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Super Smash Flash 2

Super Smash Flash 2

Super Smash Flash 2 popularly known as SSF2, is a Macromedia Flash multiplayer game developed by McLeodGaming. It is a sequel to the popular Super Smash Flash, and is loosely based on the plot of Super Smash Bros Series. Over the years, developers have released various demo versions and the current one is v0.9.
Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
The game plot of SSF2 is pretty similar to the original Super Smash Bros game series. In SSF2, the health of each character is determined by the level of damage it encounters. More damage means more risk.
SSF2 provides two game play modes for matches: Stock and Time Mode. Players can also use the combination of the two to play. Stock Mode provides a chosen number of lives to each player and for every KO or self-destruct, the player loses a life. After losing all the lives, the character is defeated and the survivor wins. In Time Mode, the player receives a point when he/she knocks out an opponent, and loses when the reverse happens. In a tie, a Sudden Death match will determine the winner.
As this game is updated regularly, the information given here will change accordingly.
For movements and to perform attacks players can use the following controls.
Player 1
Movements A, S, D & W
Standard Attack P
Shield I
Taunting 1
Final Attack O

Player 2 (Numpad)
Movements Arrow Keys
Standard Attack 2
Shield 3
Taunting 4
Final Attack 1

SSF2 Characters - Starter
Each SSF2 character or fighter represents a specific universe and fight each other to win. The game mode of SSF2 represents two types of characters: Starter Characters (accessible from the beginning of the game) and Unlockable Characters (these are available after completion of certain stages or conditions). The players can also use Expansion Characters or Downloadable Content (DLC) to play against each other.
Character Black Mage
Universe Final Fantasy
Standard Special Move Stop
Side Special Move Haste
Up Special Move Warp
Down Special Move Meteor
Final Smash Random Battle

Character Bomberman
Universe Bomberman
Standard Special Move Bomb Throw
Side Special Move Bomb Kick
Up Special Move Jetpack
Down Special Move Remote Detonation
Final Smash NA

Character Captain Falcon
Universe F-Zero
Standard Special Move Falcon Punch
Side Special Move Raptor Boost
Up Special Move Falcon Dive
Down Special Move Falcon Kick
Final Smash Blue Falcon

Character Donkey Kong
Universe Donkey Kong
Standard Special Move Giant Punch
Side Special Move Headbutt
Up Special Move Spinning Kong
Down Special Move Hand Slap
Final Smash Arcade

Character Fox
Universe Star Fox
Standard Special Move Blaster
Side Special Move Fox Illusion
Up Special Move Fire Fox
Down Special Move Reflector
Final Smash Landmaster

Character Samus
Universe Metroid
Standard Special Move Charge Shot
Side Special Move Missile
Up Special Move Screw Attack
Down Special Move Bomb
Final Smash Hyper Beam

Character Ichigo
Universe Bleach
Standard Special Move Getsuga Tenshō
Side Special Move Engetsuzan
Up Special Move Kōtei-ki-Tōshin
Down Special Move Gazan
Final Smash Bankai

Character Jigglypuff
Universe Pokémon
Standard Special Move Rollout
Side Special Move Pound
Up Special Move Sing
Down Special Move Rest
Final Smash Puff Up

Character Kirby
Universe Kirby
Standard Special Move Inhale
Side Special Move Hammer
Up Special Move Final Cutter
Down Special Move Stone
Final Smash Cook Kirby

Character Link
Universe The Legend of Zelda
Standard Special Move Hero's Bow
Side Special Move Gale Boomerang
Up Special Move Spin Attack
Down Special Move Bomb
Final Smash Triforce Slash

Character Lloyd
Universe Tales
Standard Special Move Demon Fang
Side Special Move Sonic Thrust
Up Special Move Tiger Blade
Down Special Move Grave Blade
Final Smash Falcon's Crest

Character Mario
Universe Mario
Standard Special Move Fireball
Side Special Move Cape
Up Special Move Super Jump Punch
Down Special Move Star Spin
Final Smash Fire Mario

Character Mega Man
Universe Mega Man
Standard Special Move Weapon Use
Side Special Move Proto Shield
Up Special Move Beat Call
Down Special Move Weapon Switch
Final Smash Super Adapter

Character Meta Knight
Universe Kirby
Standard Special Move Mach Tornado
Side Special Move Drill Rush
Up Special Move Shuttle Loop
Down Special Move Dimensional Cape
Final Smash Tornado Ultra

Character Naruto
Universe Naruto
Standard Special Move Rasengan
Side Special Move Shadow Clone Launch
Up Special Move Rising Kunai Slash
Down Special Move Shadow Clone Summon
Final Smash Kyūbi Naruto

Character Ness
Universe EarthBound
Standard Special Move PK Flash
Side Special Move PK Fire
Up Special Move PK Thunder
Down Special Move PSI Magnet
Final Smash PK Starstorm

Character Sora
Universe Kingdom Hearts
Standard Special Move Firaga
Side Special Move Strike Raid
Up Special Move Finishing Leap
Down Special Move Thundaga
Final Smash Trinity Limit

