An Amazing List of Text Message Symbols You’ll Want to Bookmark

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Text Message Symbols

What do you do when you want to show your state of mind in a text message? You use symbols, of course. This Techspirited article gives you a list of various symbols and abbreviations that you can use in your text messages…

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Believe it or not, for most of us, our messages remain incomplete without the use of text message symbols. Many times, the use of these emoticons is even unnecessary, but we have become so used to them that we can’t do without them. Texting abbreviations and symbols undoubtedly help us in reducing the number of characters. A simple smiley can express whether you are happy, sad, or even sarcastic about something. Texting abbreviations help you save space in messages. Besides, who would type ‘Hope to see you soon’, in a text message from your cell phone, when you can simply type HTSUS and get the message conveyed.

History of Text Messaging Symbols
Unbelievably, the use of the emoticons can be traced back to the year 1857. In April 1857, the National Telegraphic Review and Operators Guide documented, for the first time, the use of the number 73 in Morse Code to represent ‘love and kisses’. In 1912, Ambrose Bierce, the famous satirist and author of ‘The Devil’s Dictionary’ proposed the use of the symbol \__/ to represent a smiling mouth. In fact, teletype machine operators had been using emoticons even before 1973. Scott Elliot Fahlman, a computer engineer from Carnegie Mellon University, is supposed to be the first person to have proposed the most popular text message symbols or smiley faces, 🙂 and 🙁 to be used as joke markers.

Present Day Symbols
The present day symbols follow the process of graphical replacement. Most cell phones are enabled with the feature to replace the use of symbols like 🙂 or 🙂 into the corresponding smiley face. The punctuation marks 🙂 when used together in instant messengers, is automatically replaced to a smiley representing a smile. In most cases, it is a round yellow head, with two dots representing the two eyes and a curve representing the mouth. Even computer programs like Microsoft Word convert symbols that we type into their respective smileys. Now, without wasting much time, let us take a look at the different symbols and their meanings.

Text Message Symbols List
The most common combinations of punctuation marks and alphabets which are generally used to represent these symbols, have been explained below with their meanings.

Symbol Meaning
🙂 Smiley without nose
🙁 Frowning smiley with nose
*<|:o)> Santa Claus
😀 Open-mouthed grin
:-() Shock
😐 Pursed lips/Blank look
:-9 Salivate
>8-D Crazed laughter
:-* Kiss
:-{} Big lips
Symbol Meaning
🙂 Smile
#:-) Wearing a hat
:-)… Drool
:@ Shouting
:-(O) Disbelief
:-~) Runny nose
😡 Small kiss
%-} Intoxicated
:’) Happy tears
:-|| Cross
Symbol Meaning
🙁 Frowning smiley without nose
&:-) Braid hair
:-7 Smirk
:`( Crying
:-\ Skeptical
:- Cheated
:-X Big kiss
/:-| Unamused/Mildly cross
/\(00)/\ Spider
:-O Wow!
>:-@! Swearing
Symbol Meaning
|-O Snoring
🙁 Angry/Really upset
😛 Sticking tongue out
:—–) Liar
< 3 Love
C|:-) Wearing top hat
:-& Tongue-tied
:-($) Put your money where your mouth is
3:-) Devilish grin
@>;–;– Rose
😡 Mouth shut

Text Message Abbreviation List
In addition to the text symbols given above, there are various other shortcuts or abbreviations used to get the message across, either to save on characters used or to save time as well. These are usually invented either by necessity or accident, and then become mainstream when used extensively. Some of the more common text message abbreviations which are used very often have been listed below along with their meanings.

