Best Satellite TV Software for PC

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Best Satellite TV Software for PC

ProgDVB, Satellite TV for PC 2006, and Satellite TV to PC 5.5, are some of the software that enable you to watch TV on your PC/laptop. The process of installing such software is very easy. See what I mean…

Software for Satellite TV Services

ProgDVB is probably the most widely used software to view satellite TV on the PC. It has auto searching, network broadcasting, channel categorizing, Diseq 1.0 and PVR as standard. It is very easy to set up the software. First, select the proper DVB. Then, during installation register the Directshow Elecard drivers. Choose Settings and Diseq to set-up the satellite positions. Lastly, select Channel List and Channel Search and stop for a while. Then, the person can start viewing Satellite TV. The channel list consists of green and red icons. The former are for free to air channels and the latter for encrypted channels.

A ‘V’ symbol is for TV channels. A ‘R’ symbol is for radio/audio only. A floppy symbol is for data like from a satellite broadband service. Select Service and Record Options, to set up the PVR. Indicate correctly the path to compile the recorded content. Recording is done by selecting the channel and clicking on the Record video tape icon. Press the Pause button below the picture to pause live TV. Drag the slider at the bottom of the screen back and forth, to rewind TV or skip ads. The plug-ins are FileGrabber, Softcam emulation, Teletext and Diseq 1.2 support.

Satellite TV for PC 2006 is a very good package, considering the price and quality. More than 3000 channels are available at a one-time fee. Sports channels from many nations including the United States and Europe can be seen. Educational, weather, kids, music and movies channels are also available. There is a very large variety to choose from and it is hard to make a decision. This software has an automatic membership to receive all the stations. Channels from various locations around the world can be viewed, as long as you have Internet access.

Satellite TV to PC 5.5 is ideal to watch a myriad of satellite movies and radio channels across the world. This is quite affordable and has high quality. More than 3000 channels are present. A Windows Media player, RealPlayer and .NET framework are the requirements of this software. The developer is Advanced 3W Telecom.

Satellite and cable TV services offer almost 600 to 700 channels. Unfortunately, subscribers are not satisfied due to the dearth of good quality channels or unsuitable timetable of good shows. Due to this, favorite programs are missed. This is the basic reason why people choose to watch TV on their PC or laptop. Satellite TV software provides access to thousands of channels. Due to this variety, it is easy to switch to a TV show that you like. The procedure is quite simple. The software may be downloaded on the PC. The installation file has to be run. Now, the system is ready to display satellite TV. A non-technical person can perform this procedure in the absence of any technical assistance within minutes.


  • No exorbitant installation or monthly fees.
  • Instead of watching 1000 channels at a monthly subscription, 3000 could be viewed.
  • The software could be preset to watch only the favorite channels. There is an easy one-push button to activate.
  • Only those commercials in the TV channel have to be seen. The software does not add any advertisement. Any adware or spyware does not exist.
  • The channels are updated without additional charges.

Thus, satellite TV software is a boon for those looking for high quality entertainment, within a small budget.

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