Top Visited Websites

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Top Visited Websites

Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Live, Facebook, MSN, Wikipedia, Myspace, and Orkut are some of the websites that attract and pull huge internet traffic. Find out some such websites that are a crowd-puller, in this article.

There are millions of websites operating throughout the world, but only a few of them have been able to get the attention of the average internet surfer. What makes these sites so superior over other websites is a concerted and dedicated effort to cater to the needs of the users. The success of these websites can also be attributed to the visionary and innovative ideas, effective marketing strategies, progressive ideas, and technological upgradation, along with efficiency in almost all the areas, which are considered the essentials of a good website. All these and more have made these sites so popular that they have become household names.

Popular Websites

Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Live, Facebook, MSN, Wikipedia, Myspace and Orkut are the websites that are ruling the Internet. These are the top sites that attract and pull huge traffic.

Google: No need to mention that this is the most popular Internet search engine and website, which attracts almost 70% of the total search in the Internet. So far, Google is the unquestionable global leader of the Internet. Google search engine was started in 1998, and today it owns a large number of other sites and companies. It was developed by Sergey Brim and Larry Page, when both were students at the Stanford University.

Yahoo: Yahoo was the brainchild of Jerry Yang and David Filo. Yahoo stands for ‘Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle’. Yahoo is a mulch-faceted website that provides advanced search engine and free email services. It also offers a question and answer area, along with shopping and information on real estate and automobiles.

YouTube: This website has been able to attract both adults and teens alike. The main attraction of YouTube is the online-video sharing concept, which was introduced for the first time by YouTube itself. It offers countless videos on any topic. You can upload your own videos, as well as share your favorite videos. It was started in 2005 by three Paypal employees, Jawed Karim, Steve Chen, and Chad Hurley. Later on, Google signed a deal and bought YouTube from its owners.

Live: Live is the website launched by MSN in the year 2005. It was one of the first windows personalized experience services. It helps the user to get connected, organized as well as use online time efficiently. With Live, users can access their hotmail account, and receive and send email. Online chat is possible, if you connect to online space like, Skydrive. You can also check the calendar for events, while OneCare helps the PC to run at superior speed.

Facebook: Facebook is the top most visited site by the college going students. It is a social networking site, and is the pioneer in this field. Facebook is no longer the preferred social networking site for the students only. It is equally popular among the adults, as well as people of all age groups. The concept of Facebook was developed by a Harvard student, Mark Zuckerberg and then it was launched by the Harvard students in the year 2004.

MSN: Launched in the year 1995, MSN is one of the most familiar names among the Internet users. What makes MSN so popular is the large number of features of this website. The most important characteristics of MSN are its search engine and Messenger.

Wikipedia: Wikipedia has earned the reputation of being the largest encyclopedia on the Internet. This website is the concept of Jimmy Wales (the founder of Naupedia) and his co-worker Larry Sanger. Wikipedia provides information on numerous topics to everyone for free and anyone can add or edit the content of this website. Each article contains within itself a number of links to external and internal sources, which can help to get more information about the subject, and expand the topic at hand. With a vast array of subjects covered, Wikipedia is the website of choice for both common men and scholars.

MySpace: Like Facebook, it is another highly popular website among students. Myspace is the website that enables you to open your own website page, through which you can share information with friends. You can view videos, visit forums or read blogs as well. In short, it’s another good social networking website.

Orkut: Orkut is Google’s social networking website, and it can be accessed with a Google account. This website offers a really interesting place, where you can meet new people, and share pictures and videos with your friends. You can also avail the facilities of instant messaging with Orkut.

List of Most Visited Websites

Below here is a list of 20 most visited websites of the world

  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • YouTube
  • Live
  • Facebook
  • MSN
  • Wikipedia
  • Blogger
  • Myspace
  • Yahoo
  • Baidu
  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • Rapidshare
  • Qq
  • eBay
  • Fc2

Most Visited Websites by Women

Women have some special needs, problems and preferences of their own. Many sites have been designed to address the women related issues, or cater to the needs of women. Some of the most commonly visited websites by women are, Astrology, Diygirl, Cosmopolitan, Ivillage, Avon, Lifetime Television, Oprah, Womensforum, The Animal Rescue Site, BeliefNet, Eharmony and The Knot.

Hope this article was helpful in providing information about the websites, which have been able to get wide scale popularity and world recognition among the millions of websites operating across the World Wide Web.

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