. Even a 64 bit AMD intel processor is capable enough to run this operating system, but make sure that its processing speed is at least 300 MHz.

Like Windows, Ubuntu too is an user-friendly operating system, provided the computer satisfies its installation criteria. Though Ubuntu can run on a computer with 128MB of RAM, accessing all features of Ubuntu is not possible, which is definitely disappointing for beginners. Shorter versions of Ubuntu do exist, but they are not recommended as they do not allow to explore the different aspects of Ubuntu operating system.

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