BlackBerry Storm 2 Review

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BlackBerry Storm 2 Review

The BlackBerry Storm 2 is a part of the 9550 BlackBerry family. The article below provides you with a short review of the BlackBerry Storm 2.

The BlackBerry Storm certainly took the world of mobile phones by a storm, upon its introduction in 2008. The intention of introducing this smartphone was to combat the fierce competition from phones, such as Apple iPhone 3G, Palm Pre, and the HTC Touch family. The Storm 1 was successful in creating an excellent niche in the cell phone market, which propagated ‘Research in Motion’ (manufacturer of BlackBerry), to launch the BlackBerry Storm 2. It is the next generation cell phone.

Review of the BlackBerry Storm 2

  • Though the Storm 2 was developed and launched in a remarkably short time after the flagship Storm 1, RIM has maintained the tradition of keeping its customers happy with new upgrades and cutting-edge features.
  • Storm 2 is BlackBerry’s second full touchscreen smartphone, and the company has invested a substantial amount of finances, efforts, and time to enhance the overall user experience.

BlackBerry Storm 2 Apps

  • Any BlackBerry Storm 2 review is bound to talk about the enhanced BlackBerry apps of the Storm 2.
  • The first upgrade that can be noticed is the addition of Wi-Fi into the phone, an application that was not there in Storm.
  • The second commendable difference is in the operating system of the phone. The Storm 2 uses the BlackBerry Device Software v5.0, that gives the user the luxury of some features, such as BlackBerry Maps, a chat style text message that is enabled with emotional icons, integrated Gmail, and additional browser enhancements.
  • Users have reported that these applications make the phone much more convenient to use and also very user-friendly.
  • Apart from these features, the user can enjoy some added advantages and better graphics, clear and sharper display, and new themes.

BlackBerry Storm 2 Hardware

  • The BlackBerry Storm was highly criticized due to the difficulty and a certain level of discomfort that was experienced as a result of its touch screen, which has just one sensor, and thus, could register just one click at a time.
  • The Storm 2, on the other hand, has a much more advanced touch screen that utilizes the Piezoelectricity technique to operate.
  • This kind of technique enables the user to make use of multi clicks, that is more than one click gets registered at a given point of time.
  • This hardware function has enabled users of the Storm 2 to type quickly, and in general, use the cell phone more efficiently.
  • Apart from that, the Storm 2 uses a flash memory, 256 MB of application memory, and a 2 GB on-board device memory.
  • A microSDHC slot supports a mammoth memory device of 32 GB.
  • The classic display of the Storm 2 is 360 x 480 px with 65,536 color LCD.
  • The battery life is another classy and upgraded feature of this phone.
  • The 1400 mAhr BlackBerry Storm battery offers a standby time of 305 hours and a talk time of 5 hours.

BlackBerry Storm 2 Accessories

  • Apart from the next generation features, the Storm 2 boasts of several different accessions, that are provided by ‘BlackBerry Storm 2 Authentic Accessories’ initiative.
  • A pink skin, black skin, presenter, visor mount speaker phone, wireless head set, multimedia head set, leather holster, and music gateway are some of the accessories that can be used for the phone.

Storm 2 in itself is a great phone, that gives a great deal of convenience and services to the users due its well researched deployment of BlackBerry technology.

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