Smallest Bluetooth Headset

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Smallest Bluetooth Headset

Bluetooth headsets need not be heavy, headphone devices, tiring out your ear. Scroll below for a collection of some tiny and light headsets.

Practically any device can be paired with Bluetooth and used wirelessly at an impressive range. Perhaps the best example of the usefulness of Bluetooth, is a Bluetooth headset. No wires, no hands needed. Make and end calls at the touch of a button. Maximum productivity at ease and ideal for talking on the move. Have you seen people talking to nobody around, waving their hands about? All thanks to a Bluetooth headset. This type of headset has become a much-needed mobile accessory and the market is flooded with many models. The best thing about top Bluetooth headset models is, their compatibility with any mobile device and calling features. But the weight and size of the headset is important in its usability, especially with prolonged use.

So which are the smallest Bluetooth headsets, that offer functionality in a convenient size? Search no more, below is a roundup of some pocket-sized headsets, currently available in the market.

  • Motorola Elite Sliver: This Bluetooth headset fits over the ear, with a firm but comfortable grip. It has a tiny frame and light weight of just 9 grams. But it packs a lot of functionality in such a small frame. Background noise is minimized and voice quality is enhanced by CrystalTalk™ technology. With the My MotoSpeak™ app, you can hear your text messages and reply to them, using the headset to convert text-to-audio instantly. Plus the Elite Sliver comes with a smart carrying case, that acts as a portable charger. Price: $130
  • QuickCell Q7: This is one of the smallest Bluetooth headset device in the market. It is only 1 inch long and 0.5 inches wide! It weighs 4.5 grams and is so light, it’s not a headset, it’s a little voice in your ear! You can wear it on either ear, with the detachable ear hook provided. It provides up to 4 hours of talktime. Comes in black, silver and red colors. Price: $20
  • Motorola H790 Bluetooth Headset: Another diminutive Bluetooth accessory from Motorola. This headset has an ear hook, that positions the headset along your face. It has a simple but light (9 grams in weight) stick design with reversible ear hooks, so you can use it in either ear. It allows dual connections, which is, you can connect two phones to one headset and manage calls. The headset emits voice prompts that aid you in pairing the device, tells you which phone to pick up and when the headset has been muted. Price: $80
  • Nokia BH-804: A Nokia offering, the BH-804 is a discreet, minimalistic and light model. With dimensions of 1.65 x 0.53 x 0.23 inches and a weight of 0.25 ounces, this Nokia model has its functional buttons on the headset itself. It fits right in the ear and has an attachable earloop, if you want extra security. Also superior incoming and outgoing audio quality, multiple calling features and a 4 hour talktime count among its features. Price: $70
  • Plantronics Discovery 975: A unique design has been employed in this Plantronics headset. The square plug fits snugly in your ear, while the microphone employs a stick style to pick up your voice with enhanced clarity. Dual microphones, WindSmart® ability and AudioIQ2 cancel external noise and allow a crystal clear audio experience. You can charge on the move with the carrying case-cum-charger and connect to two phones with the same headset. All this and a very light mass of just 8 grams! Price: $100
  • Jawbone Icon HD: Jawbone is known for its stylish and uniquely-styled “intelligent” headsets and the Icon HD is not exception. It employs NoiseAssasin®, a technology designed to cancel out noise. Coupled with its HD audio ability, your incoming audio, be it a phone call or music from your phone, is amazingly clear. You can handle two different Bluetooth devices at the same time and switch between them easily. The Icon HD uses an ear plug to fit comfortably in your ear or you can add an earloop to pull it over your ear. Comfort, clarity and style in a device weighing just 8 grams. Price: $100
  • Motorola H17txt with MotoSpeak: For smartphone owners, this is one smart Bluetooth headset. The H17txt has the MotoSpeak application, that converts your text messages into sound. So, instead of reading your messages, you can have them read to you. Very clear and superior sound quality, with the CrystalTalk feature, that cancels noise. A slim boom mic is underneath the earpiece, which on sliding in and out, powers the headset. This headset is equipped with multipoint support, music streaming and a talktime of 5 hours. It has a quick-charge feature, where charging for 15 minutes, adds 2 hours of talktime. All this in a 1.65 x 0.67 x 0.39 inch frame, with a paperweight of 9 grams! Price: $50
  • Jabra Extreme: The Extreme is a long but thin model, measuring 1.9 x 1.1 x 07. inches. This model features the Noise Blackout Extreme technology, which vastly improves audio quality and the multipoint technology, where you can connect to 2 different devices with 1 headset. The A2DP compatibility feature allows music streaming. Talktime is 5.5 hours. Price: $45
  • Nokia BH-800: The ancestor of the BH-804, this tiny Bluetooth headset from Nokia, measures 1.6 x 0.7 x 0.35 inches and weighs just 0.3 ounces. It is so diminutive, it makes a great spy headset, since no one will even notice its presence. For extra ear grip, an optional earloop is provided. Talktime is 6 hours, with multiple phone functions like redial, reject, switch to phone and voice dial. The sound quality lives up to the Nokia brand promise. Colors available: Black and silver. Price: $65

Note: All prices mentioned are approximate and depend on various factors like location and offers available

It’s clear from the above examples, that size doesn’t mean lower quality (or lower price). The best headset for you, is one that is comfortable, especially if you spend a long time talking on the phone. Consider the talktime and charging options as well. When purchasing, insist on a live test of compatibility with your mobile, or whichever device you are using.

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