Touch Screen Monitor Review

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Touch Screen Monitor Review

Fascinated by the wonders of technology? One of them, the touch screen application, has become common among gadgets like computers, cell phones and video games. The touch screen reviews provided in this article will guide you to purchase the right one for yourself.

The invention of the touch screen application has often left many mesmerized with the way it works. This application is slowly making headway into computers, cell phones and video games, bringing in a lot of comfort to its users. It is also very riveting to know how touch screens work. Though monitors have the touch screen application, they come with different configurations, which decides the machine’s reliability. Before selecting the right monitor, learn and understand the features so that you know your requirements for a touch screen monitor. To make your selection effortless, I have listed some reviews below.

Best Brands of Touch Screen Monitors

Samsung PX2370

This Samsung’s model comes with a touch screen monitor which ranges from $274.99 to $279.99. With its adjustable monitor, the viewing becomes better and comfortable. The intensity sensor detects the brightness around and adjusts the brightness of the screen to make the viewing experience relaxing. Samsung PX2370 saves 40% of power consumption too. The product is sleek and therefore, looks stylish. Being slim, the monitor also saves space.

Dell Ultrasharp U2410

It’s a 24-inch monitor, has many connection options and costs around $600. The monitor has great display and can be tilted in many angles as per the user’s comfort. It is very sharp in displaying colors and therefore, the clarity is outstanding.


This 27-inch monitor has a wide screen with a great display. It is sleek and looks very elegant. Its great configuration and features are the main elements for its excellent performance. It comes with a sleek keyboard and a multi-touch mouse. The touch screen makes the interactivity easier. It has a very strong graphic processor giving you the best picture and game quality. It makes the work easier and faster with its best Intel processors. Being one of the outstanding apple products, the price fluctuates with the size of the screen. A 21.5 inch screen will cost $1,199 to $1,499, 27 inch will cost from $1,699 to $1,999. These touch screen monitors have a great quality though are expensive.

HP Diagonal HD Ready Widescreen LCD Monitor

HP touch screen monitors are reliable and make work easier. The glass screen used in HP monitors are durable. The touch technology brings precision in your work and makes interaction easy. Its slim and sleek design complements your room well. The monitor can be tilted to a suitable angle for a better and clear view. This provision reduces strain on the eyes and brings comfort to them. You can use a stylus, gloved hands or fingers to experience the touch technology. The new HP LCD monitor costs $179.99.

Lenovo L246x-wide

Lenovo has recently introduced their latest touch screen model, L246x-wide, which has a multi-touch support. It has a resolution of 1080 pixels, a built in camera and microphone to make video chat easy. This monitor weighs about 8 kg and the screen size is 23.6 inch diagonally. This model includes five USB 2.0 ports. As it is a newly introduced product, the price is yet to be declared.

The touch screens come in many types such as – resistive, surface acoustic wave, capacitive, infrared, optical imaging, dispersive signal technology and acoustic pulse recognition. Projected capacitance, mutual capacitance and self capacitance are variations in capacitive touch screens. Touch screen technology has made our work accurate and simple. These touch screens are durable and reliable and its splendid features make it relaxing to the eyes.

Now, many companies are manufacturing touch screen monitors for PC’s too. It is hard to suddenly change to a touch screen technology, when you’ve been typing on a keyboard for so many years. However, touch screens have their own unique advantages which makes work very convenient. There are also small touch screen monitors, which are easy to carry around, making your work easy and flexible. Also, these monitors occupy less space with their sleek and slim body and increase the speed of the work.

Availability of many touch screen monitors often create confusion about choosing the right monitor. Therefore, make sure you go through the above appraisal before you plan to buy one as it will surely aid you in making an apt choice for yourself.

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