Character Tails
Universe Sonic
Standard Special Move Electron Cannon
Side Special Move Rhythm Twister
Up Special Move Tails Whirlwind
Down Special Move Spin Dash
Final Smash Tornado

Character Yoshi
Universe Yoshi
Standard Special Move Egg Lay
Side Special Move Egg Roll
Up Special Move Egg Toss
Down Special Move Yoshi Bomb
Final Smash Dragon

Character Zelda/Shiek
Universe The Legend of Zelda
Standard Special Move Nayru's Love/Needle Storm
Side Special Move Din's Fire/Chain
Up Special Move Farore's Wind/Vanish
Down Special Move Transform
Final Smash NA

Character Goku
Universe Dragon Ball
Standard Special Move Kamehameha
Side Special Move Ki Blasts
Up Special Move Instantaneous Transmission
Down Special Move Kaiō-ken
Final Smash Super Saiyan Goku

Character Sonic
Universe Sonic
Standard Special Move Homing Attack
Side Special Move Light Dash
Up Special Move Spring Jump
Down Special Move Spin Dash and Bounce Attack
Final Smash Super Sonic
SSF2 Current Playable Stages
  • Battlefield (Smash Bros.)
  • Final Destination (Smash Bros.)
  • Galaxy Tours (Super Mario Bros.)
  • Mushroom Kingdom 3 (Super Mario Bros.)
  • Bowser's Castle (Super Mario Bros.)
  • Jungle Hijinx (Donkey Kong)
  • Gangplank Galleon (Donkey Kong)
  • Yoshi's Island (Yoshi)
  • WarioWare, Inc. (Wario)
  • Emerald Cave (Wario)
  • Nintendo 3DS (Nintendo DS)
  • Skull Fortress (Mega Man)
  • Central Highway (Mega Man)
  • Twilight Town (Kingdom Hearts)
  • Bomb Factory (Bomberman)
  • Tower of Salvation (Tales of Symphonia)
  • Planet Namek (Dragon Ball Z)
  • Clock Town (The Legend of Zelda)
  • Hylian Skies (The Legend of Zelda)
  • Rainbow Route (Kirby)
  • Pokémon Stadium 3 (Pokémon)
  • Meteo Voyage (Star Fox)
  • Crateria (Metroid)
  • Phase 8 (Metroid)
  • Sand Ocean (F-Zero)
  • Saturn Valley (EarthBound)
  • Dracula's Castle (Castlevania)
  • Chaos Shrine (Final Fantasy)
  • Lunar Core (Final Fantasy)
  • Casino Night Zone (Sonic the Hedgehog)
  • Sky Sanctuary (Sonic the Hedgehog)
  • Hueco Mundo (Bleach)
  • Hidden Leaf Village (Naruto)
In addition to the stages, SSF2 also provides Comet Observatory, Freezeflame Galaxy and Good Egg Galaxy collectively known as Galaxy Tours.
Game Modes
  • Adventure Mode - Flash of Shadows: This mode is playable only in the installed version and doesn't work for the browser version.
  • Adventure Mode: This game mode is inspired from SSF and is filled with known levels such as Super Mario's Mushroom Kingdom. In addition to enemies, players may also have to unlock doors and face cannons.
  • Classic Mode: This mode provides an opportunity to fight off random characters on respective stages.
  • Training Mode: This mode allows the player to test various characters, their moves and try out different items.
  • Stadium: Stadium actually offers a series of single player sub-games which offer the Target Smash Mode and Multi-Man Mode.
  • Brawl Mode: In Brawl Mode, players enjoy various types of fights with different characters in different stages.
Items play an important role in SSF2 and they appear randomly in various areas while playing. The game also allows players to control the spawning of the items through the Item Switch Menu. Through this menu, players can customize the appearance of items and also turn them off permanently. Here are a list of items available in SSF2.
Items Universe
Assist Trophy Super Mario Bros.
Beam Sword Super Mario Bros.
Bumper Super Mario Bros.
Bob-omb Mario
Green Shell Mario
Freezie Mario
Poison Mushroom Mario
Red Shell Mario
Spike Shell Mario
Super Mushroom Mario
Cucco The Legend of Zelda
Heart Container The Legend of Zelda
Capsule Super Smash Bros.
Fan Super Smash Bros.
Home-Run Bat Super Smash Bros.
Food Super Smash Bros.
Ray Gun Super Smash Bros.
Smash Ball Super Smash Bros.
E-Tank Mega Man
Exploding Tag Naruto
Maxim Tomato Kirby
Mr. Saturn EarthBound
Poké Ball Pokémon
Trigger Item Ace Attorney

Scoring over 400,000 plays everyday on McLeodGaming alone, Super Smash Flash 2 is one of the most popular flash games on the Internet today. Its advanced gameplay, interface and characters have received a standing ovation from audiences and critics globally. Though there are certain areas which definitely need improvement, McLeodGaming developers are working round the clock to fix all the bugs by releasing tiny demo updates from time to time. Even though SSF2 is the reboot of the original Super Smash Flash, it has fared much better than its predecessor and is often considered the best game in the entire Smash Series.