Top 10 Cydia Apps for All Gadget Lovers to Rekindle Your iPhone

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Top 10 Cydia Apps

A compilation of the top 10 Cydia apps that you need, to make your iPhone experience a memorable affair! If you are looking for something more than what your iPhone has to offer, here are some apps that you need to go for.

Though the Apple iPhone was a revolutionary product in the tech arena, some people went a step further to make it better. Thus came into picture, the Cydia replacement software, with a whole lot of apps which were unavailable at the official App Store.

You need to jailbreak the Apple iPhone to get Cydia applications and themes. At this point, you need to make a note of the fact that Apple iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad use iPhone OS as their default operating system, and hence, most of the Cydia apps are compatible with each of these. That being said, the fact that some of these applications may not work on Apple iPad owing to its comparatively bigger screen, cannot be entirely ruled out.

In order to get the best Cydia apps on your iPhone, you need to download the Cydia software application. Once you are done, you will have access to a wide range of apps, which will make your iPhone more efficient, and themes, which will make your iPhone much more trendy and sleek.

List of Top 10 Cydia Apps
The list of must-have iPhone apps that are officially available at the App Store today may seem pretty impressive, but that’s not all for Apple fans out there. There exist some interesting apps that were either available at the App Store in the past, or never made it to the App Store because of the company’s strict criteria. That, however, doesn’t mean they are less interesting. Nor does it mean you can’t get them on your iPhone today. Enlisted below are some apps which will give an entirely new dimension to your iPhone craze.

WinterBoard: One of the most important Cydia applications, WinterBoard allows you to customize your iPhone with a wide range of themes, wallpapers, sounds, etc. You wouldn’t like to miss on some classy themes this application has to provide.

Installous: One of the basic requirement of all three ‘i’ products, the Installous allows you to install a wide range of applications on the iPhone OS, including those which are no longer available with the official iPhone App Store.

Swirly MMS2: One of the best apps that this replacement software has to offer, the Swirly MMS2 is perhaps your best bet. It allows you to send and receive picture messages from your iPhone.

Cycorder: Irrespective of whether videography is your hobby or you just like to capture those amazing moments of your life, Cycorder, which facilitates video recording, is an app that you can’t afford to miss.

MCleaner: One of the must-have application for the iPhone, McCleaner helps you to create a black list of all those callers whom you don’t want to entertain. It doesn’t just stop there though. It also puts at your disposal some customized options to deal with such unwanted calls.

dTunes: It allows you to download a wide range of music while on the move. This invariably means that you can’t miss on dTunes if you are an ardent fan of music.

Mxtube: While dTunes allows you to download a wide range of music on the go, Mxtube allows you to download a wide range of YouTube videos on the go.

OpenSSH: The OpenSSH application that Cydia has to offer facilitates remote transfer of different types of files from the PC to the iPod touch.

iTypeFastR: Owing to its big keys, iTypeFastR makes typing much more convenient on the iPhone and the iPod touch. This very fact makes it one of the best Cydia apps for your Apple products. Plus, it also helps in reducing errors while typing.

Categories: With so many features to offer, it is bound to become a bit difficult to manage all the folders and applications. In such circumstances, the Categories app from Cydia can make your task of managing these folders relatively easy.

These apps for iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad will help you manage and upgrade your unlocked product more efficiently than ever. More importantly, now that jailbreaking is not considered illegal, you can go ahead with Cydia installation without worrying about its legal implications.

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