Online Document Storage Reviews

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Online Document Storage Reviews

With so many options to choose from, online document storage can be the best and the easiest way to store and access your documents, saving you valuable time. But choosing such a site can be just as tricky. Here’s a review on the best online storage servers out there.

If created right, a good document storage facility can keep up the efficiency of your personal or your company’s work. So it becomes a task of understanding the importance of data storage and then doing it the right way. It is a good thing to do any document usage the right way if you want to access it whenever you want to. If used right, an online document storage site can be anybody’s best friend:

It’s better than storing documents on paper. The sheer storage space that you need for keeping that kind of paperwork in an office space is what most companies cannot afford. It is completely automated and totally accounted for. Online storage sites give you total access to your documents without letting anyone else see them. It’s pretty affordable. With all the competition, some of them come up with the most enticing deals. You get to do all the archiving and encryption you need. All your records stored on their servers will be yours to manipulate, no questions asked. So you can do all the data encryption you want on your files so that nobody will know what’s on them.

Top 5 Online Data Storage Servers

With all the choices, who do you think you should side with? Well, here’s the list of the best in the business.


Mozy is an online file backup storage service that has two things that no other service can provide. They give you a free 2 GB of file space to start with, and whatever paid plans you opt for, are way cheaper than what any other site offers. The other thing Mozy boasts of is their intense security detail. You really don’t need to think twice about your files if you’ve stored them on Mozy. The interface is also very easy to use, making it convenient for anyone to access all the files. The only thing that Mozy lacks is the fact that it’s a backup site, not a data access site. You will have problems every time you try to access the files on Mozy, making the process a little longer.

Having an account on is like running your own online file-sharing account. You get to choose your website address, link it to whoever you want, create sub-users and work groups. They do, however, have a file upload size limit that depends on the package that you chose. You don’t need to install any software onto your computer to access your files on Box, it’s all in one smooth cloud. It is very quick to respond to file uploads and downloads from you or the sub-users. You can have mobile uploads onto the site. You get a customized sharing widget embedded on the website. The free version has a space of 1 GB, 10 MB file size limit, the basic plan consists of 5 GB at $7.95 per month and the enterprise comes at 15 GB, $15 per user.


In a word; seamless. OpenDrive is smooth, fast, reliable and very easy to use. You get a multitude of tools that help you upload, download, access, modify and delete the files on the OpenDrive. The site works just like your Facebook or Twitter page. Sign up for any package, log in from the main page and get quick access to any files you’ve stored on there. Security is also not an issue with OpenDrive, rest assured that they give the strongest security detail. They seem to have mastered the technique of making things as easy as pie without you having to miss out on anything. OpenDrive gives you larger packages than others, with the Home package at 100 GB, maximum file size of 1 GB and a bandwidth of 25 GB per day.


The Egnyte Hybrid Cloud Solution gives what no other online storage media can give you- super-fast access to all your files, even when offline. To do so, you need to have the Egnyte Local Cloud installed on your Network Attached Storage(NAS). So basically, it’s a hybrid between local network storage and cloud based storage that gives you the fastest data access you have seen.

All of this at prices way lower than the competition, with the ‘group’ (5 employees) for $24.99 (base 150GB with additional storage available). Their data sync abilities remove most latency related issues and save you the cost of an entire VPN or even keeping a data backup. The only reason you may not like it is the compatibility issues of the Local Cloud with NAS vendors, but, it’s only a matter of time for them to get the bigger vendors on their side. Another problem you can face is the non-availability of data encryption, which means you have to use your own.


They don’t restrict their bandwidth to a package. They don’t have a file size limit. They ask you which folder you want synchronized with multiple computers. That’s right, SugarSync is awesome. They give you all the data management options available. Storage and sharing starts out at the free 2 GB data space limit, with the basic package giving you 30 GB ($0.25 per GB per month), going up to 250 GB ($0.09 per GB per month). Easy access through remote devices (Android, iPhone, Blackberry and the likes) helps you access, edit and display data files with the ultimate comfort. You get the option to activate a Magic Briefcase, a folder of your choice that lets you sync all the files in it with all the computers you possess. Most sites don’t let you choose your folder, making it SugarSync’s best weapon.

Getting the right online data storage site is a pretty tricky deal, you just might end up missing out on what you really want if you run after the lower price or the larger space. The sites reviewed above are by far the best ones that you can find. Use anyone you want according to your comfort and store away!

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