Syncing iPhone with Bluetooth Headset

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Syncing iPhone with Bluetooth Headset

Bluetooth headsets are designed to make our lives simpler, and this can be achieved by syncing them with our iPhones. Here we will tell you about the simple procedure of achieving that.

A Bluetooth headset is one of the most convenient and useful accessories for an iPhone owner. There are several advantages of using a Bluetooth headset, and the biggest benefit is the fact that one can keep their hands free while talking on the phone. Moreover, one can actually answer calls and even make calls on some advanced headsets with the touch of a button on the headset itself. Since Bluetooth technology works well up to a distance of around 50 feet, the iPhone can be in the other room while you answer your calls and talk on a call as well.

Even music lovers can make the most of such headsets since they can just place the comfortable headset around their ear and then listen to their songs. Some advanced headsets have voice commands and voice prompts and this makes controlling the headset a very simple task. The iPhone is enabled with Bluetooth technology for this purpose, so making the most of all these benefits is not a difficult task at all.

How to Pair Bluetooth Headset with iPhone

Before you can start making use of a Bluetooth headset for this purpose, you will need to sync (or pair) the headset with your iPhone. The headset works with only one device at a time, but there are certain high-end headsets that can sync and work with more than one mobile phone as well. This means that someone who has more than one phone can sync one single headset with both the devices, and answer calls on both the phones with the singular headset (but this cannot be done at the same time). Once the headset has been paired with your iPhone, you will be able to make full use of all its features. Remember that you will need to leave the Bluetooth on your iPhone switched on at all times, and this will inevitably lead to shorter battery life.

  • You need to go the main screen of your iPhone where all the applications are listed, and then select Settings.
  • In the list that subsequently opens you need to select the option that says General.
  • Now you need to select Bluetooth.
  • Now you need to turn the Bluetooth on by tapping on the ‘On/Off’ toggle button.
  • Now turn on your Bluetooth headset for a few seconds. Once the light starts blinking it means that the headset is ready for the syncing process.
  • Now go back to the Bluetooth window on your iPhone and wait for the headset to be recognized by the iPhone. Its name will soon be visible on the list.
  • Now tap on this option and enter the PIN that has been provided along with the headset.
  • Now tap on Connect and go back to the Bluetooth menu to confirm that the iPhone and the headset have been synced.

This process is as simple as that, and anyone who owns an iPhone can carry this out with ease. There are no complicated steps involved and there is certainly no confusion when it comes to syncing iPhone with Bluetooth headset. The headset also needs to be charged separately and their battery lives do not run for more than a few hours. So ensure that the headset is sufficiently charged the first time you sync these devices together, and also charge the headset regularly.

Additionally, this method is the same for all Bluetooth headsets no matter what brand they belong to. The idea is to get uniformity and standardization in this technique, so no headset will react differently or require different steps for the syncing process.

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