Ringback Tones for T-mobile

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Ringback Tones for T-mobile

Ringback tones help add a little spice to the monotony of using the cell phones. You can read all about this groovy service of ringback tones in the following article.

‘Tirring, tiiirrrring. Tirring, tiiirrring’. The boring ringback tone you listen when you call your friends. Have you ever given it a thought, that wouldn’t it be a pleasure to make your callers listen to some of your favorite songs and music and not the boring ‘tring-tring’? With mobile communication changing at a fast pace, network providers are coming up with innovative services to stay ahead of competition. Of the many services provided, the ringback tones too have undergone a change. The ringback tones for T-mobile are one of the first in US that will be available to subscribers throughout the country. Service providers like Verizon were the first to introduce these tones, but did it only for select cities and states. T-mobile was the first to launched this service all over the country.

T-Mobile, a GSM carrier is said to have signed a deal with major record companies and many independent labels to offer popular music titles to its subscribers. These tones are available for all those who wish to avail the service as a monthly subscription service.

What are Ringtones for T-Mobile

Ringback tones are music titles that you select and are played back to whosoever calls your number. Instead of hearing the ancient ‘tring-tring’ they will be hearing a song of your choice. Ringback tones are a kind of replacement for the standard ring a caller hears when he calls any subscriber’s particular number. This tone will be heard by all callers, irrespective of he/she calling from another carrier’s handset or a wire line phone. So it’s not just the receiver who enjoys the ringtones every time the phone rings, the caller too can get entertained with some songs.

T-Mobile markets its ringback tones under the name CallerTune. T-Mobile has joined hands with Sony BMG Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group. They have also partnered with other independent music record labels as well as content providers. This has helped them create a large database of music titles for their subscribers. They have a catalog of more than 10,000 tracks that contains different genres like Rap songs, Classics, Hard Rock to platinum selling albums.

In order to get users a hang of this new service, T-Mobile along with Sony BMG’ J Record are offering a free Bonus Caller Tune. First time users can avail this facility for a limited period, free of cost. If the subscriber feels to express themselves with a different song, they can continue the service by paying a monthly subscription.

Fun with CallerTunes of T-Mobile

T-Mobile has come up with a lot of interesting offers for its CallerTunes. People with a colorful personality can change their ringback tones according to their wimps and fancies. This means a user can choose and assign 8 different audio clips from hundreds of the original artists recording. These 8 different ringback tones will be assigned to different friends and other callers to hear. This means you can set a different ringback tone for your best friend, a different ringback tone for your mother and a sensual, sexy number for someone special in your life, so on and so forth.

A caller can also specify which audio clip should be played at a specific time of the day. You can assign a more serious number while you are at office and a groovy party number when you are partying with friends in the evenings. A service called CallerTunes Jukeboxes where you can create your own CallerTune using your favorite collection.

How to Subscribe?

So, if the above explanation has caught your fancy, you can try subscribing for CallerTunes. You can be your own master and decide which of the hottest numbers, artists, etc. your callers can hear. Not only do you have a choice of hundreds of songs, but also comedy clips, sound effects, dialogs from your favorite movies, and much more.

If you sign up for the CallerTunes for T-Mobile, you will get the first month of service and a bonus CallerTune, absolutely free. Before you make your choice, you can simple dial *TUNE (*8863) from any T-Mobile phone and listen to a sample of the songs you would like to subscribe. If you have access to the Internet, you can visit T-Mobile online and go to their CallerTune page. Here, you can select the songs and listen to a sample.

You can subscribe CallerTunes by logging into your T-Mobile account from ‘Log in To My T-Mobile’ page. Then click on Subscribe now on the download section you will find in the home page. If you do not have Internet access, you can just dial *TUNE (*8863) from your T-Mobile phone and subscribe your favorite ringback tone.

Subscription Charges

When you sign up for a CallerTune, you will be charged $1.49 per month. You will get an access to tunes, from which you can store up to 15 CallerTunes in one go. Also, you will be able to get a Bonus CallerTune for no extra costs or charges. You can choose any CallerTune for just $1.99 each from different genres like pop to hip hop, comedy clips, celebrity voices, etc. You can even select specific audio clips for specific callers.

What are you waiting for? Get ready to add some zing to your mobile phone with CallerTunes. It’s time you move on from the boring tring-tring and start using your favorite songs as ringback tones. Prepaid customers should note, that this service is not yet available for them. Make your callers groove to the latest hot numbers when they call you.

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