Tips and Tricks to Play Candy Crush Saga Game

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Tips and Tricks to Play Candy Crush Saga Game

It is next to impossible that someone hasn’t heard about Candy Crush! You might not be a player of sorts, but ask those who are hooked onto this game, and you’ll know how addictive and fun this game can be. Nevertheless, for all those die-hard Candy Crush addicts, here are some useful tips and tricks that can aid you to move ahead during those tricky levels.

Candy Crush Craze!

▶ It is reported that this game has reached even the remotest part of Earth, Antarctica.
▶ A 14-year-old boy actually paid USD 4,300 for the moves and moving ahead in this game.
▶ The popularity of this game reached a new level―a rehab has been opened in the UK for people to get over their addiction to this game.

Run, Run, Run! Candy Crush Saga has taken over the whole world! Look here and there, it is simply everywhere. It is a puzzle video game where you have to match three similar candies together. The game has a colorful look with bright candies along with different obstacles that you have to overcome and win. Don’t fall for the pretty and easy look of the game, because it will get challenging as you go ahead. It is pretty simple until you reach the 30th level. So, think that it is a lame game because in the end, this very game is going to get you so addicted that you’d hardly be able to keep your fingers off this game!

It started on Facebook and soon made its entry into smartphones, thus becoming an inseparable part of many people’s lives. It’s a great game, but at the same time, it could be a reason for your frustration. Surprised? Well, frustration arises when we’re stuck at some level, which we aren’t able to surpass, and this ends up in us giving up and uninstalling the game. Been there and done that, have you? Don’t give up yet, just try these few simple tricks and cheats.

Tips and Tricks

Don’t Use the Lollipops
Obviously, start with downloading the game. As soon as you do so, you’re introduced to its colorful interface with some stories. The first level begins, and you see free lollipops up there. ―the arrow will indicate that. It is a booster that smashes one candy. This is the only time you’ll be getting it free, so cherish it. It’s gonna be tempting to use it, but refrain from using it in the initial levels. Take our word―you’ll need it later.

Know Your Game!
As you go ahead, you’ll see that there are different tasks for you. So, pay attention to the pop-up of a new level. There are different icons that tell what the level is going to be about. An hourglass icon shows that it is a timer level, and you have to reach a particular score in a given time. The jelly icon indicates that you have to clear all the jelly during this level. The icon that shows a cherry and acorn tells you that you have to bring down those particular number of ingredients. Know your level well so that you can strategize better!

Start from the bottom
One of the simple ways to win in fewer moves is by beginning from the bottom. If you do so, the chances of candies getting crushed automatically are higher.

Know your helpers!
There are different combinations that lead to different results.

You get a striped candy if you match 4 candies together. If you make a horizontal move, the candy will have horizontal stripes, which shows that it will clear the horizontal line. The same applies for vertical lines. Also, remember that matching two striped candies will clear all the candies in that cross. So, plan beforehand, and it will help you clear the level with ease.

If you match candies in an L-shape or a T-shape, you get a candy wrapped in plastic. If you match it with similar-colored candies, it will clear up the space around. It is very useful in levels where you have to clear jellies. Matching two packet candies will crush many candies around.

Swap a striped candy with a packet candy to destroy three rows and columns.

A color bomb that looks like a donut is the result of matching five candies together. If you swipe it with a candy, it will remove all the candies of that color. This color bomb can be swiped with striped or packet candies to destroy more. If you get two color bombs beside each other, you can clear up the whole game board by swapping both.

In some levels, a jelly fish comes to your aid. In the early stages, if you have moves pending and the level is over, you see a fish or other helpers. But, in the later stages, you’ll get fish to use as you want. Remember to keep these fish till the end, because they will clear up jellies where it has been impossible for you.

Unlimited Lives
Get free, unlimited lives by manipulating your phone’s setting. Waiting for lives is like a huge test of patience for addicts. When you’ve no lives left, close the app and go to the date and time settings of your phone. Turn off the setting where the time and date is automatically set. Now, go and set the time and date that is ahead of the current time. Return to the game app, and you’ll see all your lives are back!

Tip: You might see a warning saying it is incorrect if you start playing immediately. Here’s an advice for the same. Don’t start playing. Instead go the ‘settings’ option and set it to an automatic update so that the current time and date will get updated. Now, you can open the game and play for all the five lives. You can do this as many times as you want. Cool, right?

If you’re playing on Facebook, you can open multiple tabs of Candy Crush at the same time. This won’t ever make you wait for the lives.

Take help only when needed
There is always a struggle to get extra lives, and you sure are happy when your friends send lives to you. But do remember that you have only a maximum of 5 lives. When you start the game and you get all your requests, do not accept lives when you already have 5; they’ll go waste, so just close the window. In the mobile version, you can see an envelope sign where all your notifications are stored. On Facebook, you can refresh the page to get the notification page back.

Follow your instincts
You must have seen the candies flashing (a hint for the next move) when you don’t make a move for some time. You don’t need to trust that always. Just go with your instinct!

Fight the Foes First!
If it is a jelly level, start with clearing jellies at the edges, because it is going to be difficult later.

If it is chocolate or bombs, concentrate on them first. Or you will lose in spite of having many moves left. This is the only time where you can get frustrated over a chocolate.

Tip: Chocolate will be generated to block your way. But, it will stop generating later if destroyed in the earlier round. So destroy it in all your moves to keep it away. Sadly, in the later levels, there is a chocolate generator. But till then, you can use this tip.

If it is an ingredient level, make sure the ingredients reach the exit at the bottom. Sometimes, you might be forced to move an ingredient in a column where there is no exit down. Except that, try not to do so.

Don’t let Candy Crush win!
Candy Crush can be a notorious games at times, and may not accept the last jelly crushed in the last move. Hence, always think that you have one move less and then play the game.

Beat the timer
If it is a timer level, remember that +5 candies will help you get to the desired score. So, match as many as possible.

Reshuffling Candies
When you start a level, you know if it’s going to be hard or easy. You can reshuffle the candies without losing anything. This tip is for all those playing on their phones. When the level starts and before you make a move, press the exit button. When you go back to that level, you’ll see the reshuffled candies.

The pink bow
You may have noticed a pink bow on some levels. This indicates that some Facebook friend has given you a gift of +3 moves for it. If you’re playing it on the phone, the extra moves are added up directly, but if you’re playing it on Facebook, click on the +3 option before starting the game. The extra moves will only be available for that particular level, so use it. Who knows, you might just gain from it!

There are different types of levels updated once in a while. In the main game itself, there is a new experience waiting for you after level 50. A new set of 65 levels with an owl is designed. There is also a new game called the Candy Crush Soda. Enjoy and play, but don’t forget that there’s life beyond Candy Crush!

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