2bctnd to be continued
2g4u too good for you
2l8 too late
2WIMC to whom it may concern
4e forever
4yeo for your eyes only
911 emergency – call me
A3 anytime, anywhere, anyplace
AAM as a matter of fact
AB! ah bless!
ADctd2uv addicted to love
AFAIK as far as I know
AFK away from keyboard
AML all my love
ASAP as soon as possible
ASL age, sex, location
ATW at the weekend
ATB all the best
B4N bye for now
BTW by the way
BBS be back soon
BCNU be seeing you
BBB bye bye baby
BEG big evil grin
BWL bursting with laughter
BM&Y between me and you
BOL best of luck
BTDT been there, done that
BRB be right back
Cm call me
CU see you
CUL see you later
C&G chuckle and grin
COB close of business
CRB come right back
CAM camera
CIAO good-bye
CTC care to chat?
CT can’t talk
CUL8R see you later
DUR? don’t you remember?
DIKU do I know you?
DC disconnect
D/L download
DTRT do the right thing
DGAF don’t give a *freak*
DTS don’t think so
D46? down for sex?
EOD end of discussion
EOL end of lecture
E2EG ear-to-ear grin
EG evil grin
EOD End of day
EOM end of message
ETA estimated time (of) arrival
EAK eating at keyboard
F2F face to face
F2T free to talk
FC fingers crossed
FYEO for your eyes only
FYI for your information
FWIW for what it’s worth
FBM fine by me
FAF funny as *freak*
FTW for the win
G9 genius
GG good game
GMTA great minds think alike
GR8 great
GTSY great to see you
GTG gotto go
GAS got a second?
GGP got to go pee
H&K hugs and kisses
H8 hate
HAGN have a good night
HAND have a nice day
HTH hope this helps
HAGO have a good one
HBU how about you?
HAG1 have a good one
IC I see
IDK I don’t know
IMO in my opinion
IWALU I will always love you
IYSS if you say so
IIIO intel inside, idiot outside
ILY/ILU I love you
IRL In real life
J4F just for fun
J4K just for kisses
JK just kidding
JLMK just let me know
JMO just my opinion
KC keep cool
KIT keep in touch
KISS keep it simple, stupid
KK knock, knock
K okay
KOL kiss on lips
KPC keeping parents clueless
KIA know it all
LOL laughing out loud
L8R later
LTNC long time no see
LHSX let’s have sex
LTS laughing to self
LYLC love you like crazy
LYSM love you so much
M8 mate
MGB may god bless
MYOB mind your own business
MNC mother nature calls
MOS mother over shoulder
MOSS member of same sex
MUSM miss you so much
MIRL meet in real life
NO1 no one
n00b newbie
NADT not a darn thing
NBD no big deal
NANA not now, no need
NFS not for sale
NFM not for me
NSA no strings attached
NWO no way out
NVM never mind
O4U only for you
OIC oh I see
OMG oh my God
OOTD one of these days
OTFL on the floor laughing
OTTOMH off the top of my head
OYO on your own
OOTO out of the office
OTW off to work
PCM please call me
PPL people
PRL parents are listening
PEEPS people
PIP peeing in pants (laughing hard)
PLZ please
POS parent over shoulder
PSP playstation portable
PXT please explain that
POV point of view
RMB ring my bell
RINGL8 running late
RL real life
ROFL rolling on floor laughing
ROFLMAO rolling on the floor, laughing my *butt* off
RSN real soon now
RU are you?
RX drugs or prescriptions
SOL sooner or later
SRY sorry
STATS your sex and age
SBT sorry ’bout that
SorG straight or gay?
STFU shut the *freak* up
SUX sucks or ‘it sucks’
SYL see you later
SYS see you soon
T+ think positive
T2ul talk to you later
THX thanks
TCS take care sweetheart
TAFN that’s all for now
TBD to
be determined
TBC to be continued
THNQ thank you
TTTT these things take time
TTYL talk to you later
U4E yours forever
URTO you are the one
^URS up yours
UFB un-*freaking*-believable
URW you are welcome
UOK (are) you ok?
W4U waiting for you
WAN2 want to
WRT with respect to
WTG way to go
WUF where are you from
WRU where are you?
WAH working at home
WYSIWYG what you see is what you get
YBS you will be sorry
YKW you know what
YR your
YTG you’re the greatest
ZUP what’s up?
ZZZZ sleeping (or bored)

So now that you have your hands full with all these text symbols, and shortcuts, I will Cya l8r then. Happy txtng. Cheers!

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