Top 10 Web Browsers for Linux OS

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There are plenty of web browsers available for the Linux platform. This Techspirited article lists some of the best browsers of the lot.

Now that’s one fast penguin!

Of the 500 fastest supercomputers in the world today, about 90% run on one of the variants of Linux.

Launched in 1991, Linux soon grabbed the attention of the software industry. Linux is a simple operating system, similar to Unix. What makes Linux such a favorite for absolute ‘power-users’, is the fact that the OS itself runs buttery smooth, with little, or no glitches. Of course, it being a free, and open-sourced software is just the perfect icing on the cake with a cherry on top.

It is little surprise then that a lot of developers have a keen interest in releasing software for this platform. Following this trend, there has been a plethora of options when it comes to web browsers, for Linux users to choose from. Here’s a look at some of the most popular web browsers for Linux.


Much like its dominion over other Windows web browsers, Google Chrome has annihilated the competition on the Linux platform as well. Chrome is, by far, the fastest browser available on the platform. Its many features like tab browsing, sync options with Chrome browsers on other devices, and assured developer support, make it a favorite amongst Linux users.


Konqueror has, as its name suggests, managed to ‘konquer’ most other Linux-based web browsers. Its USP is the fact that it relies on multiple-rendering engines for its operations. Konqueror comes with KHTML as default, although you can choose to download the Webkit version separately.


Being one of the oldest web browsers for the platform, Firefox has got a large and dedicated user base. In fact, most versions of Linux roll out with Firefox on board as their default web browser. Being open sourced, it also forms the framework for other web browsers to build upon, and release with a different name.


Arora makes for a brilliant cross-platform browser that is light and blazing fast. It is an extremely well-built web browser which handles all its tasks with relative ease. Although it is still under beta testing, it delivers a performance which few other browsers on this platform can match up to.


One of the most stable browsers on this platform, Opera also happens to be one of the most polished web browsers around. It boasts of many features like Quick Dial, Search Shortcuts, Trash Can, etc., which further add to the overall user experience. Regular updates also ensure that bugs, if any, are fixed as and when they appear.


Unlike most other web browsers available today, Lynx does not have any fancy features to show off. It is, however, an extremely handy, text-based browser which comes as a blessing for any server that lacks a GUI. It goes unsaid though, that you will not be able to enjoy the goodness of Flash or Java, or even view images on this browser.


Midori is a fairly simple WebKit-based browser. It does not bring along any goodies like extensions or plug-ins, or any options to change the look and feel of the browser. It does offer something much more important―speed. The browser is very light, and makes short work of loading most websites.


A fairly basic and light web browser, NetSurf is the perfect companion for an ailing Internet connection. Although the browser is still in its beta stage, it is surprisingly fast and glitch-free. It has the buffered rendering feature which helps load pages real fast. Also, it has an advanced ad blocker which is a welcome addition for users who are plagued with adverts while browsing the Internet.


One of the many WebKit-based browsers, Dooble offers quite a few unique features; the most appealing of them is Dooble Desktop. This feature allows to you add other app launchers to the Dooble tab. You can also choose to customize the tab with a background of your choice. The web browser also claims to offer advanced security features to safeguard the privacy of its users.


Although Epiphany is infamous for crashing, especially while loading heavy Flash sites, it still makes for a good browser to have on your Linux machine. In fact, it is shipped along with the popular GNOME desktop, as its default web browser. The browser is fairly minimalistic, although it offers various plug-ins, and extensions for an enhanced user experience.

Linux, which was once thought to be a dead platform, has seen a sudden rise in its user base, with more people opting it for it. This is especially true in the case of corporates and businesses that prefer Linux OS over other OSes for its many security features. This, in turn, is bound to increase the number of applications and other software developed for it. It surely seems like bright and sunny days for the friendly penguin!

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